iCal4OL Changelog English                     (c) Roland Scherrer, Switzerland, https://ical.gutentag.ch

BETA 2.18.1:
New      Due to issues in Windows 10 Creators Update with ADO, there is now an option to use DBF instead of ADO/DAO. See tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst"!

Changed: Older RDOiCal4OL.dll is now in setup again. RDOiCal4OL.dll is only used for 32-bit Outlook.
         Perhaps the newest version has an issue with invitations (during download and updating in Outlook).

2.18.0   12/24/2017
Changed: Body Error in 32-bit Outlook do not trigger anymore an error message. If reading the event description fails, it will get interpreted as empty.
New:     Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption.dll from dimastr)
Fixed:   Google: Uploaded received Outlook invitations (without option to suppress attendee infos), couldn't get modified in Google or even got deleted, due to API change.
Fixed:   Google ETag is no longer in a response header. Therefore the option "[X] Warn, if event was modified in Google AND Outlook" could not work anymore.
         To fix it: All events must be uploaded again. Run "[X] Set Lastmodificationtime to NOW for all items" on tab "Sync Fields" and sync again without above option first.
Fixed:   A Google Recurrence with an incompatible Startdate for Outlook, will now be ignored - iCal4OL did hang until now.
         Incompatible = Startdate is out of time period of original dates of adjacent Outlook recurrences.

2.17.1   06/1/2017
Fixed:   RECURRENCE-ID for NextCloud 12 with allday events must now use VALUE=DATE: (and not only the date itself).
Fixed:   "Only RDO" resulted in a bug (in licensed Redemption.dll), re-setting wrongly the end of a recurring event to 1899, when setting the pattern.endtime!
Fixed:   Changing Proxy Password did not correctly update/encode in chained *.ini configuration files.

2.17.0   05/21/2017
Note:    iCloud: From 6/15/2017 on, an app specific password for iCal4OL is necessary! You must activate 2-Way/Factor Authentication for your AppleID!

New:     Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll
New:     CardDAV flag "img" (in field UserID) - this is NOT for iCloud (uses an URL which is automatically mirrored): Does mirror the server photo (to keep old photo) during upload.
New:     CardDAV flag "CFeed" (in field UserID) for only Upload (1-Way): Will delete EVERY server contact, which is NOT in Outlook and "very new": Overwrites on server, if it's different!
Fixed:   CalDAV weekly events added in different timezone and shown on a different day in OL (e.g. Los_Angelas/Berlin), have wrong .DayOfWeekMask set in Outlook!
Improved:OpenXchange without flag "no_att" works now, too (CN=XXXX does not get saved by OX, which result in re-upload error = Bug in OX).
Improved:Contact Duplicate Function was optimized.
New:     CardDAV Upload: Enter at option "Export Categorie(s).." = NIL  and no categories are getting uploaded, therefore no OwnCloud groups will get added.
         To clean conctact groups in OC, use phpMyAdmin, e.g: DELETE FROM `oc_vcategory` WHERE uid="" and type="contact"

2.16.6   01/21/2017
Updated: RDOiCal4OL.dll (newest Redemption version with some fixes).
New:     CalDAV Flag (UserID:): priority    ... converts Importance in Categories (High/Low) and vis-versa to make them visible on server.
         Lines with different text than High/Low can be added in *.ini in section [Option], e.g.: 
Fixed:   OwnCloud 9: CardDAV (Contacts) use some new labels (resutling in empty fields).
Fixed:   IceWarp sync. But som versions of IW can't handle the option "[X] Select time period" on tab "1.How".
Fixed:   Monitoring deleted events (Options-Exchange/*.pst) could trigger a wrong message (number to delete >=10 as Sum..),
         if same OL calendar was synced with two different CalDAV server calendars (two *.ini).
Fixed:   Google Tasks: Change of Outlook category was reset, instead of re-uploading the item in correct Google task list.

2.16.5   11/12/2016
Fixed:   iCloud HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden  is now handled and "Precondition failed" improved. Happens e.g. with identical UID in different calendars.
New:     Gmail Contact Sync: [X] only Download (with "[X] Always replace..") - Outlook images will only get uploaded, if no Google image exist.
New:     New start parameter HIDE (see Doc page).
Improve: Open-Xchange 7.x CardDAV is now supported.
Improve: Horde 5.2.6: Ignoriing "HTTP 501 Not implemented" during GET, if event is not longer on server, and delete event anyway.
Improve: Synology CalDAV: Test on imcomplete server responsess activated (Until now only active for eGroupware and OwnCloud).
Improve: Synology CalDAV: Warning message, if more than 9 events/tasks will get deleted in Outlook. 
         For other CalDAV you may activate it by flag "deltest".
Improve: Google "401 Unauthorized" message improved (resetted OAuth by Google).

2.16.4   7/23/2016
Changed: iCloud: New Outlook invitations are uploaded without organizer & attendde lines. Email addresses are put into description. See Forum-Help!
Changed: External SyncDB (with only one *.ini) will now reorganised after every sync (and not just at program startup).

2.16.3   6/10/2016
Updated: LibCurl.dll (compiled myself), to support Google/iCloud/.. per SSL TLS1.2 (up-to-date HTTPS security).
         The old issue with DIGEST AUTH is solved by this, too.
New:     For stunnel users new WinSock interface (please ask - no doc online)
Changed: On "1.1 More" the following option will now activate similar test for importing Feeds, even if the option "[X] Subscribe as read-only" is marked:
         [X] Mark similar, already up-to-date events (which get not imported), with the UID from this ICAL Import.
New:     Special filter on "Options - Exportfilter" in field "Subject": ".busy" or ".notfree" will only let pass those events. 
         Can be used together wie new CalDAV Flag "maskbusy" to mask all events text with "Busy/Tentative/OutOfOffice/[Free]".
Fixed:   OLD enhanced assistant for EGroupware
Changed: LOG.txt size is now inherited from Default.ini to chained .ini (simpler for support).

2.16.2   5/13/2016
Updated: Monitor deleted events & tasks (Options-Exchange) is now activated by default for 2-Way-Sync, because Exchange and OL2016 always need this.
Updated: RDOiCal4OL.dll (newest Redemption version with some fixes for OL2016).
Fixed:   Google recurring monthly event by Monthday=30 caused issues on 28/29 february.
Improve: Contactpicture size up to 314px support, and if necessery cropping/Exif_rotation=3 download support.
Fixed:   "Only RDO" and Gmail-Contact-Sync did not set .FILEAS, due to updated RDO.dll
Fixed:   iCloud Note Tabs "	" corrected; "ADR:" label now as "another address" downloaded; TEL. correctly uploaded.
Fixed:   Import *.vcf file with "icloud" someware in the path or filename, will now import all OSX/iOS fields (same for export).
Fixed:   VTIMEZONE issue with iCloud/OSX fixed (1916 destroid 2016 settings). Flag "no_TZ" will ignore VTIMEZONE info and works for older version (using TZID.txt).

2.16.1   4/15/2016
Fixed:   iCloud Contactpicture as URL are downloaded again and also cropped, if necessary.
         Important: Modified Outlookpicture will not upload in this case - the old iCloud link will be preserved.
                    Override would be possible by flag "no_PRU" in "UserID:" on tab "1. How" (noPictureReUpload). 
         And: By tab "Configurations" - [Show .ini], in section [eGroupware] below, add a new line "PictureDelete=1",
              to also delete pictures in OL, if they got deleted in iCloud.
Fixed:   With "Only RDO", the Office version was not in Log.txt
Fixed:   ICAL Feed/File - Sync against existing events, with Shared Exchange Calendars and the eGW Options on "Option-Importfeed": A wrong EntryID bug in Exchange caused big trouble.
         In addtion, those options will now work for invitations, if on tab "1.1 More" marked: [X] Mark similar, already up-to-date events (which get not imported), with the UID from this ICAL Import
Fixed:   VTIMEZONE issue (wrong times) with DAVdroid and Europe/Amsterdam solved (all VTIMEZONE info from DAVdroid now ignoring).

2.16.0   1/31/2016
Fixed:   Google Calendar API: Lightning Add On Provider for Google Calendar 2.7, makes an extendedProperties.shared=empty(), hindering iCal4OL to re-upload.
Fixed:   SOGo double invitations by OL/SOGo: SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT on ORGANZIER line does now work! Bad luck, tested in Jan, 2014, but it was implemented in May..
Fixed:   CardDAV EGroupware 14.3.007 Bug: ;(Semicolon) for N: and ORG: are necessary to keep empty name and organizer fields in EGW empty during upload.
Fixed:   DAVdroid 0.9.x CardDAV: Adress fields could not be completely downloaded, or even subsequent field in VCard was skipped. Fixed TEL numbers like e.g. x-workfax.
         (PRODID:+//IDN bitfire.at//DAVdroid/ vcard4android ez-vcard/0.9.8)
Fixed:   OwnCloud 8.2.x CardDAV: Email fields labels are different now and could not be downloaded/mapped to Outlook contact email fields.

2.15.6   11/06/2015
Fixed:   Google Contact Sync: If field COMPANY is set in Outlook, the upload did not work anymore (HTTP 404), due to a new syntax check by Google - but the syntax was not fully correct.
Fixed:   Using Google Calendar Sharing "Make changes AND manage sharing" did not work in the Assitant and for [Choose Google Calendar] - the UserID (Email) was not set!
         Seems, nobody was using this so far... after 6 years detected by a customer, thanks.
New:     Flag "begintime" from 12. Oct. 2015 in 2.15.5 on - does use the Alarm-time as Begin-time of tasks to upload to OwnCloud (only). If Alarm is on/off doesn't matter!
         If the Alarm-date is equal to Due-date and Alarm is set, the Alarm-time, will also be used for Due-time = old behavior still works with this new flag, as will also "@Due: 09:00" in notes of a task.

2.15.5   10/09/2015
Fixed:   Outlook 2016 Support: Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption) due to bugs in this interface (this is a licensed DLL). "Only RDO" did not work for 32-bit version.
Changed: CalDAV: Flag "deleted" is not necessary anymore. Without it, the deleted events will not get the subject text "" added. Assistants do not set this flag anymore.

2.15.4   9/13/2015
New:     CalDAV Flag "domain": Together with "testatt" (forced for most solutions) does remove attendee lines, which do not belong to Email domain on tab "Who".
Fixed:   OwnCloud CardDAV: New Upload & Timeout (due to slow server & unlimited recurring events) HTTP 412 was returned, so iCal4OL did try again, resulting in endless duplicates.
         Now the sync will be stopped with a special message, if this is happening.
Fixed:   CalDAV: Flag "firstsimilar" did not work with "up asFeed". It was necessary to use an empty server calendar (no similar test for existing server events).
New:     Google OAuth 2.0: Instead of Copy&Paste of the verification code, a doubleclick in this field will try to read this code from the browser window.
Changed: Old deprecated authorization methods for Google sync removed (OAuth 1.0 and ClientLogin).
New:     CardDAV: X-ACTIVITY-ALERT for iOS ringtones is now mirrored (max. 3 lines)
Fixed:   CardDAV with DAVDROID, eM Client and iOS9 is now fixed (PREF=1). iCal4OL got stuck trying to resolve new field labels!

2.15.3  6/26/2015
New:     Office 2016 PREVIEW Support with fixed RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption). But still not ok...!
Fixed:   The option "Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees (otherwise in body or "Contacts:" links)"     
         must be marked under Outlook 2013, otherwise causing an error (.Links.Count not supported). Added a warning message.
New:     CalDAV flag "digest" for LibCurl.dll 7.40 implemented, to circumvent a bug in this DLL when using DIGEST AUTH (Darwin/Baikal).
Fixed:   Normally, if a subject contains the text "deleted", iCal4OL will interpret this event to get deleted in Outlook (and later on the server).
         Bit there is a tool in the internet, which adds "undeleted" to subjects, so I needed to exclude those..
         Note: You can directly undelete on tab "1. How" under [Choose Google Calendar] cancelled events in a Google Calendar!

2.15.2  4/10/2015
Fixed:   CalDAV with "Only RDO": Deleting an removing event from OL "deleted items folder", then re-downloading.. could result in duplication during upload.
New:     CalDAV-Flag "email" to generate an Email in the Outlook Inbox, if an invitation arrived by Sync.
New:     GMX.net and WEB.de Calendar can be synced.
Fixed:   CalDAV "up asFeed" was buggy, if tasks are included.
New:     Special Google ColorID Category: 
         Use it to upload new events without an Outlook category in a different color than the Google Calendar Default Color.
New:     Special Google ColorID Category: 
         Use it to upload events without an Outlook category in a different color than the Google Calendar Default Color, if they will get uploaded as "Private".

2.15.1   3/06/2015
Fixed:    Google Calendar Sync: New timezone issue fixed, where e.g. timezone is Asia\Tokyo, but the time in localtime (e.g. Germany). API was changed by Google..
Fixed:    iCloud: If an invitation was created on an Apple/iOS device, it could trigger cancellation email, if this event was uploaded by iCal4OL from Outlook again.
	          It's perhaps best, not to download reminders anymore (tab "Options - Reminders").
          This is due to a new caldav spec, where CalDAV-Scheduling does not allow anymore SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT. So there is now no way, to stop the iCloud to send out invitation mails.

New:      iCloud: Special fields liker X-APPLE-STRUCTURED-LOCATION, X-APPLE-TRAVEL-START, X-APPLE-TRAVEL-DURATION are not getting lost anymore by re-upload.
New:      nMaxRead for CardDAV chunksize can now be manipulated in the *.ini e.g. for Synology timeouts and memory issues (ask by mail, if you have DSM 5.1 and want to sync contacts).
New:      ftp:// can now be done over LibCurl.dll (mark it on tab "Options - HTTP_DLL"). Proxy settings will be considered.
New       ftpe:// will switch to ftp:// with SSL/TLS enabled = explicit! Proxy settings will be considered.
New:      ftps:// support (only implicit with FileZilla e.g. default port 990). Proxy settings will be considered.

2.15.0   2/21/2015
Improved: Flag "getctag" works now for tasks, too.
New:      Update Redemption RDOiCal4OL.dll to
New:      Update LibCurl to 7.40, where SSLv3 was deactivated, because of POODLE security bug. Servers must support TLS1.0 at least.
New:      Changes of options "Proxy" can be taken over to linked *.ini (for additional calendar syncs).
New:      Changes of options "Select period:" can be taken over to linked *.ini (for additional calendar syncs).

2.14.12  11/23/2014
New:      Shared Google Calendars of other users can now be synced by Google Calendar API v3. See [Choose Google Calendar] on tab "1. How" and the Assistant for Google Calendar API v3 on tab "Who".
Changed:  Old Google Calendar API v2 removed. It stopped working on November 17, 2014.
Fixed:    CardDAV with Mavericks Twisted 12.2, without flag "carddav", did not work correctly.
          Actually due to a previous Twisted Bug, which got fixed ( now in GMT, and not wrongly in Localtime).
Fixed:    Russia daylightsaving (fix) from 10/26/2014 on
Fixed:    iCloud Assistent [Others] did not work anymore for CardDAV
Fixed:    Warning text about proxy on tab "Who"  was misplaced
Fixed:    Only Simulation for CalDAV with flag "older" did not show correct sync direction
Fixed:    Australia daylight savings starting 1SU;10 (first SU October) and not -1SU;10 (last SU October) from 2008 on.

2.14.11  10/9/2014
Improved: Fruux activated Calendar-Auto-Scheduling. Therefore flag "client" will now be forced, so SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT is set on ATTENDEE lines.
New:      Deleted Outlook Contact Pictures will now get deleted in Gmail, if "[X] Always replace" got marked.
          Other way around (deleted Gmail Contact Picture) does need an additional line in Default.ini, section [Option]: DelPicture=1
New:      CardDAV flag "no_catdist" is now possible for some solutions like OwnCloud, iCloud..not setting categories ("[X] Groups to categories" must still be marked), 
          where groups are synced directly with distlists. But "[X] Only RDO" (tab "Options-RDO/Misc.") should be active, or it won't work optimal).
          SMTP Only Addresses will be encoded as UID and are not compatible with other clients (they probably won't matter for them).
Fixed:    Google Calendar API v3, RRULE is in rare cases not in first place in recurrence list. Therefore the RULE of repeating events could get lost during download.

2.14.10  9/6/2014 (belower lines have been implemented 14 days ago already in 2.14.9)
New:      CalDAV Organizer will now be read from existing server event, to really never upload a different organizer = fool proof.
Fixed:    EGroupware 14.1 uses non conform CalDAV VALARM with repeating events.
New:      If you do not suppress attendees during upload, received invitations will now get deleted and re-added (modification is not allowed by API).
New:      Splash Screen with newly downloaded events can now be resized.
New:      Setting OutofOffice can now be suppressed for exiting events (tab "Options - Immportfeed").
New:      Gmail Contact Sync: orgDepartment will now be set with: Department, OfficeLocation
New:      DayLite 5.x is now working with iCal4OL
New:      Update LibCurl.dll to 7.34.0
Fixed:    Assistant for Horde 5.2.1 does now set a special flag "newconn", due to a bug not allowing two requests during one connection.
Fixed:    Google Sync: Option Upload "Privat as Default" did result in a program error (bug).
Fixed:    OwnCloud: Smileys, Tiles & Lines can't get uploaded to OwnCloud, because of a severe issue in OwnCloud with MySQL-Backend (utf8-m)
Improved: LastModificationTime of Outlook 2003 can't get read sometimes. iCal4OL will now try to retrieve this differently.
Fixed:    Flag "baikal" for newest CardDAV-SOGo-Connector does now map the phone numbers correctly.
Improved: Daylite from Marketcircle needs strange DIGEST AUTH (missing "opaque"), which is now working.
Improved: CalDAV/CardDAV HTTP REPORT won't work with load balancers (KEMP does not support WebDAV). Flag "override" will instead use HTTP POST with header "X-Http-Method-Override: REPORT".
Fixed:    Zimbra 7 has a bug with CardDAV REV: (Modification Time Server is in localtime, but has "Z"=UTC attached). Flag "GAS" does fix ist, or use flags "carddav=1 singlecontacts".

2.14.9   8\1\2014
New:      OLTrigger.exe to start iCal4OL by Outlook, see Forum
New:      Online Activation implemented for about >= 4 licenses.
Fixed:    Timezone bugs (updated)
Fixed:    A repeating master event, marked as "declined" (a bug in Outlook) can't get uploaded as "new event" to Google. Cal4OL will use accepted instead.
Changed:  AllDayEvents in iCalendar will be interpreted as FREE (and not busy), if transparency is not set.
Fixed:    Google Calendar API Syc: (unchanged) function deactivated for Outlook 2014. A new event could inherit EntryID and therefore old sync fields, and could not get uploaded with this message.
Fixed:    GoogleID > 255 Char (from other sync program) could crash the monitoring option for deleted OL events.
Improved: Horde 5.2.0 support for Hetzner.de
Improved: Sync Fields MDB is now backed up, if succesfully opened. If corrupted, due to an OS issue, the .old copy is restored automatically, with similarity tests activated again.
Fixed:    CalDAV with DAViCal und several iCal4OL users, syncing 2-way with one server calendar: Download filtered too strict, resulting in missing events, if default setting was used (without "older" + incremental).
Fixed:    Google Task Sync: If no task in list (which is actually not possible in the integrated Google Calendar View), and error 462 Object not found occurred.
Fixed:    CalDAV from Nokia Windows Mobile Phone uses wrong VTIMEZONE info, which resulted in one hour timeshift in daylightsaving. There is never a fifth Sunday in month. -1 is the last SU in month!
Changed:  CalDAV VALARM (Reminder) with 0 minutes before, will now be uploaded and not ignored.

2.14.8   7/11/2014
New:      Update RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption interface) to newest version
Fixed:    CalDAV Assistant [Others] did not work always for Bakal.
Improved: If a Sync Fields MDB get corrupted, iCal4OL will automatically create a new ony, resetting any options to prevent duplicates
Improved: If a Monitor MDB for deleted items get corrupted, iCal4OL will automatically restore a backup .old file if available, or create a new one.

2.14.7   6/25/2014
Fixed:    Gmail Contact Sync: Google changed the API, causing two issues in iCal4OL: Download of email addresses was not possible anymore, and upload of modifications were not possible anymore.

2.14.6   6/12/2014
Fixed:    There was a BUG in the ADO implementation, which could result in duplicated invitation events, especially by new iCal4OL installations.
New:      Reading MANY "ICal *.ics fiels - Synchronization against existing event with wilcard e.g.: C:\Download\*.ics + "[X] Nur RDO":
          - *.ics files are sorted by names and shown the order in a separate log.
          - Similarity Test will be performed again a new MDB field (see tab "Optionen-Exchange" for external sync fields DB), which increases the speed significantely.
            No need with wildcard to FIND a simlar event in Outlook - It should be done therefore with an empty/new Outlook Calendar es destination.
New:      New commandline parameter to deactivate manual proxy configuration in iCal4OL (Home<->Office): NOPROXY
New:      [Show .ini] tab "configurations", Section [Google], a new line "Tentative=1" will ignore this Google flag, which may be set by Android CalDAV Client Apps.

2.14.5   5/24/2014
Changed:  Flag "inbox" is not set by assitants anymore for DAViCal. A CalDAV-Clients messes up repeating invitations in den CalDAV Scheduling Inbox.
Improved: Multiple iCalendar *.ics files by e.g: C:\Download\*.ics are read one after the other with specific section in Log.txt
          It's now possible to use iCal4OL to copy together thousends of *.ics file into one calendar.
Improved: CardDAV-SOGo: Is not using label "TEL;type=cell:" for handy number. iOS7 has otherwise an issue with "TEL;CELL:"
New:      *.ini section [Export], line "MonitorMessage=0" suppresses warning, if more than 10 events would get deleted on server by the monitoring option for deleted events&tasks.
Improved: CalDAV/Infomaniak Compact Version does not show the configuration window again, if started by a link e.g. "iCal4OL TRAY every 30 min.lnk". Fixed hanging after shutdown.
Improved: ADO instead DAO is now default for new installations (tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst). ADO is stabler than DAO.
Fixed:    Zarafa German Task Folder named "Aufgaben" was wrongly interpreted as calendar (it's a bug in Zarafa, not providing correct supported-calendar-component-set).

2.14.4   4/19/2014
Fixed:    Zimbra and IceWarp 11 were not supported properly by Assistent [Others]
Improved: Assistent for [EPL/EGroupware) will configure CardDAV additional collections like "addressbook-accounts" as read-only (mostly it's forbiddeen to upload anyway).
Improved: Old Google Calendar API v2 does not work anymore with OAuth 1.0. Removed and "[X] Only HTTPS" removed, too.
Fixed:    Button [Choose Google Kalender] will now deactivate the window, until a Google response gets received (could crash, if you clicked on another button)
New:      New CalDAV flag "no_tatt" to suppress only attendees of tasks
New:      Tab Options-Import "[X] Import all as OutOfOffice" now with "[X] except allday events" as Free.
New:      Additional test, if valid email address during upload.
Fixed:    [X] Only RDO (Options-RDO/Misc) for syncing without Outlook.exe, could block iCal4OL, because .Parent property of occurrence now do work differently.
Fixed:    Embedded AGENT:BEGIN:VCARD from WebDAV Collaborator was poison for CardDAV Sync.
Improved: SOGO CalDAV: Unchanged events with even newer modification timestamp, will not get uploaded again.

2.14.3   3/16/2014
New:      VCDARD Export: Different field labels will be used, if filename+path contains text text "Darwin", "iCloud", "eGroupware", "SOGo", "Zimbra", aso, see Doc
New:      RDOiCal4OL.dll newer version
Fixed:    Marking "[X] Onyl RDO" did not work directly for Office 2013 32-bit. New program start was necessary.
Improved: Flag "maskprivate" does not mark anymore Exchange PERSONAL events.
Fixed:    Validate Events in main window (clicking on different tab did not fire them)
Improved: CardDAV (singelcontacts) will now work with unknown solutions, when REV:-Label is missing
Fixed:    CardDAV for Baikal does not need anymore flag "atmail"
Improved: Oracle Behieve uses wrong VTIMEZONE rule BYMONTHDAY, which is now detected by iCal4OL
Fixed:    One day a faulty 2.14.2 version was online, treating every Outlook installation as 64-Bit (resulting in unnessesary access warnings).
Fixed:    Drag&Drop of a Collection URL in the assistant subwindow, did use wrong *.ini name later on.
Fixed:    CalDAV 1-way-upload did not clean up *.tmp files. This will be now done during startup of iCal4OL, too.
Fixed:    Synology CalDAV 4.3 has again a bug with REPORT time-range Filter, if collection is empty in the selected time period. The assistant will now use "singleget" instead of "multiget".

2.14.2   2/28/2014
New:      Zarafa Tasks are now supported. Assistant will consider the CardDAV enhancement for SabreDAV, too.
New:      Monitor deleted events & tasks.. there is now a warning message, if more then 10 items will get deleted.
Fixed:    Using CardDAV VCARD VERSION:3.0 for Posteo.de to correct an issiu in iOS (wrong decoding of special characters).
Improved: CalDAV Tasks: Autodetecting for flag "older" the correct task flag ("tasks", "includetasks" => "singletasks").
Improved: For Hosted Exchange, moving an event by Drag&Drop does not update LastmodificationTime in Outlook. This HEX bug is now catched, to sync those events correctly.
Fixed:    For Horde 5.1.5 CardDAV: Upload email1address did not work. General Fax Number will now be saved into Fax Business Field of Outlook.
Improved: Similarity Test for CalDAV Upload: Preventing duplicates..
Fixed:    For an Android Client (NTBAB/ICalParserAndroid), which used LAST-MODIFIED timestamps "in the future". This will now be ignored (Flag "older" ist needed).

2.14.1   2/4/2014
Improved: 2-Way Gmail Contact Sync is now faster (incremental during upload)
          Do not use the monitoring option for deleted contacts. Better deactivate this option. Mostly unnessesary!
Improved: Google Calendar Sync: If monitoring option for deleted events is marked, always the full "[X] Select period" is read from Google. 
          Better deactivate the monitoring option. Mostly unnessesary!
Fixed:    (Too) many delegations e.g. for EGroupware could crash the assistant (Error 6 overflow).
Improved: Gmail Contakt Sync does now warn, if more than 10 contacts would get deleted on the server by the monitoring option for deleted contacts.
Removed:  In the assistant for Google Calendar API (tab WHO), the options for monitoring deleted items was removed. Those options are only useful, if deleted items do not land/stay in the Deleted Items Folder of Outlook.
Improved: Default for unsupported CalDAV and CardDAV Server changed. So it may work out of the box.
Fixed:    Other smaller stuff

2.14.0   1/5/2014
New:      Single price is now EUR 17.--, from 2nd license on it's EUR 16.--
New:      Horde 5.1.3 Support
New:      CalDAV-Tasks with set alarm at DueDate will use the timestamp as DueTime (if not "@DUE:.." in body and not flag "icloud" is used).
New:      New version of RDOiCal4OL.dll
Improved: CalDAV flag "WarnCDel" will warn, if more than 10 contacts will get deleted in OL, before deleting them. iCal4OL will always warn, if nearly every contact would get deleted.
Improved: Assistants: Selection of CardDAV Contact Server Collections is now possible (new Window). Drag&Drop of collection to change sort order is possible, too.
Improved: Assistants: Selection of CalDAV Tasks Server Collection ist now possible, e.g. for Horde, which should be synced together with default calendar.
Improved: Take over of Sync Fields works now backwards, too (if no external MDB should be used, see tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst").

2.13.18  11/27/2013
New:      tine20.org V8.0 is now supported incl. tasks. User-Agent will be set as iOS/5.0.1 to make it work.
New:      Test if new version of iCal4OL is available, if iCal4OL is started interactively (see tab "Who").
Improved: Re-find deleted events in Outlook folder "deleted items" by GlobalAppointmentID. The monitoring options for deleted events should not be necessary anymore.
Improved: Outlook 32-Bit: Even if RDO is deactivated (e.g. Outlook 2013), the GlobalAppointmentID will be set and read correctly.
Improved: Only allow one instance of iCal4OL.exe (Until now it was possible, to start a second instance interactively).
Fixed:    Undelete directly in Google Calendar of deleted occurrences, will add them as single events in OL again.
Fixed:    Error message in Log.txt during Import after Save (ADO error was not cleared, which does not matter)
Removed:  CDO Handling and ClickYes deprecated (old code removed).

2.13.17  11/10/2013
Improved: Sets GlobalAppointmentID for invitations, which do not origin from this PC - only Office 32-bit!
Improved: Tooltip in Tasktray will also pop up, if a new contact was imported or deleted in Outlook.
Fixed:    CardDAV Contact Sync with optimization "[X] Only modified contacts since" for upload, did not recognize deleted server contacts (logic issue), if server does not support groups/distributionlists.
New:      Version for installing without administrator rights: If you make a subdirectory paralell to \Sprachen called \AppData, the settings will be stored here (under ..\iCal4OL).
Improved: CalDAV with flags "etag older" and event modified on both sides, will now allow to upload the Outlook version (and not ignore this event).
Fixed:    Google Calendar Sync: Exchange invitation in few environments may arrive with wrongly set lastmodificationtime. If not manually accepted, 
          it could result in a bug with the option "[X] Monitoring deleted events" (tab "Options-Exchange"), resulting in later deletion of this invitation.
New:      CalDAV Assistant supports now Joomla DPcalendar from Digital Peak - URL: http://joomla.digital-peak.com/demo/dpc/components/com_dpcalendar/caldav.php/calendars//

2.13.16  10/20/2013
New:      Import/Export of VCARD's can be done automatically with calendar sync. You will find this new option on the corresponding window (before it could only be activated by modification of *.ini).
Changed:  Scheduled Tasks (button on tab "Run"): Copies of iCal4OL.exe, like iCal4OL2.exe, won't work anymore with *.ini configuration files, created in different .exe (can't get selected anymore).
Improved: Number of days into past for the monitoring option of deleted events & tasks, can now be altered on tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst" (Default is 31 days).
          This number of days is use for "read-only" feeds and for WebDAV options on tab "Options - Import Feed",too.
Improved: Google API Sync: If monitoring of deleted events is active, a full sync will be done after 8 hours of non syncing, ignoring field "Date and time last run".
          Should prevent the wrong deletion of older existing events, if Outook.ost was replaced or compacted.
Changed:  ADO instead of DAO is now used to access *.MDB files for new installations (changed default setting), see tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst".
Improved: The Wizards on tab "Who" will now warn, if an email address contains uppercase letters. E.g. AppleID must be in lowercase to work.

2.13.15  10/01/2013
New:      Google Calendar Sync API v2 and v3: Now, always the correct organizer will get uploaded (was optional, or suppressing of attendees was possible).
          It's now possible to upload a modified received invitation to Google correctly.
Fixed:    CalDAV flag "older": Server modifications for OwnCloud did not get recognized, if event was just uploaded and changed in OS X in the next 2 minutes!
Improved: If you select your Outlook profile on tab "Options - Start (General)", Outlook is not closed anymore, if it's running the identical profile.
          (With "[X] Only RDO" (Options - RDO/Misc.) it may now be possible to sync a different OL profile in background (only 32-bit Office).
New:      Tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst": [X] ADO ... will use ADO instead of DAO for *.MDB files (perhaps more stable, if you experienced in the past a corrupted *.MDB file)

2.13.14  9/12/2013
New:      Masking of private events is now implemented for Google Sync. See tab "Options - Exportfilter". For CalDAV use flag "maskprivate".
Improved: Contact pictures named "ContactPhoto" will now upload to Gmail or by CardDAV.
New:      CardDAV flag "FileAs" on tab "1. How" will use this field during upload, instead of fullname.
New:      Gmail Contact Sync: In (Default).ini section [Contacts], add line "Exclude=Title" to exclude this field from sync (no other field possible, for the moment).
New:      To (just) export contacts automatically together with Calendar sync, you can add in the (Default).ini, in section [Contacts] the linee "Auto=1".
New:      Kerio 8.x does now work properly if Exchange is involved (Flags "href no_global" are necessary).
Change:   Outlook 2013 32-bit: RDO/Redemption will get deactivated (turned off) if iCal4OL is installed on a new PC. There are still too many issues with this (freezing; body error).
Improved: iCal4OL did not yet work with OX6 = OpenXChange 6, because there is a User-Agent Header filter active in OX6.
Improved: CalDAV repeating tasks are now tested, if the rule is correct (weekday)
Improved: The warning window, if an event was modified in Outlook AND on server, will not warn anymore, if the assumption, that just the alarm was triggered.
Fixed:    Exchange field SMTPAddress in newer versions, may contain not just the email address, which is a bug and must be handled (e.g."Name firstnamename (name.firstname@domain.tld")
Improved: In Google Calendar deleted items are no longer search be EntryID in Outlook, to be sure after duplication in Gcal, those events are not getting deleted in Outlook.

2.13.13:  superstition ;-)

2.13.12 8/08/2013
New:      CalDAV flag "India":  Uploads Outlook-Email-Invitations, which are recurring and from a different timezone, correctly with the original timezone info.
New:      For Google API v3 on tab "Google": "[X] Update Google Calendar in a different timezone" does the same as above!
New:      CalDAV flag "Indian": Downloads and Uploads in original timezone. OL>=2007 needed, or "[X] Only RDO" for older versions.
Testing:  To activate it for all sync directions, incl.  Import/Export *.ics files and for Google Calendar API v3 Download,
          mark on tab "Options - RDO/Misc.": [X] Keep original timezones by import/download and export/upload
	  Note: To work for Import/Download you'll need at least Office 2007.
                For Office <= 2003 (with only one OL profile) there is a trick on tab "Options - RDO/Misc.": Mark in Default.ini (!!) the option [X] Only RDO, too!

New:      Under [Choose Google Calendar] on tab "1. How" in GCAL deleted events can get undeleted (deleted max. 14 days ago).
Fixed:    Google Calendar Events from different timezone were not calculated during download.
Fixed:    Tine 2.0 uses wrong LAST-MODIFIED; label, resulting in re-download of just uploaded events.
Fixed:    Export in "Asia/Jerusalem" does now work correctly (until 2038)
Improved: In CalDAV Assistant => Warn, if modified on both sides = CalDAV flag "etag"... the flag "older" will be added automatically as "xolder". 
          This way iCalendar field "LAST-MODIFIED:" will not be used, because lazy programmers of other CalDAV Clients did not implement this - SHAME ON THEM!
Improved: CalDAV flags "down asFeed" improved (faster deletion of deleted server events) und update to support 10'000 events.
          (I implemented for a while a flag "cutFeed" which is not needed anymore. Only from -31 days on the events will be tested anyway.)

2.13.11  6/22/2013
Fixed:    Gmail Contacts Sync per API: Emails with userdefined labels did not sync to Outloook (from other sync solutions).
Fixed:    CardDAV: Support for TEL;IPHONE,TYPE=CELL;TYPE=VOICE;PRIMARY from newest iOS version. Does now get recognized.

2.13.10  6/03/2013
Changed:  Infomaniak has still(!) a bug with REPORT calendar-query, not retrieving repeating events correctly. Now PROPFIND is forced.
Improved: Monitoring options for deleted events. There seems to be an Outlook issue from time to time, where a command is not working as expected.
Fixed:    Received OL Invitations could not get patched (edited after prior upload) to Google Calendar, because Google forbidds now to update "shared Properties", resulting in HTTP 403.
Fixed:    Exchange Invitations do have sometimes a wrong lastmodificationtime, and therefore could not get found for incremental upload to Google Calendar. Exception to test those added.

2.13.9  5/12/2013

Update:   32-bit Interface RDOiCal4OL new Version (Redemption.dll from dimastr)
Fixed:    Escaping of comma for CalDAV TEXT as "\," to be RFC5545 spec conform and compatible with caldavzap (Javascript Browserinterface for DAViCal)
Fixed:    END:VCALENDAR + CRLF will now be used for CalDAV VOBJECT, to be RFC5545 spec conform and compatible with caldavzap (Javascript Browserinterface for DAViCal)
Fixed:    CN="xx, xxx" - after RFC5545 ,;: must be escaped with "". There are still plenty solutions out there, which do not implement it, but now it's forced for upload in iCal4OL.
Fixed:    "[X] Simulation" with Infomaniak did trigger wrongly an error for event reminders.
Fixed:    Button [Scheduled Tasks] did use 32-bit interface under Vista/Win7, which wrongly ativated (by bad default) "[x] Run with highest privileges".

2.13.8  4/21/2013
New:      Support for Google CalDAV v2 with OAuth 2.0: In the CalDAV Assistet [Others] use following URL: apidata.googleusercontent.com
Improved: Circumvent Outlook Bug, if an occurrence was moved beyond the OriginalDate of another occurrence. This is actually not allowed in Outlook!
          But Outlook does not show an error, if this other occurrence was moved or deleted before.
          Removed special option for Lotus Notes Exchange Connector (now always active to test on this issue).
Improved: Google Kalender v2 API: Moved occurrences (and newer) will undelete previous deleted occurrences in GCAL.
Improved: TaskTray Icon will now show a different icon, if there was a sync error.
Improved: Terminland.de support improved (try to catch unnessary re-upload).
Improved: If RDO/Redemption gets deactivated for OL2010+OL2013 on tab "Options-RDO/Misc.", iCal4OL will now use the 64bit functions (which work in this case, too).
Fixed:    Using ClientLogin for Gmail Contact API together with Calendar API v3 (which needs OAUTH) now works (before v3 API was deactivated).

2.13.7  4/06/2013
Fixed:    Google+ Calendar entries behave differently (id instead email + "locked":true). No re-upload possible
Improved: Contacts IM-Address will be uploaded to iCloud (and downloaded again)
Improved: TANSS-Feeds remoddeling (only for customers and you need to ask for it).
Improved: Assistant for OwnCloud can now configure task sync for subcalender collections
Fixed:    CardDAV line breaks for iCloud \n  (and not anymore \N)
Fixed:    Stopping of inbuild CalDAV Server (YES - Outlook 32-bit as CalDAV-Server!), iCal4OL crashed.

2.13.6  3/23/2013
Improved: EGroupware issue with wrong Report calendar-multiget answer: iCal4OL will skip the sync
Changed:  Monitoring options for deleted items are not activated anymore by default, if first time installed.
Improved: GroupOffice Prof: Previous uploaded contacts by Funambol/OLClient could not get decoded correctly.
Improved: Yahoo's multyday appointments are now uploaded with hour:min 00:00, so they really span correctly in the browser interface
Improved: For OL 2013 32-bit the interface may fail for reading out attendees. In this case, iCal4OL will switch to mode for 64-Bit (propertyaccessor).
Improved: The assistant for Google CalDAV will now set the flags "no_Attendee BodyAttendee", because of the annoying re-emailing of invitations over Google.
New:      Flag "no_att" (for "no_Attendees"): It works identically to options "Supress Attendees" on tab "1.2 More - Export".... especially for Google issue.
Improved: Google CalDAV CN='xxxxxxx' may not work during upload. Therefore test on it and replacing it with CN="xxxxxxx"
Improved: For SOGo contacts, if they were uploaded by Funambol, the download could not decode utf-8 quoted printable encoded correctly (wrong order!)
Improved: Google Assistant on tab "Who" (Suppress attendees; Mask private events; Link for STARTUP folder)
Fixed:    Always "Sync running.." in tasktry with mouseover, instead real status (waiting for sync).

2.13.5  3/09/2013
New:      Baikal CalDAV/CardDAV Server Support.
New:      Do not sync Location of an event, on tab "Options - RDO/Misc."
Improved: select timeperiod rule "Today" will now filter recurring events accurate, see Online Doc.
Improved: PHP solutions may return a cut off response, due to a PHP time-out. For CardDAV this is a big issue, deleting contacts inOL. iCal4OL will now test on this..
Improved: Assistant [Oter] does now support tasks for OwnCloud (activate it in OwnCloud, too).
Improved: CardDAV Email addresses can now be retrieved for X.500 Exchange contacts.
Fixed:    CardDAV ETAG Bug in OwnCloud, not returning the correct ETAG after PUT. Workaround implemented.
Fixed:    Some extra CarDAV fields may sync to description of contact. During upload "TEL." in description triggered wrongly this feature.
Improved: CardDAV label X-MS-OL-DEFAULT-POSTAL-ADDRESS will only be set, if an address is present.

2.13.4  2/28/2013
New:      Support for OpenXchange
Improved: Repeating Tasks should not trigger .REGENERATE anymore during upload (but the issue is actually in the underlying interface, not in iCal4OL).
Improved: Tab "1.2 More - Export" for Google Sync: The option to send email invitations over Google (again) was reversed and has now a security question.
Improved: Own invitions on a second PC should to get the same GlobalAppointmentId. Email replies should now recognize this event as saved.
          Only for 32-Bit Office, and if UID max. char 255 is possible for this server solution.
Improved: Google Assistent can now freely configure the server calendar collections to Outlook Calendar(s)
Fixed:    Some *.tmp files did not get deleted
Fixed:    Google Assistent did show for v3 API too early the Authorisation window, where the email address was not saved, yet.
Fixed:    Google Tasks Sync differs now between "hidden" and "deleted".
Fixed:    Support CardDAV label "TEL:" for OwnCloud
New:      Caldav flag "splash" for field "UserID:" on tab "1. How". If on tab "Run" the option for the import splash window is active,
          uploaded events/tasks will be shown in it, too.

2.13.3  2/14/2013
New:      Flag "BodyAtt" for CalDAV. Attendees will be added in description during upload.
New:      Links under START - All Programs - iCal4OL, e.g. "iCal4OL TRAY every 30 minutes.lnk", can now be modified to
          start the FIRST Sync AFTER 30 minutes: Modify TRAY030 to TRAY030W (W for Wait - Escape does cancel the waiting)
Fixed:    OL Birthday events are a culprit. If contact gets modified, sync fields of this event may get lost (deleted+readded event).
Fixed:    Rules in option "time period" - not all worked as advertised.
New:      Flag "WarnCDel" in field "UserID:" on tab "1. How" warns for CardDAV, if more than 10 contacts would get deleted on server.
Fixed:    Support for demo.atmail.com incl. CardDAV (Add flag "Atmail" in field "UserID:" on tab "1.How", save .ini, redo autoconfiguration with assistant)
Changed:  Terminland.de does not support monthly and yearly events. They will NOT trigger an error in iCal4OL anymore!
Fixed:    Deleting occurrences "from now on" in iCloud does modify incorrectly "UNTIL", leaving last occurrence in OL alive. Catched..
Fixed:    LibCurl was not working correctly, and at last.. I found the issues on 2/2/2013 and uploaded 2.13.2 again

2.13.2   1/29/2013
Update:   LibCurl 7.28.1 intergrated. Hopefully more stable. Restart you PC, if you get a load error.
Changed:  Activating API v3 for Google Calendar will show OAuth Window, if still ClientLogin is active, which is not compatible with v3 API
Fixed:    Does shown tab "1. How", if v2 or v3 API for Google Calendar ist activate. Does show name of Google Calendar on [Choose Google Calendar].
          With shared Calendars it may selected the wrong calendar collection
Changed:  Google Sync: Already deleted Google events can be uploaded again, by using 1-Way-Upload and if newer modified in OL, or option "[X] Add deleted again" on tab "1.1 More - Export" is active.
Fixed:    Function "Set Lastmodificationtime to NOW for ALL items" on tab "Sync Fields": will modify events to be "changed manually" (and not just update time).
Adapted:  [Select Google Calendar] on tab "1.How" will now only show Calendars, where you are the owner (shared calendars can't be synced anymore with API v3, but with CalDAV this is possible).

2.13.1   1/19/2013
Fixed:    1-Way-Google-Upload by API v3 for [X] Re-upload previous deleted events ==> READ FORUM - Announcements
New:      Support GroupOffice 4.0 CardDAV - does now work except "Homepage" and during Download "Comments/Body" (if not uploaded from OL).
Adapted:  Google Calendar has a new bug, which does not remove deleted event by "My Kalendars" - Properties - Delete!
          Therefore the resetting of the sync configuration becomes more complex by [Folder Sync Reset]: On tab "1.1 More" activate X] Deactivate Similarity Testen... and do the same on tab "Google"!
Fixed:    For Darwin, iCloud and DAViCal syncing with iOS: Officelocation is not supported, but it does now work Outlook to Outlook, if contact was not modified in iOS.

2.13.0   1/6/2013
Fixed:    iCloud-Sync: Changes in Outlook did not upload, due to a bad bug, sorry
Fixed:    OS X 10.8.2 may have an invalid VALARM with year 1976 in an event (it was fixed already for tasks), resulting in sync problems.

2.12.25  1/3/2013
Changed:  VB6SP6 Runtime is no longer part of setup. For Win2000 this must now be installed separately, see Download page.
Warning:  Installation on a server OS will now show a message in trial: Only with purchase from 5 licenses on, you can use iCal4OL on a server OS.
New:      Due time of a tasks will be now written into description body of OL tasks as "@Due: 14:00".. and read out for reupload to e.g. iCloud (for not getting lost)
New:      Posteo.de Support (no tasks). Better do not use the Browserinterface - just use CalDAV/CardDAV Clients.
New:      Use RDO for Import (for OL2003/Ex2003 with ActiveSync) with Session Overtaking from Outlook. Prefend timed events to be shown invalid after ActiveSync with a phone.
Changed:  MDB Name for sync fields can now be manipulated directly on tab "Options-Exchange" (before in *.ini by "SyncDB=xxxxxx.mdb")
Changed:  Sync only by RDO (not over Outlook) can now be activated on tab "Options-RDO/Misc." (before in *.ini by "OnlyRDO=1")
Changed:  Changing Private/Public is now supported for option (tab Options-Exportfilter): [X] Delete events && tasks on server, if export filter changed (categories, colors, filters above)
Fixed:    OwnCloud is using ETAGs of 34 lenght. Deletion of an event on the server did not work anymore.
Fixed:    Debug mode produced a line=20 error for CalDAV tasks.
Fixed:    [X] Subscribing as Feed... did wrongly consider option [X] Monitor deleted events & tasks .. on tab "Options-Exchange". Needed to be deactivated, to work correctly.
Fixed:    Bug in newer Chandler made it impossible to sync correctly, due to stupid trailing "/" e.g. xxxxxx.ics/

2.12.24  12/1/2012
New:      SmarterMail 10.x Support
New:      CardDAV Import or Download can read public X509 Certificates into Outlook Contacts. Export VCARD with certificate is supported, too (only ONE certificate).
Fixed:    Assistant [Other] for Google CalDAV did not work, if a iCalendar Feed was subscribed in Google (File name error).

2.12.23  11/7/2012
Fixed:    Radicale uses 410 Gone instead 404 Not found. Deletion of events did not work due to this implementation bug.
Fixed:    Assistant [Other] did not work fully correct for iCloud. If own main calendar was behind shared calendars in the calendar-home-set, if may not be found all collections.
Fixed:    Multiple modifications of a received invittaion die not upload correctly to EGroupware, the organizer flag "ROLE=CHAIR" could get lost.
Fixed:    For older Atmail/Darwin server a new flag was added "multiget limit", to circumvent a limitation of occurrence during REPORT calendar-query (HTTP 403).
Fixed:    New TANSS version 5.0 needs different rewriting of the iCalendar feed. iCal4OL must be registered to company name in TANSS, otherwise it will not work correctly.
Fixed:    Save of configuration files (*.ini) modified. It will not be deleted before saving and has now an own endmark in it (Runtime issue during shutdown).
Fixed:    CardDAV for OwnCloud 4.5
Fixed:    SnapAppointments: In browser interface added events got always deleted in OL (LF instead of CRLF in VEVENT).

2.12.22  10/13/2012
New:      Gmail Contact Sync: New option [X] Only supplement fields (as in previous versions, but now it can be deactivated).
Improved: iCloud Tasks with Geo Data do contain invalid VALARM, causing OL-Alarm popup during download. Now ignored.
Fixed:    Tasks for DAVMail (singletasks) did not work correctly
Fixed:    EGroupware Work Mobile Phone in 1.8.004 did not sync down to Outlook, if iOS 4.x (iPhone 3G) is used
Fixed:    EGroupware Tasks modified in Outlook AND newer modified on Server could produce a 438 error
Fixed:    File Handle was not released in LIBCURL, if request timed out, causing out of file handles.

2.12.21  9/23/2012
New:      Changing the name of external SyncDB per *.ini, to delimit syncs from different servers. In section [Default], add line "SyncDB=.mdb" directly in *.ini
          Default is "SyncDB=UserProperties.mdb"
Changed:  Google-Sync with (still) ClientLogin Auth, will deactivate v3 API (Update from old versions of iCal4OL can't sync anymore before re-configuration to OAuth)
Fixed:    OwnCloud 4.0 long postal adresses in contacts did not download correctly
Fixed:    Google API v3: Monitor deleted events did not work anymore (Delete failed)

2.12.20  9/14/2012
New:      in CalDAV Assistant - Subwindow for multiple calendars: If reminders (alarms) should be downloaded for this server collection.
New:      On tab "Sync Fields": Remove all reminders in an Outlook calendar folder
Fixed:    OwnCloud 4.0 may have an issue, where events > 6 month in future are getting deleted in OL. Forcing now "singleget", instead of "multiget".
Improved: Assistants: Surpessing alarms (setting option), if a server calendar collection is recognized as delegated.
Fixed:    SOGo: Special characters in Username of a calndar owner did not decode in Assistants; other decode issue with CardDAV solved.
Fixed:    Outlook 2013 32-Bit: Crash in Redemption (RDOiCal4OL.dll) fixed setting attendee stati; Recognize Default Outlook Profile (different registry path)
Fixed:    Outlook 64-Bit: By email received invitations did not upload with correct organizer (for Google you must activate the Sync Szenario on tab "Google").

2.12.19  9/6/2012
Fixed:    v3 Google Calendar API did not work in countries, which are using , (comma) as decimal point => Bad Request
New:      Remove duplicate contacts, see tab "Contacts".
New:      Newer version of RDOiCal4OL.dll
Improved: Google Assistant (some issues with multiple calendar config)
Improved: Outlook 2013 Preview Support (but still for 32-bit version, you may have to mark on tab "Options-RDO/Misc" [X] Deactivate RDO/Redemption..)
Improved: Attende Text from Google will now show up in body of event (comment).

2.12.18  8/26/2012
New:      Google Calendar API >>>>>>>> v3 <<<<<<< is the now default on new machines (Version 3.0 and not anymore 2.2)!   
          I recommend ALL users, to activate API v3 on tab "Google"! Mapping Outlook Categories to Google Coloers is possibile this way..

New:      Google Calendar API 3.0 has now a higher Google quota of 100'000 requests/day!
Neu:      Google Tasks Api has now a higher Google quota of 20'000 requests/day!
Improved: Google OAuth 1.0: New different internal Google APIKey splitted for Tasks/Events. Perhaps I will deactivate too old versions of iCal4OL..
Improved: Google Tasks Api und v3 API for Google Calendar: setting userQuota for Computernane, and not anymore by (automatic) IP address (issue in companies)
Improved: Google Tasks Api: New upload test, if actually text was changed, or only last modification date was modified.
Fixed:    Rule Yearly BYMONTHDAY=31 must be used (before it was "-1", which did not work for Ligthning)

2.12.17  8/16/2012
New:      Fruux Support
Changed:  The option "Keep Outlook connection when in tasktray, waiting for next sync (Stability)" on tab "Options-Start" is now activated by default on new installations
Fixed:    Bitmap Font issue with too large font size in Window. If this happens, please ask for support!
Improved: Some text and toolstips and documentation
Fixed:    GroupOffice Prof 4.0.89 Beta now supported (but not earlier versions.. buggy)
Improved: Sub-Window in CalDAV-Assistant: If tasks are in same collection, they can now be configured for every collection.
Fixed:    Upload CardDAV Photo for OwnCloud, useing always now PHOTO;TYPE=JPEG;ENCODING=BASE64: for VCARD 3.0
Fixed:    Repeating tasks did not sync correctly unsing MAPI Sync Fields, if after "Regenerate" the done occurrence was not immediately deleted.
Fixed:    Meetings only received by CalDAV-Scheduling (Status change may duplicate event)

2.12.16  7/28/20102
New:      Correct handling of Meetings: Buttons Accepted, Tentativ, Denied are now visible..
          Attention Outlook 2010: Here a MS restriction is in place, to always DELEGATE the organizer to yourself, if meeting request arrives only by CalDAV.
New:      New Meeting Handling for Exporte, Import, Google, CalDAV may be deactivated direclty in *.ini configuration files, see Forum-Anouncements.
Fixed:    SOGo: Tasks Reminders can now get uploaded, if a StartDate has been set. Download reminders AFTER StartDate is now supported, too.
Fixed:    SOGo: Deleted recurring exceptions of events could not get uploaded by TZID. Changed to UTC timeformat, and now it works.
Fixed:    New SubWindow for Delegations did not work correctly (URL field may contain description text)

2.12.15  7/17/2012
New:      By default for new installation now activated: [X] Save Sync Fields in external DB
New:      CalDAV-Assistent with new Sub-Window, if more than one server calendar (collection) was found!
Improved: Assistant for new SOGo Version
Improved: Thunderbird SOGo Connector does generate VLIST for distribution lists, which are not in CardDAV Spec. Using this togehter with e.g. OwnCloud did make trouble.
Changed:  Duedate of tasks will be uploaded to iCloud newly as VALUE=DATE. Someone had trouble (date shifting) in other timezone.

2.12.14  7/8/2012
New:      [X] Save Sync Fields in external DB... takes automatically over old MAPI Sync Fields.
New:      Integration of libcurl as third HTTP_DLL (no special version anymore)
Improved: Unmarking "[ ] Monitor deleted events & tasks .. and contacts" will only show in configuration used OL Folders *.mdb files.
Fixed:    Assistant created empty *.ini files for proxy-read/write (for delegations und additional calendars), if not used.
Improved: Window.Refresh (Main Window was not painted on some systems)
Improved: Assistant Support for GroupOffice Prof
Changed:  Contact Categories OL2007 may not be read, if not in main category list. They are now read over Outlook.
Changed:  Due to a bug on Infomaniak side (400 Bad Request), I updated 2.12.12 to use flag "singleget" instead "multiget" automatically (see forum).

2.12.12  6/13/2012
Fixed:    Gmail Contact Sync duplicated phone numbers in format e.g. "+49 999 999 99" by upload, due to a change in the Google Feed for Contacts.
          To fix it, see forum => https://ical.gutentag.ch/forum/viewtopic.php?id=475
Fixed:    Gmail Contact Groups with characters & > < "
New:      Place holder [Date] for Export *.ics file implemented, e.g.: C:\Download\Test-[Date].ics   will result in C:\Download\Test-20120605T164901.ics
Fixed:    Exchange X.400 addresses with a valid emailaddress inside /CN= were treated as valid emails, which was wrong. They can't get uploaded to e.g. Google
New:      Special Version for Infomaniak (only in Forum - and for customers on Customers Page)
Fixed:    Infomaniak description (notes) of events could not get downloaded, due to a bug in Webmail2 of Infomaniak

2.12.11  6/2/2012
New:      Support for OwnCloud 4.0
New:      Flag "no_dist" will not sync DistributionLists (CardDAV-Sync).
New:      Flag "fburl" for Outlook Contact Field "Freebusy". This field can now be uploaded to DAViCal (this is not in CardDAV spec)
Improved: Gmail Contact Sync does now recognize duplicated PhoneNo with same label, and does not add the 2nd into body notes.
Fixed:    Office XP/2002 could block, if GlobalAppointmentID was retrieved only by HEX Address (hidden in this version of OL).
          (In e.g. Default.ini in Section [Default], the line: GlobalAppointmentID=1  ... could be used in older versions)

2.12.10  5/10/2012
Changed:  [X] Monitor deleted events & tasks ...... is now activated by default on new installation (tab "Options-Exchange..")!
Changed:  [X] Monitor deleted contacts...... ...... is now activated by default on new installation (tab "Options-Exchange..")!

New:      Lower Price EUR 18.--  (before EUR 20.--)
New:      Translation into French (not perfect; not everything translated)
New:      Support for Infomaniak.com (SabreDAV implementation, still some bugs, e.g. with VALARM, LAST-MODIFIED, ETAG)
New:      Update RDOiCal4OL.dll (newer interface version)
Fixed:    Google-CalDAV HTTP ERROR 500 with recurring events with deleted occurrence, due to missing line SEQUENCE:nn (HTTP 409 would be correct)
Improved: All text can now be translated into another language (e.g. Assistants and error messages, but not LOG.txt)
Fixed:    TZID=Asia/Jerusalem does work now correctly (by table for years 1960-2037 for timed events)
Fixed:    Buttons on tab "Maintenance" and "Sync Fields" were not visible anymore (begind frames).

2.12.9  4/23/2012
Improved: Tabs order on main Window
Improved: v3 API Google Calendar (still a little bit unstable - do only use it for tests!)
Fixed:    Google Configuration Assistant had a runtime error

2.12.8  4/13/2012
Fixed:    iCloud changed the ETAG Handling, resulting in not correctly selecting the events, which have to get synced. 
          You may experience for next sync still some unnessesary syncing - after that it will work properly again.

2.12.7  4/10/2012
New:      v3 API for Google Calender Sync, see tab "Google"
New:      Google Calendar Sync done in "Sync Scenario/Migration/Import"-Mode: Activate this on tab "Google".
          The Organizer will get uploaded for new invitations.  will be set to OL GlobalAppointmentID. Useful for migrating Exchange to GCAL.
          The "normal" Google Calender Sync uploads the organizer as attendee. The event will be shown from your view point..
Changed:  CalDAV Sync is now using flag "no_ctag" by default, because of perhaps mis-behavior of other CalDAV-Clients, changing HREF's of events
          This can be deactivated by using new flag "getctag", but not for iCloud (needed there, because no LAST-MODIFIED).
Improved: Deleted events will not get tested again against server, if really deleted before.
Fixed:    Simulation did set a few sync fields (actually not a problem, but not proper..)
Fixed:    Deletion of Gmail Contacts did not work anymore for a short download time over easter (updated 2.12.6 on 4/4/2012)
Changed:  License: I reserve now the right to change the license agreement at any time.

2.12.6  3/15/2012
New:      Google Tasks Sync can now be automatically startet with Google Calendar Sync (there is a daily limit of 5000 request for all users - we will see, if I have to ask for a higher limit from Google)
Fixed:    BASE64 Encoding e.g. for BASIC REALM - did not work correctly together wie iCloud
Fixed:    CardDAV Contact Sync: First (and only) email address was not deleted in Outlook, when deleted on server.

2.12.5  3/15/2012
New:      Show window with modified events && tasks (by Import) see tab "Run"
New:      Shared Exchange Contacts and Tasks Folders of other users can now be linked into iCal4OL (before just Calendars).
Fixed:    Delete CalDAV Tasks on Server did not work anymore, if monitoring was not enabled.

2.12.4  3/08/2012
New:      Support for HARVEST O2S (autoconfig not yet working)
New:      CalDAV Flag "clear_att" will remove first all attendees before updating event during import
New:      Tab "Options - Import Feed": [X] Import FREE as BUSY + [X] Except allday events
Improved: Reading Emailaddress of Exchange Organizer in Cached Mode (Reciptient.AddressEntry.GetExchangeUser.PrimarySmtpAddress)
Improved: Exchange Support does no longer get activated in the CalDAV-Assitant, if .ini was saved before without Exchange Support.
New:      Different liberation method if iCal4OL is installed on a server (licenses are per user).
New:      HTTP Timeout can now be altered by line "oTimeout=999" in section [Option] of an .ini file. E.g. for complex recurrings events with a lot of exceptions (EGW)
New:      CalDAV Flag "no_global" does not use .GlobalAppointmentID as UID for invitations, but the shorter PR_SearchKey, e.g. necessary for Tine 2.0
New:      Support for shared (and already in OL linked) Exchange Calendar of other users. See tab Options - Exchange" => [Link Shared]
Improved: Sync Contact Groups as Categories. Supporting also DAViCal, SOGo and upcoming EGroupware 1.9.004
Fixed:    DAViCal 1.0.2 Deletion of Contacts on Server did not work anymore (header issue)
Improved: Using "Save Sync Fields in external DB" (tab Options-Exchange) was slow for CalDAV "down asFeed" or read-only ICAL Feeds. Optimized..

2.12.3   2/14/2012
New:      OwnCloud 3.0 und Atmail hosted SabreDAV Support
New:      iCloud/Darwin CardDAV - new option: [X] Convert Groups to Categories
New:      Assistants on tab "Who" do now support "[X] Only Upload (asFeed)"
Fixed:    [URL:] Assistant on tab "1. How" does now support iCloud
Fixed:    CardDAV Company Field could contain a CRLF, which broke the upload of this contact to iCloud.
Fixed:    CalDAV/CardDAV: Re-Reading items, if in PUT repsonse the ETAG Header is missing (especially SabreDAV)
Fixed:    Outlook 4096 Conflict Error will now be ignored (use ScanPST/ScanOST to fix it).
Fixed:    Scroobars on sub windows had some anomalies.

2.12.2   1/18/2012
New:      CardDAV Option for incremental Upload Sync. Must be activated manually in CardDAV Window. Speeds up Upload of Contacts!
Fixed:    iCloud UID can be max 200 characters, but GlobalAppointmentID under Exchange 2010 may be up to 234 characters. Using PR_SEARCH_KEY in this case..
Fixed:    WinInet.dll and option for ignoring connection errors (Options-HTTP_DLL), did still generate an error with "singleget", "multiget".
Fixed:    If no connection, quit sync stop did not work for WinInet.dll + Propfind (see tab "Options-HTTP_DLL")
Changed:  Some preperation for VCARD 4.0, especially for eM Client 3.5.x / SabreDAV
Fixed:    CalDAV Inivitation, sent over a different own emailaddress, could not be uploadad to iCloud.
Fixed:    Contact Pictures from iOS could not be saved anymore (iCloud Change). 
Fixed:    Contact iPhone Field from iOS was not saved anymore (iCloud Change).
New:      The Configuration Assistants on tab "Who" will no warn, if many items are in the "Deleted Items" Folder of Outlook. It would slow down the Sync.

2.12.1   1/5/2012
Fixed:   CalDAV Flag "inbox" did cause an (uncatched) error uploading Tasks to the CalDAV-Server. Upload of tasks did not work anymore

2.12.0   1/4/2012
New:      Export Filter Events: Categories [;] Empty=All = .*       (Dot/Star)       Event WITHOUT a Category are filtered, not exported/uploaded, see tab "1.2 More (Export)"
                                Categories [;] Empty=All = -.*      (Minus/Dot/Star) Event WITH    a Category are filtered, not exported/uploaded, see tab "1.2 More (Export)"
New:      Gmail Contact Sync: [X] If filtered, delete in Outlook => New Option! Will not delete later on those in Gmail. This became necessary, because in iOS 5.0.1 Contacts do not get deleted, just removed from Group "My Contacts"!
Changed:  Gmail Contact Sync: New Email Handling is now default (Option removed)
Changed:  Gmail Contact Sync: API 3.0 is now Default
Changed:  Gmail Contact Sync: Old API 2.x is not supported anymore - Options removed.
Fixed:    [X] Monitor deleted events & tasks, did retry to delete an item, even if it was already found in "deleted items folder" of OL, and was therefore already deleted.
Fixed:    Tasktray Tooltip did show alwaays "Next Sync (Default.ini)", indead of real name of .ini configuration file
New:      Flag "SetLMT" for unkown CalDAV Solutions: Does set LastModificationTime of Outlook event to timestamp of HTTP PUT (Upload)
Changed:  Text for Google Tasks Sync: Sorry, still no automatic sync possible, because of Google access limit 5000 request app/day!

2.11.21  12/14/2011
Fixed:    Characters < > did not work for Google Sync anymore.
Fixed:    CardDAV with Dist List, does try to add by Emailaddresses, if resolving is not possible.
New:      Button [Open/New] ... you may enter now a new name (and not just open an existing .ini configuration file)
New:      .ini in section [Import]..: RecipientsRemove=1  will first delete all attendees, then re-add (may cause "not responding" - without any warranty)
New:      Flag "no_cache" for "caldav up asFeed singleget no_cache", especially for DAVMail, to upload a previous imported feed
Fixed:    Missing server events are not checked a second time, before deleted by iCal4OL in OL. May be an issue with Darwin based feeds, not containing "always" all events.
Fixed:    DAVMail 2.9.6 for Exchange 2007. LAST-MODIFIED will be generated out of ETAG (is missing).
Fixed:    29nth of a month: Improved for Google Sync, but completely deactivated for CaldAV. It's up to the solution to correctly show 29.2.2013 occurrence on 28.2.2013!
Fixed:    TANSS Solution Support improved (refactoring events). License Name must be Company Name, as used in TANSS

2.11.20  11/26/2011
Changed:  Special Version for installing without admin rights, does now use "asInvoker" (if user is Administrator, iCal4OL did not start, until Outlook was closed)
Fixed:    Assistant for Synology CalDAV
Fixed:    Reading Inbox, for uploading attendee stati (did not work in every case, because wrong HREF/ETAG of Inbox was safed, HTTP 412 and 403 by Darwin will not raise an error, by trying to reply)
Fixed:    CardDAV Contacts without FN=(fullname) could not be uploaded to iCloud, Darwin.
Fixed:    Enhanced Assistant for "new" EPL did not add email addresses anymore.

2.11.19  11/17/2011
New:      CalDAV Flag "maskprivate" to mask private events during upload, without overwriting Subject during download = 
          All CalDAV Assistants will now have an option of this.
New:      Google Assistent does now support splitting of one OL calendar into multiple Google SubCalendar. The main Google Calendar will sync with the "rest" (all other categories not used for subcalendars).
New:      EPL and EGroupware 1.9.011 are now supported. Flag "inbox" will be set automatically, for improved scheduling of invitations (Assistant location error fixed, too).
Fixed:    OL2000 Issue with Extended Mapi-Propery (GlobalAppointmentID) could raise a runtime error depending on OS (Win2000?).
Fixed:    Manaul CalDAV Assistant (on [Others]) did not configure correctly a new contact folder
Fixed:    End Sync if no server response.. did not work anymore for OAuth Google Sync
Fixed:    Gmail Contact Sync: Field Birthday without Year does now sync with THIS year, otherwise OL can't save it (runtime error).
Improved: Kronolith 2.3.x Support with AALARM and changable (longer) Timeout during Upload of .ics file (Section [Export], Line eTimeout=420 to manipulate it in Default.ini)

2.11.18   11/3/2011
Fixed:    iCloud does now re-send invitations during upload. I found now a way to prevent this!  SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT
Fixed:    EPL/EGroupware: Due to bug with  for infolog (Tasks), I had to deactivate this feature, otherwise on server deleted tasks can't get recognized until another task changed.
Improved: EPL/EGroupware: support of Flag "inbox" ... this will switch to CalDAV-Scheduling for by Email received invitations in Outlook 
          (Modifications of attendees will get ignored, exepect own attendee status and categories+free/busy)
New:      Flag "client", which will add to all attendee lines (except for yourself) ;SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT

2.11.17  10/28/2011
Improved: iCloud Assistant [Other] on tab "Who"
          - Shared Calendars are now recognize as shared
          - Tasks (Reminders) will now be recognized correctly (sometimes this folder was recognized as Calendar)
Fixed:    iCloud Tasks (Reminders) did not sync (error=404), due to a bug of mine, if GUID path containded the number '10' (sorry, wrong replace command)
Changed:  Google Calendar Sync does not save anymore GlobalAppointmentID of an invitation on GCAL (may trigger an error). Instead it's using the  to re-find an invitation

2.11.16  10/27/2011
Improved: iCloud has new Authentification Bug (An existing bug became even worse... with BASIC REALM)! iCal4OL will try now twice with different base64 encoding, to circumvent it.
Improved: iCloud will use now flag "no_ctag" forced (No Collection Tag Evaluation. It did upload events again, which were not added in Outlook)
Improved: For Tobit David.fx new flag "max100get", limits REPORT Multi-Get to 100 (default is 200) => For flags "singleget" and "multiget"

2.11.15  10/24/2011
New:      Free Tool to retrieve CalDAV/CardDAV URL's from iCloud, see https://ical.gutentag.ch/forum/viewtopic.php?id=400
New:      RDOiCal4OL.dll (Interface Update to Outlook)
Fixed:    EGroupware Trunk Compatibility (Schedule-tag, urn:uuid:-Handling)
Fixed:    iCloud Handling (Attendees, no re-upload after download)
New:      Inbuild CalDAV-Server does now work with iOS5
Fixed:    Home2Telephone und Work2Telephone are now synced with Gmail Contacts
Fixed:    OAuth 2.0 for Google-Authentication did not work anymore (due to changes on Google side)
Fixed:    LDIF Address Import

2.11.14  10/16/2011
New:      iCloud Support for Calendars and Contacts
Fixed:    Adding attendees as recipients in Appointment by fullname, did trigger on ONE test PC a strange error, which I have never seen before.
          Changed to add recipients by email (and not fullname), even if they can't get resolved in Contacts, to prevent it.
Fixed:    Invitations, which where exported in external *.pst, are loosing the field GlobalAppointmentID and are marked as "Copy: xxxx"
          This could trigger an error (iCal4OL is not responding) after re-importing into Outlook.pst, due to missing field.

2.11.13  10/11/2011
Fixed:    A really bad bug, causing iCal4OL to loop, if a new event starts at the same time (and is different) than another event, which was received as email invitation.
Improved: Yahoo-CardDAV for email fields 
Improved: CardDAV fields X-ABShowAs and X-ABUID for iOS/OSX are now stored in userdefined fields, and not anymore in the body
Improved: Home2Telephonenumber and Business2Telephonenumber will now sync with Gmail Contacts. They were left out until now by "design", don't remember why..

2.11.12  10/8/2011
New:      Synology CalDVA-Server is now supported
Fixed:    Google-Kalender by CalDAV with a Smartphone may cause a duplication for the Google-API Feed (same event a second time, marked as deleted). iCal4OL will now check for this Google Bug..
Improved: Older Darwin CalendarServer may not contain "mailto:" (email address) in . The Autoconfiguration Assistent can now deal with it.
Fixed:    Bedework 3.7 does now support newest CalDAV Scheduling Spec. iCal4OL had to be fixed for it. Flag "Inbox" is necessary..
Improved: Deleted Outlook Folders for Contact Sync or Google Task Sync will now show a message warning, if (still) configured in iCal4OL.
Fixed:    CardDAV-Sync: In very rare cases a PHOTO could not get downloaded, because of wrong "//Z" content end recognition.
Improved: CardDAV-Sync: Changed handling of saving fullname, otherwise Outlook may "modify wrongly" the "Show as.." 

2.11.11  10/2/2011
New:      Already received invitatations from Google Calendar will now be found during a later sync and connected 
Improved: Handling of invitations now during download is recognizing identical GlobalAppointmentID (or vCal-Uid which may be a part of it), new for Outlook 64-bit, too.
Improved: "wait1s" in field UserID waits 1 second before upload of an event to Yahoo, wait2s = 2 seconds. Hopefully helps to not tigger HTTP 503 Server Error in Yahoo.
Improved: Passwards are now saved AES encrypted in .ini configuration files (if confirmed, e.g. opening [Authentification] + OK)
Improved: Supporess Attendee errors (Recipients) during upload. Defective recipients will now get overread and not tigger a program error (line=63).
Improved: All Assistants (Wizards). Similarity-Test-Questions now looks the same - new "firstsimilar" supported for CalDAV.
Improved: DAViCal changed to "multiget" in CalDAV-Assitants, because faster sync (sync-collection is buggy and brings back all events).

2.11.10  9/24/2011
Fixed:    Important: EPL customers should update, because of faulty invitation handling in EGroupware!
          Outlook Invitation could get deleted by an attendee Sync, due wron GET ERROR 403 (meanwhile fixed in EPL, thanks).

Improved: Faster Contact-Sync with EPL/EGroupware (incrementel)
Improved: CalDAV: Handling of invitations for all Outlook Versions, incl. 64-bit. Still, due to the fact that an email inivation does trigger the creation
          of a new (duplicate) event in Outlook, the Sync will recognize it at next upload, and delete 2nd identical event - which was synced.

New:      Support for DAVMail 3.9.4 CalDAV+CardDAV. Tasks are not working (or a little bit by "singletasks")
New:      Support maXvis CalDAV+CardDAV
New:      Trunk of EGroupware does support now Proxy-Read/Write = Delegations, and the autoconfiguration is now considering it.
Improved: Flag "CardDAV SingleContacts" now supported for EGW/EGroupware (it's even default) - faster Contact Sync.
Improved: Added a manual assistant for CalDAV (for special customers - under the [Other] Assistant..)
Improved: CalDAV Reminders for Yahoo new as Email. DESCRIPTION: instead ALARMDESCRIPTION: is now default in VALARM.

2.11.9  9/12/2011
New:      Google Configuration Assistant on tab "Who" for Autoconfiguration of up to six secondary calendars, incl. Gmail Contacts.
New:      CalDAV Configuration Assistant on tab "Who" for Autoconfiguration now with secondary calendars, proxy-read/write (delegations) and addressbook autoconfig (CardDAV).
          For EPL/EGroupware you still must use the [Enhanced Assistant], because calendar-proxy-read/write is not yet implemented!
Fixed:    Google OAuth 1.0 did not work anymore (wrong filename of container)

2.11.8  9/3/2011
New:      CalDAV Flag "RSVP" implemented. May help for some solution to not send invitations by server again (already sent in Outlook).
New:      EPL/EGroupware default flag changed to "multiget" in CalDAV Assistants.
New:      CalDAV: "multiget" instead "singleget report" is the same (but shorter)
New:      CalDAV  "sync"     instead "singleget sync"   is the same (but shorter)
New:      For OL2000,2002/XP: Contact Pictures will be saved as attachments in OL
New:      Even without "CardDAV" in field UserID, the flag "etag" is now working, e.g. if Contact was modified on Server AND in Outlook.
Improved: [X] Monitor deleted events/contacts (tab "Options-Exchange") is now active, even if "[ ] Deleted as well" (tab "2.1 More") is not active.
          This way, the "deleted items folder" does not have to be read at all.
Improved: [X] After Sync remove all events from "Deleted Items" folder (tab "2.1 More") will now for "CalDAV tasks" remove tasks, too.
Improved: With "CardDAV" in field UserID now only modified Contacts are read from the server. But make sure to make first a contact sync without "CardDAV"
          in the new version, otherwise all contacts will be synced from Server to OL.
Fixed:    "Enanced Assistant for Darwin CalendarServer" did duplicate // in the URL, e.g. "//calendar".
Fixed:    Yahoo Caldav .... some 500 Internal Server Error
Fixed:    Combination of [X] Monitor deleted Tasks... + [X] Save Sync Fields in external DB.. did not work. Tasks got deleted..
Fixed:    Deleted delegated Tasks Mail in OL2007 are not readable as tasks, if in "deleted items folder".

2.11.7   8/21/2011
New:      Recognize Exchange and other *.pst -Folders to monitor deleted items
New:      Gmail Contact Option: Warn, if a contact was modified in Gmail AND Outlook
New:      Google Calendar Option: Warn, if an event was modified in Google Kalender AND Outlook
New:      CardDAV with flag "CardDAV etag" (field UserID) does work now for Contacts, too
New:      CalDAV with flag "etag", does show a not activated warning window at the bottom right corner of the screen, if an event was modified on Server AND Outlook
New:      Support for Scalix Calendars >= 11.4.6
New:      Inbuild CalDAV Server does now work with iOS 3.4.5 (iPhone,iPad,iPod touch) and Exchange Public Calendar (as Server).  is now supported.
Fixed:    CardDAV with flag "CardDAV" (in field UserID) die still recognized items as identical, if they where modified at the same time (<10 sec. diff), corrected.

2.11.6  7/17/2011
Improved: User Interface does not use grafical buttons anymore (all are now rendered).
Fixed:    SOGo CalDAVA: Download of last event in feed was not read (but added later).
Improved: CalDAV Autoconfiguration Assistent: Support for Chandler Cosmo, and does default now to path /egroupware/groupdav.php, if no location header could be found.
Fixed:    Received Invitations by Outlookmail, then modified by attendee did not upload 100% correctly to SOGO (or even EPL).

2.11.5   6/27/2011
Fixed:    EPL 11.1 does use ORGANIZER/ATTENDEE a little bit different, therefore Organizer could became ATTENDEE
Fixed:    SOGO does not want an ATTENDEE line for ORGANIZER
New:      Password Change on tab "1. How" tests CardDAV+CalDAV Login/PW in other .ini files, and if you whish, update them, too.
New:      Contact Sync Option for EPL/EGW: Assign Title=Profession, Role=JobTitle - otherwise Title=Jobtitle, Role=Profession for EGW=Outlook
Improved: Support for non permanent UID's from OPNET-Groupware (Timestamp will get removed)
Improved: Import from FreeBusy-Feeds as "Events" (FBTYPE=BUSY-TRANSPARENT; FBTYPE=BUSY-UNAVAILABLE), and accordingly Export of Events as "FreeBusy-Feed".

2.11.4  6/12/2011
New:      FreeBusy Download from Darwin CalendarServer to convert for Outlook FreeBusy Search Path. See tab "Options - RDO/Misc."
New:      CalDAV REPORT_sync-colletion Support. Works only for SOGo und DAViCal >= Usage field "UserID:": ... singleget sync
New:      CalDAV  Support. Did nothing change on server, iCal4OL has less to do..
Improved: SOGO Contact-Sync: Faster and incrementel (only modified and new contacts are downloaded from server).

2.11.3  5/29/2011
New:      Manual(!) Google Task Sync (Alpha Version! Google Termns prohibit, at leat for the moment, automatic Sync in Background!
New:      Implementation of OAuth 2.0 for Google-Sync
New:      Options - Import Feed: Import all as OutOfOffice. For iCal Feeds from e.g. TANSS
Fixed:    CalDAV-Autoconfig-Assistent does work now for SOGo

2.11.2 5/15/2011
New:      Contact-Sync only just every sixth time (with calendar sync).
New:      Option to leave iCal4OL in tasktray without sync, if OL is not re-opened. See tab "Options - Startup".
Improved: DAViCal in CalDAV Autoconfig Assistent now sets "CardDAV" in UserId (Bug in, and detects TIMEZONE, if choosen in collection.
Fixed:    On some machine, a wrong popup was show, that iCal4OL was already running.
Improved: A red text, so new user do not miss the contact tab, which is not on first row ;-)
Removed:  Button [CalDAV-Client] for sync every minute was removed. It's really fast enough to sync every 10 minutes (min. is 3 minutes by a altered link)!
Improved: Some odd (old) options where moved to tab "Options -Import Feed"
Fixed:    Gmail-Contacts-Sync: CTRL-Drag&Drop of Contacts over Folders did not sync correctly (due to set Sync Fields)
Fixed:    Gmail-Contacts-Sync: Dipl.-Ing. im Title did not work (Ing. then in first name). Issue with autoparser of OL and Gmail
Fixed:    Google 1-Way Download Sync: button [Choose Google Calendar] was not visible anymore

2.11.1 5/4/2011
New:      OAuth 1.0 for Google Sync. Now you have two possibilities to connect to Google Calendar and Contacts
New:      Newer version of RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption from dimastr)
Improved: The "older" CalDAV-Assistent was improved to set more accurate flags for the supported CalDAV Stores (Websolutions did improve their handling)
Fixed:    CardDAV Escaping \, \; \\ \n \N improved. But still some solutions to not support ";" (semicolon) in a Contact!!
Fixed:    CardDAV did exchange email adddresse, if flag "carddav" was used in field "UserID:" on tab "1. How".
Fixed:    110% DPI bug with TabStrip fixed (old ocx bug)
Fixed:    Some minor issues in the user interface (empty tabs)

2.11.0 - 14/4/2011
New:      [Sync Reset Folder]-button for Google/CalDAV/CardDAV-Sync to reset an Outlook folder as if it was not synced before, to start "fresh over with first sync".
          This way even previously deleted events can sync again, e.g. be uploaded again.
New:      CalDAV-Autoconfiguration can now directly be started from tab "Who"
Design:   Some (more) buttons with Icons.
Fixed:    End iCal4OL, if Outlook 2010 is not running anymore, did not recognize every instance of OL - and closed too soon.
Fixed:    Better recognition of an Outlook 2010 bug, invalidating all ActiveX objects, while closing (fast shutdown issue). 

2.10.9 - 4/5/2011
see above Something does not work anymore with CardDAV-Contact-Sync: Sometimes Contacts get deleted in OL 2010 without any reason.
          This is probably due to an update from MS for Outlook 2010, causing problems in RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption.dll).
          So I reprogrammed the reading of the field .EntryID, hopefully circumenting this new issue.
New:      CardDAV-Option for not deleting Contacts in Outlook. Security (see above)..
Fixed:    End iCal4OL, if Outlook 2010 is not running anymore. Did not work always, because the window handle was still valid (probably due to a reminder window).
New:      Do not sync BODY of events/tasks (tab "Options - RDO/Misc."). NEVER use it for CalDAV 2-Way-Sync, though!
Fixed:    "CardDAV singlecontacts" (field "UserID")... did not work as expected for "unknown" CardDAV-Servers.

2.10.8 - 3/22/2011
Improved: CTRL-Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste of an event into another Outlook Calender, does copy attendees, too. This may result in 
          duplicates (actually invitations) in the original Google Calendar. 
          During Download a test was added on the GCAL UserID to prevent adding this UserID pseudo emailaddress.
Improved: Some messages in LOG (searching for duplicates and wrong http responses)
New:      Option for 1-Way Google Upload Sync on tab "2.1 More": [X] Re-add deleted events (read tooltip)
New:      Some switches for field UserID (tab HOW) for CardDAV (Contact Sync), like "CardDAV singlecontacts" were added. See forum.
Improved: tab "Options - Startup": [X] End iCal4OL in Tasktray, if Outlook is closed
          Will do one additional sync, so last changes during last sync and "waiting" are synced, too.
Improved: If only one single OL profile is present in Outlook 2010 64-Bit, it will now load automatically

2.10.7 - 1/24/2011
New:      Tab "Options - Startup": [X] Unload iCal4OL from Tasktray, if Outlook gets closed
New:      Tab "Run": LOCK configuration with password (see LOCKING-Icon)

New:      Kerio Connect 7.1.x Support... UserID: caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar organizer inbox singleget 
          CalDAV: http://mail.kerioexample.com/contacts/kerioexample.com//addressbook/
New:      CalDAV UserID: "singleget newer" or "singleget older"
          ==> This will FORCE a minimalistic CalDAV-Sync, due to the fact that there are a lot of BUGGY CalDAV-Implementation out there.
              To determine the newer version of an event, which was meanwhile changed on the Server AND in Outlook (iCal4OL is a Sync Solution!), you can use
              caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar newer .. ==> the Outlook event will win!
	      caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar older .. ==> the Server event will win!
          ("Kerio Connect" und "Tobit David FX 2011" will use "newer", if not added..)
          (Common CalDAV-Implementation Bugs are: invalid DTSTAMP: (not updated), invalid or missing or mirrored LAST-MODIFIED:, and missing SEQUENCE:number
          With "singleget newer" or "singleget older" only the ETAG () will be used, to find out if an event has changed)
Improved: CardDAV Field-Mapping for Darwin AddressBookServer 3.x, DAViCal and Kerio (this are true CardDAV-Implementations)
Fixed:    CardDAV-Support for Google Calendar (SEQUENCE-Issue Error 409; Error 500 on attendee lines without MAILTO)
Fixed:    Lightning 1.0 rc2,rc3 do now work with inbuild CalDAV Server of iCal4OL

2.10.6 - 1/16/2011
New:      End iCal4OL in Tasktray, if Outlook gets closed on tab "Options - Startup" (delayed, only tested before next sync start)
New:      Lock Configuration with password on tab "Run".
Fixed:    for Darwin: Invitations directly arrived in Outlook, will no longer upload with organizer/attendee info, because it may be send out again by darwin.

2.10.5 - 1/2/2011
New:      SmarterMail Support. 
          - Special Characters like  can't be uploaded correclty. No/buggy UTF-8 conversion (bug)!
            ("quoted-printable" is not supported by iPhone, so do not use this option in field "UserID:")
          - Contact Field "OfficeLocation" (Bureau/Agency) will be overwritten with "Company" during upload (bug)!
New:      Tobit David FX 2011 Support. You MUST use "singleget" in field "UserId:"! See forum..
          - Description of events, modified in David, are not in the feed ="undefined" (bug)!
          - Upload of Category not possible (bug)!
New:      Add Categories during CardDAV Import (Contact Sync with groupwares).
Improved: TribalOS Support. Reading ETAG with REPORT-Multiget after PUT.
          - No update of allday events possible (bug)!

2.10.4 - 23.12.2010
New:      TribalOS Support, which is based on sabredav
Fixed:    for CalDAV with "[X] Monitor deleted Items", the incremental sync will be deactivated, otherwise it can't work correctly.
Fixed:    Links like "iCal4OL TRAY every nn minutes" will not force anymore the option "[X] Tooltip in Tasktray bei Import" on tab "Run". Activate it, if you liked it.
Update:   The CURL Special Version was updated to the latest release of libcurl.dll

2.10.3 - 12/17/2010
Fixed:    Outlook 2010 64-Bit: If program gets closed, it will invalidate all objects in iCal4OL (bug in 32-bit ActiveX component). 
          During a Sync, iCal4OL will still crash (nothing I can do here), but waiting for the next sync, will not crash iCal4OL anymore 
Improved: If Outlook is not the default email program, iCal4OL could have problems with extended Mapi. The Setup will no register iCal4OL fr extended Mapi.

2.10.2 - 12/3/2010
Fixed:    Starting the Synchronisation did trigger a wrong message, that iCal4OL.exe was already running

2.10.1 - 12/1/2010
New:      on tab "Google": [X] Use separate Sync Fields (read tooltip)
          Only activate this, if you are using multiple configuration files, and/or did import iCal-Feeds before, uploading those events to GCAL, too.
New:      Contact-Sync with Yahoo! URL=https://carddav.address.yahoo.com:443/dav//Contacts/     (replace  with your Yahoo Login Name!)
Improved: [X] Ignore VTIMEZONE details and resolve by TZID.txt
          This will now work, even if no VTIMEZONE info is in the feed.
Improved: Invitations sent by Outlook are always added into Calendar. During Upload, iCal4OL will no remove this duplicate in OL.
Fixed:    Using external DB for saving sync fields, did upload again and again, the items to the server..

2.10.0 - 11/6/2010
New:      No events sync limit anymore in the DEMO. But it will still run for only 14 days & showing splash screen.
New:      START - All Programs - iCal4OL - Links like "iCal4OL TRAY every 10 Min" for direct background sync.
New:      DAViCAL CardDAV Contacts-Sync, e.g. http(s)://server.com/caldav.php/user/contacts/
New:      MOBILE ME cal.me.com Calendar-Sync (new MobileMe Calendar)
New:      New Assistant for EPL/EGroupware (autoconfig with addressbooks, configured for CardDAV)
New:      New Assistant for DARWIN (works with most other stores, too)
New:      Assistant for CalDAV now showing up directly, if CalDAV is not configured yet.
Improved: Darwin AddressBookServer-Sync. Faster and with Groups (Members MUST have an emailaddress to show up in a Distribution List)
Improved: Email mapping for Gmail-Contacts-Sync. 
Improved: GMAIL-Contacts only get deleted, with identical ID now (before the test was on name+email,too)
Fixed:     - issue for GMAIL-Sync (catch API error with duplicated name-Tag)
Improved: [X] Monitor deleted events... implemented for CalDAV when only "up" has to be done (but not for GroupDAV).
Fixed:    Upload-Filter for Color Lables did not work (always).
Fixed:    RDATE events (e.g  from older ICAL on MAC) can't get uploaded correctly. Sync with Darwin could stop with "HTTP 500 Internal Servererror". Now Sync will continue, ignoring this error.
Fixed:    SIMULATION did "wrongly" overwrite single events during import (if already present and not repeating event. IF-ENDIF structure was incorrect). 

2.9.18 - 10/20/2010
New:      Citadel 7.84 Support incl. Notes Download (add "notes" in field "UserID:"). Seee forum..
Fixed:    Inbuild CalDAV-Server may have some strange issue under Win7 64-bit. Add "skipdeleted" instead of "reuse" into field "UserID", or ask for support.
Fixed:    Contact-CardDAV-Sync (e.g. EGroupware) configured for Upload (only), still deleted contacts in Outlook, if the Import-Sub-Option "as read-only" was checked.
New:      "up asFeed"   for CalDAV is now possible (do not use "deleted remove", otherwise it will still delete events in OL, which are not anymore on the server).
Fixed:    "down asFeed" for CalDAV did not always delete events in OL, which have been deleted on the server.
Improved: EGroupware CalDAV Assistant does now support different Credentials (Login/Pw) for a eGW-User. ACL in EGroupware must be set correctly, for this to work. Otherwise use USER=LOGIN!
New:      For Finding of corrupted eGroupware Contacts: Add on tab "1. Who" in field "UserID:" the word "singlecontact"! This will read the Contacts(!) one by one, if an error occurs hit [Cancel]
          LOG.txt will now show a line ==> Error reading Contact 51.vcf  (example for eGW Record-ID = 51)

2.9.17 - (not public, was implemented later in 2.9.16)
New:      Tab "Options - Startup": [X] do NOT add attendees+stati into event descriptions  ==> Do NOT use this for CalDAV! Otherwise the real Organizer can't get determined.
Fixed:    Tab "Google": [X] Add attendees in event description (body) during upload.. if you use iCal4OL on two PCs, configure this option identical, otherwise this text will be written into Outlook on the other PC.
          GCAL does not allow anymore a description starting with a LineFeed. Therefore this text was always written into Outlook. 
New:      Tab "Options - RDO/Misc" for Outlook 2003: [X] Interpret category as color label (depending on the userinterface language, GERMAN or (only) ENGLISH colorlabel texts are recognized)
          For Exchange you probably must activate on tab "1.1 More" the option [X] Force color
Improved: Google-Upload compares the XMLS event with the new updated version. If identical, no upload will be done (Exchange Plugin Issue, where LastModificationTime gets altered).
Improved: Google-Download compares now the ETAG of previous Import, too. If identical, the event does not get imported again (PC clock issue).

2.9.16 - 9/25/2010
New:      Support for e.g. Chinese OS. See tab Options - Import Feed - [ 6] Import UTF-8 decode

2.9.15 - 9/9/2010
New:      Zarafa Support
New:      DAViCal 0.9.9 Support (Content-Type-Header for HTTP DELETE had to be changed)
New:      CalDAV- and Google-Sync should now work on English/German OS with LANGUAGE set to e.g. Cyrillic, Thai (setting for not unicode aware applications).
          You need to activate under OPTIONS-IMPORT: [ 3] Import UTF-8 decode. DO NOT activate WinInet.dll (tab Options-HTTP_DLL), because only WinHTTP can decode correctly!
          iCal4OL is for the moment not compatible with e.g. Chinese OS. This will come soon, see tab Options - Import Feed - [ 6] Import UTF-8 decode

2.9.14 - 8/23/2010
Fixed:    EPL/eGroupware-Contact-Sync does now support VCARD Line-Wrapping (cut off notes/bodies...) and LF (instead of CRLF) in notes for upload
Improved: Tab OPTIONS - IMPORT: UTF8-Decode=3 => for English OS, which does use e.g. Cyrillic, this will correctly decode a HTTP-Response directly by WinHTTP.dll (There seems to be a bug in VB6 with default LCID).
Fixed:    Gmail-Contact-Sync API 3.0 for OL company contacts with ' & < >   in it, could not be uploaded correctly.
Fixed:    EPL/eGroupware-Assistant did disable field URL after first configuration. Now it's changeable for test with other server.
Improved: Gmail-Contact-Sync API 3.0 for OL company contacts (without fullname) can get uploaded correctly now. Do NOT activate options "Use SaveAs" or "Use ShowAs".
Improved: There are some limits to OL-recurring exceptions (not freely movable - or saveable). Because of this, some excpetions may get converted to single events by iCal4OL (already implemented a long time ago).
          Now it will change the lastmodificationtime of the "real" master-recurring-event, to be sure it gets uploaded newly (with EXDATE's for the single events) + those newly created "single events exceptions".

2.9.13 - 8/11/2010
New:      Gmail-Contact-Sync API 3.0 updated for new Gmail Browser Interface Release 11. Aug 2010
Improved: CalDAV-Assistant improved and enhanced for other Web Solutions
New:      Special Assistant for Darwin CalendarServer
New:      Special Assistant for EPL/eGroupware
New:      Support for Darwin-Wiki-Calendar 2.5 - please see forum for "No_Auth" and "ignoreLMT"  (Field UserID:)

2.9.12 - 8/1/2010 (Most stuff was added already in 2.9.11 - here now officially..)
OnTheWay: Better support for Bedework, but there a still bugs in Bedework, concerning invitations..
          UserID: caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar tasks inbox status reply
Changed:  Tab "Google": Add attendees in event description (notes) during upload... will now work, even if the upload of attendee on tab "1.2 More" is deactivated.
Improved: EPL (eGroupware) - Demo with improved Start Assistant, which can be called again on tab "How". There with checking of names and email addresses.
Improved: Gmail-Contact-Upload could stop with Automation Error, due to defective OL-Contact (e.g. invalid email address with SPACE). New it will get ignored (overread).
Improved: Sync Fields in external DB, Monitor deleted Events/Contacts for e.g. Public Exchange Folders.. do now reset incremnetal Sync for next run, automatically.
Fixed:    [X] Subcalendar-Sync: Do not add Outlook User as Attendee-accepted .. was fixed (again) at 7/12/2010, because different OL version have different behavior.
          It's now implemented for Google-Upload, too.

2.9.11 - 7/9/2010
Fixed:   If there was a Outlook deleted subfolder in "Deleted Items Folder", the selection for the Default Calendar could not work - sorry for this really nasty bug.
New:     On tab OPTIONS - [X] Subcalendar-Sync: Do not add Outlook User as Attendee-accepted
         The Outlook User is always added automatically on the Outlook Scheduling Tab! This will ignore this "black line" during upload!
New:     eGroupware-Demo with entry screen for multiple calendars. If unclear, please ask..
New:     eGroupware-Sync does now support the DELEGATED attendee status of eGW

2.9.10 - 7/1/2010
Fixed:    CalDAV-Sync did not recognize deleted events on the server anymore (and uploaded again). Sorry, wrong optimization..

2.9.9 - 6/26/2010 - Sync with eGroupware 1.6.003 was improved. I recommend to update with DAILY BRANCH SNAPSHOT of eGroupware!
New:      Kontakte-Sync with Darwin SL AddressboookServer (Contacts and Distribution Lists). AddressbookServer can't handle Unicode correctly (only ANSI)
New:      Tab Google (Calender-Upload Sync): [X] Send SMS for new uploaded events - does send an Alarm for every newly uploaded event to your handy.
          Do not use this option for FIRST sync, otherwise you will receive hundreds of SMS ;-)
New:      Export as iCal-File/Feed can mask private events with any text you wish, see tab OPTIONS - EXPORT-FILTER
New:      If file exists C:\Documents and Settings\\Appdata\iCal4OL\NoMultiRun.txt (content does not matter), iCal4OL.exe can to be started twice..

New:      Separate Trial for eGroupware >=1.6.003, which runs without any restrictions until 7/31/2010 
New:      For upcomping eGroupware Version>1.6.003 enter "Organizer" into the field "UserID:". Supports Categories like "accepted", "tentative" (or as additional text in Subject).
          For changing your attendee status you may change cateogire or add text into subject, like: accept, accepted, tentative, denied..
          As "Organizer" you will see all attendee stati in the body (description) of an event
New:      eGroupware-Contact-Sync supports now a general eGW-FreeBusy-Password, if your eGW-Admin did force it (or by default).
New:      eGroupware-Contact-Sync supports now UNICODE e.g. for Hebrew! VCARD VERSION:3.0 is supported now correctly by UTF-8
Fixed:    eGroupware-Allday-Events do use again VALUE=DATE. eGW<1.6.003 in different timezone made timeshifting (add "allday" to field "UserID" for old behavior)
Fixed:    eGroupware-Contacts with only LF instaed CRLF in "Street", did loose City, ZIP, Country..
Fixed:    eGroupware 1.6.002 could contain a wrong RECURRENCE-ID line in main event. This will now be ignored..
Improved: eGroupware Contact-Sync can now sync more fields (TRUNC Version of eGW can sync all fields)

Changed:  RDOiCal4OL.dll does not register itself anymore as Outlook-Addin (more stable this way)
Improved: LOG.txt now with name and modified timestamp of .ini-file
Fixed:    DELETE for DAViCal does not send anymore VEVENT with it (old version did need it, new version do hate it)
Changed:  Import/Export VCARD,LDIF: no support for Gmail.csv anymore (this format does not exist anymore).
Fixed:    Deleted VNOTE's for Outlook-to-Outlook-Sync did cause a wrong message (empty start date).
Improved: Faster BASE64 encoding for contact pictures

2.9.8 - 6/5/2010
Improved: Subscribing in SubCalendar does not steal the focus anymore
Fixed:    HTTP 301 ERROR during upload to eGW (different UID generated). No idea when this is happening.
Improved: Monitor deleted items (mostly for public Exchange folders) does now use an ACCESS MDB (automatically converted from .UID). It DOES NOW work with CalDAV stores.
Fixed:    FBURL (Freebusy URL) from eGroupware was not imported into Contacts
New:      Some special options are no visible on tab OPTIONS
          OPTIONS - RDO/Misc: Lotus/Notes Recurring Events, added by Exchange-Connector, can now be exported correctly
          OPTIONS - Startup:  Default Outlook Profile can be forced in 64-bit environment. Otherwise it won't wokr, because iCal4OL is a 32-Bit application
          OPTIONS - Startup:  ActiveX Connection to Outlook can be kept, if iCal4OL is in tasktray waiting for next sync
Improved: Missing Stardate/time during Import of events, tasks and notes, will assume NOW() and resume after the error message
Fixed:    Label Calor - Force: This did not work in (all) Exchange-Environments
Fixed:    VCARD's with Base32 encoded pictures larger then 32k resulted in overflow during decoding
Fixed:    On window "Scheduled Tasks" the button  [Save now!] did not save latest changes (SAVE-button still was red underlined = unsaved)
Improved: Chained *.ini Configuration Files will now load the first .ini (normally Default.ini) after cancel or server timeout again, and not show the error causing .ini

2.9.7 - 5/21/2010
- New:   eGroupware-Sync with rule "from -31 days on" will split the download task in 4 parts (e.g for 6 month) for maximal 2 Years.
         Otherwise a severe bug in eGW gets triggered, resulting in timeouts and wrong handling of repeating events without enddate!
- Fixed: eGroupware: Changing [X] Select Time Period, using a TO-Date, did delete repeating events outside this period in OL (different filter implementation than iCal4OL) 
- Improved: Button [Enhanced Support] does not exist anymore. All enhanced options are now tabbed on main tab "Options".
- Improved: Circument an OL-Bug, where the default profile can't get loaded. Tab Options-Startup (2 options at the bottom together)
- Changed: Google Kalender supports now BYDAY=3TH (every 3rd Thursday) better/correctly. In the past only BYSETPOS=3;BYDAY=TH did worked (but ICAL/SUNBIRD can't handle BYSETPOS)
- Fixed: Corrupted Outlook.pst may prevent modifying an existing event. In this case, the event will now get deleted and re-added.
- Fixed: Circumventing eGroupware HTTP 400 ERROR. An event with identical UID couldn't get uploaded in a different calendar (note: no attendee info).
         (This eGW limitation is not thought through: It IS possible, that two people are interested in the same event - it's NOT an appointment. The UID has to be changed for this)

2.9.6 - 5/5/2010
- New:   Only if interested: Special version which does use libcurl.dll
- Fixed: Special Version (which does not need admin rights for installation) did not run always, if access restricted to C:\documents and settings\all users\appdata
- Fixed: Uploading to Google with Attendees will not change the body in Outlook anymore, if you do not send invitations by GCAL
- New:   Function on tab "Sync Fields" to get rid of the body attendee text added by iCal4OL
- Fixed: eGroupware 1.6.003 Contact-Sync does wrongly expect ISO-8859-1 instead utf-8 for PUT.. 
- New: Mask of private events e.g. with "busy" by Export ICAL file/feed. Modify *.ini file directly - section [Export] with new line: MaskPrivate=Busy

2.9.5 - 4/20/2010 - Note: I corrected this on 4/20/2010 at 9AM GMT in Version 2.9.4, too!

- Fixed: Sync with a Google Sub-Calendar, did add the event in the main Google Calendar, too, if the event had attendees defined!
         GOOGLE API CHANGE ==> ORGANIZER are now interpreted as ATTENDEES (this was not the case in the past)!

- Fixed: If fullname on tab WHO has a "&" in the name, events could not get uploaded to Google Calendar (wrong encoding).
- New..: A special version of iCal4OL is now available, which does not need administrator rights for install. Let me know if needed (after ordering..)
- Fixed CalDAV: Using "nosimilar" and a similar event (duplicate with same subject+starttime) got deleted in Outlook, this was not uploaded/reflected on the server.

2.9.4 - 4/2/2010
- New: If iCal4OL.exe is running already as "Tasktray Autostart", it can't get started a second time (use iCal4OL2.exe, if necessary) - for security reason.
       Note: If "Tasktray Autostart" is activate, you can press SHIFT-CTRL during startup of iCal4OL to prevent the start of the sync.

- Fixed:   eGroupware 1.6.003 Contact-Sync with Exchange, did wrongly remove contacts added in OL (UID Wrapping Issue on 2 lines)
- Changed: A fresh install under Win7 will no automatically activate "[X] Use WinInet.dll instead of WinHttp.dll" (Tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support]). 
           WinHttp.dll Ver.6 has some issues with timeouts and does not work correclty e.g. for Darwin CalendarServer.

Those two fixes have been implemented in 2.9.3 already:
- Fixed: Tasks with eGroupware EPL 9.x couldn't be synced (PROPFIND does work differently compared to 1.6.003).
- Fixed: Upload Reminders to Google Calendar did not work anymore, if no default reminder was set in GCAL (stricter Google API).

2.9.3 - 3/14/2010
- New: Support for eGroupware 1.6.003 by CalDAV (and not anymore by GroupDAV)! You need to modify the field "UserID"!
       UserID: caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar [tasks] [singleget] [debug]

- New: on tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support] it's now possible to choose the Outlook-Profile. Read Tooltip!
       This will work only, if no other program is accessing Outlook.exe. If Outlook is running, it will get closed automatically, to load the correct OL user profile.

- New: For Exchange Public Folders it's now possible to store the Sync Fields in an external database (UserProperties.mdb), instead in the MAPI-Store (Permission problem, if you are not the OWNER).
       [Load .ini] on tab "Configurations", Section [Default], add new line: UserProperties=1 
       => Note: For the next run, the folder is behaving as never synced before..

- New: Hidden .ini-Option for setting min/max LOG.txt size (see Forum - Feature request)
       [Load .ini] on tab "Configurations", Section [Default], add new line: LOGmin=400000 / Logmax=40000000   => in Bytes!

- Fixed:  [X] BETA! Sync formatted Events Body (description) as HTML .... is now working with recurrences exceptions, too.
- Update: NSIS Installer Update to Version 2.46
- Update: New RDOiCal4OL.dll, which e.g. can read the Categories from store e.g. Registry (for filter fields by categories).
          (Option "Scan for Categories" does not exist anymore!)

2.9.2 - 2/21/2010
- Improved: [Scheduled Tasks] does now show the active configuration file name (.ini).
- Fixed: Error with tasks and attendees found (if wrong info on tab "Who" was used..)
- Improved: Under Win7 x64 a rare issue was found with Imagelists (a DLL does not work as expected) - re-programmed.
- Improved: For Netbooks there are now scrollbars on larger windows, so every field can be seen/changed even with the resolution 800x600.
- Fixed: Darwin CalendarServer has some issues with invitations with moved occurrences of repeating events. I try to circumvent, but better is to delete and re-add as single event.
- Fixed: Color Labels for OL 2003, with "[X] Force" did not work for new events.
- Fixed: Import Category Filter with special characters in it, like "Geschftlich", did not work, because it was not compared in UTF-8.

2.9.1 - 1/30/2010
- New: Right-Click on tab "Run" on a configuration file will now show a Popupmenu, for easier management of multiple configurations (*.ini)
- New: Darwin CalendarServer Support including Accepted, Declined and Tentantive... see Forum-Announcements.
- Fixed: CalDAV-Encoding of ; and , (comma only for CalendarServer) will now be correctly encoded as \; and \,
- Improved: eGroupware can't handle empty Subject. In this case, now "..." will be used

2.9.0 - 1/23/2010
- New: For Google-Kalendar-Sync you can now add HTML Tags! For e.g. embeded calendars or XMLS-Views/RSS-Feeds.
- New Beta: on tab "Google" you can no activate, that the format of the body is read out as HTML (similar like above, but using directly the RTF format!)
       If you change those fields, the format will get lost again.
- New: "Run now" on Popupmenu, if iCal4OL is waiting in Tasktray..
- New: Support for Snow Leopard Darwin CalendarServer => In Field "UserID" write "caldav remove deleted darwin 10 inbox"
- Fixed: Zimbra 5.x attendee lines with: SENT-BY="mailto:meinname@meinemailserver.tld":mailto:secretary@meinemailserver.tld ... will work now
- Fixed: Zimbra 5.x Organizer is uploaded again and always. Otherwise Zimbra does sometimes delete or not show those records
- Fixed: eGroupware 1.6.002 allday event are changed in eGW in time 00:00 to 23:59. This will now be corrected during download and iCal4OL does it for Upload already,
         so Server in a different timezone still show those events correctly.
- Fixed: Using Outlook tab "Scheduling" (activate this on tab "Options") with directly an Emailaddress, the attendee lines still did not shouw a MAILTO:
- Fixed: Gmail-Contact-Sync: Field "Modified contacts since:" was not directly saved into the file (and therefore not updated in background sync).
- Fixed: Google-Calendar-Upload will not raise an error anymore, if you try to upload an inivitation again, where you only are an attendde (limitation GCAL):
- New Beta: Gaggle.net is now supported. Gaggle.net itself is still beta... it will take time..
- New Beta: for CalDAV stores I support now SEQUENCE, if LAST-MODIFIED is missing.

2.8.15 - 1/16/2009
- New: Special option CalDav/GroupDAV "exchange" im Field "UserID" for Exchange Public Folder:
       Together with option  "[X] Monitor deleted items in Exchange Public Kalender" (tab "Options" - Enhanced Support)
       now already in OL deleted events, will get deleted on the server, too. This is still beta...
- Fixed: Reminders (Alarms) could not be uploaded to eGroupware. Now I found a way, to do it
- Fixed: eGroupware 1.6.002 Upload changed line from ORGANIZER to ATTENDEE, otherwise the ORGANIZER does not see his event
- New: If Tasktray-Autostart is activated, you can press SHIFT-CTRL during startup of iCal4OL to skip the Sync.
       Keep SHIFT-CTRL pressed, until you see the main window of iCal4OL..
- Fixed: Contact-Pictures of new OL-Contacts did not get uploaded to Gmail, without "[X] Always replace" (due to changed Contact API).

2.8.14 - 12/22/2009
- Fixed: Gmail-Contact-Sync: the field "Phone other" was not synced anymore (code gone?!)
- New:   Gmail-Contact-Sync: two fields e.g. "Phone Mobile" can now be synced. Second Phone will show up in Outlook-Notes(Body).

2.8.13 - 12/12/2009
- New: On tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support]: Delete Events/Tasks on server, if not selected anymore by export filter (categories, colors, texts below)
- Fixed: Google Calendar-Reminders did not get imported anymore (XMLS-Parser bug, due to changed feed)
- Fixed: Google Calendar-Guest will no be visible again in OL (XMLS-Parser bug, due to changed feed)
- New: tab "Defects" to find defective events (due to Outlook crashes, especially with very old profiles)
- Fixed: Sync with eGroupware only "up" together with Exchange did not work correctly. iCal4OL did try to re-add them again (which eGW ignored)
- Improved: Upload new events to eGroupware will now use a GUID as UID, because a server crash my block the re-add of the same EntryID
- Fixed: Wrong LOG messages for CalDAV, if "deleted" is not used in field "UserID:"
- Improved: Google-Reminders can be max. 4 weeks in advance. This is now checked during upload (and if >, reduced to 4 weeks).
- Improved: GroupDAV-Contact-Sync can now recognize contacts without name/firstname (companys) as similar, too (like in Gmail-Sync).
- New option for Gmail-Contact-Upload: Use "Show As" as Gmail-Title (Emailaddress will be omitted)

2.8.12 - 11/24/2009
IMPORTANT: GOOLE CALENDAR DOWNLOAD is not working correctly anymore (empty/wrong starttime)! You must update! See Forum..
           (Just a few calendars seem to have a problem for now, but before your account is hit - update!)

2.8.11 - 11/23/2009
- Security: Google-Sync now checks of CRLF or LF... I believe, that in some Google accounts, this was changed by Google..
- Improved: Gmail-Contact-Sync with "downall" in field "Changed Contacts since:" will now add already deleted contacts again.
- Fixed: "singleget" with CalDAV, if NO NEW events were on the server, did repeat the get-function (even if not necessary). Empty Feed could not be recognized correctly
- Improved: Option Enhanced_Support "Monitor deleted events in Exchange Public Folders" now can - for Upload to Google - delete events in Google, too.
- New: Gmail-Contact Upload Option: Use "FileAs.." instead of "Fullname" for Contact Title...
- New: Tasktray-Popupmenu now with "Show LOG"
- New: Option for Tasktray-Infotip, if new/modified events have been imported. It will limit the logging to those events, too.
- New: [X] Import FREE as BUSY (Tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]) e.g. for TripIt (allday events, which you always attend)

2.8.10 - 11/6/2009
- New: Export/Upload will now set a MAPI-filter, so not all events have to be read. It's necessary to
       use incrementel Sync (set field "Date and Time last run"), and/or "[X] Time Period" with FROM-Date.
- New: Click on iCal4OL-Tasktray-Symbol will first show a PopUpMenu
- Improved: Exact error message, if an event raises an error during save in Outlook.
- Improved: LOG.txt will now show all options (from tab "Options" + [Enhanced Support], and from tab "Google").
- Improved: CalDAV/GroupDAV with DEBUG in field "UserID", will print the PROPFIND feed (slightly modified) into LOG.txt (for support).
- Fixed: Using WinInet.dll and network problems during a Sync like "could not resolve DNS" or HTTP "503 Service not available" will now stop the Sync.
- New: Import of Palm Desktop Contacts .vdf supported (mark in Palm Desktop and use File-VCard Export). It will now consider ALL fields (see Import VCARD on tab "Contacts).
- New: dba2ics.exe can now filter events by category (or "empty") - only in full version for converting Palm Desktop Events!)
- Fixed: Scannen Exchange Public Folders will not over-read invalid folders from a deleted account

2.8.9 - 10/21/2009
- New: CommuniGate Pro is now supported (Calendar+Tasks Sync by CalDAV).
- New: on tab "1.1 More" e.g. "enhanced options" already existing Outlook events can be excluded for PRIVATE-PUBLIC exchange.
- New: Importing a ICAL feed and immediatly uploading to Google Calendar is now supported (seperate Sync Fields) on tab "What" 1) Import and 2) Upload to GCAL is selected.
- New: on tab Google: until now the option to list attendess in event notes was hidden, now it's on tis tab
- Improved: Integrated CalDAV-Server will now work with simultan access from multiple clients - was not very stable.
- Improved: Contact Pictures are now tested on size and shrinked (memory problem), if by ActiveSync a big image was synced into Outlook (normally Outlook does prevent this, but not ActiveSync).
  An older version of FreeImage.dll is used for this, see siehe http://freeimage.sourceforge.net
- Fixed: Using e.g. webcal:// instead of http:// will now raise an error: The URL does not use a recognized protocol... before ICS4OL did hang.
- Improved: CalDAV-Sync for Zimbra, Yahoo-Beta-Calendar did download again those events, which have been changed before in Outlook, even if not necessary (was not a problem, but not perfect).

2.8.8 - 9/24/2009
- New: Better support for HORDE: Tasks (NAG), Notes (MNEMO) and Contacts (TURBA) can now be synced, too.
- New: [X] Subscribe as read-only feed... for "Import ICAL file/feed - sync against existing events", CalDAV/GroupDAV by "down asFeed" and for Contact Sync of eGW/Zimbra/SOGo/Turba/Citadel/Icewarp
- Fixed: Contact-Sync-Upload for eGW/Zimbra/SOGo/Turba/Citadel/Icewarp.. is now done from item = top to bottom. Deleted Server Contacts are not always reflected in OL Mapifolder.Items.Count,
  resulting in overreading of Contacts - or even an Outlook hang (pointer out of range).

2.8.7 - 9/16/2009
- New on tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support]: [X] Monitor deleted events in Exchange Public Folder
  During Export a file will be saved e.g: C:\Documents and Settings\\AppData\iCal4OL\.UID, which will prevent
  during Import the re-adding of meanwhile deleted OL events. This way no events can get re-added, which once were exported, then deleted..
- Improved: Description Field for Google-Upload is now checked, if LF or CRLF as line break is used. Google Calendar needs CRLF for line break.
- Fixed: Horde/Kronolith did not work with special characters like "", if UTF-8 encoding is necessary (WinInet MUST be used, because WinHTTP does not work with Horde).
- Fixed: Enhanced Export Option "Mark items like they were imported by previous ICAL Import/Subscription" is setting now ImportUID for Kronolith!
- New: The CalDAV option "singleget" does work now for eGroupware 1.6.001, too.  It's really a "singleget" and not a "multiget", and SHOULD only be used from second Sync on.
  It's only faster for "crowded" calendars (test it!). Normally don't use it..

2.8.6 - 8/21/2009
- New: real 2-Way Contact Sync with Zimbra by SOAP/REST (before only upload of new contacts was possible with limited field support)
- Improved: Timeout Window (which is showing up if not running in background) can now be hidden, or the request can repeated directly without waiting (after 60 seconds if will repeat the request automatically). 

2.8.5 - 8/15/2009
- Fixed: CPU Usage could get up to 100%, waiting for a server response (missing sleep)
- New: Suppress Reminders during Import (see tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support]
- New: CalDAV Sync with SOGo (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts)
- New: CalDAV option "singleget" for field "UserID" - USE IT FOR LARGE ZIMBRA CALENDARS - splitting download to 200 events per request, requesting only changed/new events.
- Fixed: The [Cancel] button on the main window will now work, during waiting for a server response (until now the [Cancel] button on autorety window had to be used)
- New: Export VCARD file from Outlook in UTF8 for OS X Addressbook - use "utf8" in filename e.g. C:\Export\Contacts_utf8.vcf
- New: Import VCARD file from OS X Addressbook into Outlook (UTF8 autodecode and support for VCARD Version 3.0 Tags)
- Fixed: Export LDIF file from Outlook supports now two-lines streetaddress (converting CRLF to LF) and Organisation/Department

2.8.4 - 7/28/2009
- New: for Google Calendar Upload you can manually add in the configuration file (*.ini) in section [Google] BodyAttendees=1.
  Adds Attendees to the desciption of events, too - you must use the OL tab "Scheduling" - activate this on tab "Options".
  Helpfull for later sync to an Android Handy (does not support attendees by itself)
- New: Kerio MailServer Sync by CalDAV  (Calendar and Tasks)
  Helpful if you want to sync just specific events of an existing OL Calendar (Filter by categories, colors, times, private, content)
- New: Upload to icalx.com over Proxy, which needs BASIC AUTH, works now -> use "Manual Proxy Configuration" on tab "Options"
  (Winhttp Auth Handshake with icalx.com results in error 407, because icalx.com sends "connection: close", thereby invalidating the proxy auth)
- Fixed: Upload to icalx.com with [X] Use WinInet instead of WinHttp  (invalid header - lighthttp 400 Bad request)
- New: Import by FTP over (CERN) HTTP Proxy (FTP over HTTP), which needs AUTH, works now
  Upload by FTP over Proxy, which needs AUTH, is not implemented! Use export in a file, the upload by e.g. curl.exe or FTP program.
- Improved: Changing of the attendees contact folder is now possible under Enhanced Options tab "2.1 More" for Export 
  Mostly the resolution is done anyway by OL itself - activate for GAL addresses the Exchange option on tab "Options"!

2.8.3 - 7/14/2009
- New: Google Sync Upload - on tab Google, you can deactive the similarity test (speed..)
- New: Support for Citadel - GroupDAV 2-Way-Sync with Outlook (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts) - see forum
- Improved: Support for Darwin Calendar Server - see forum
- Fixed: Upload to Yahoo Beta Calendar stopped working due to a interface change
- New on tab "Options": [X] Stop Sync if iCal4OL is running in the background (tasktray) and does not get HTTP answers
                            If iCal4OL was started by the windows task scheduler, it will end.
- Improved: Message "timeout after @ seconds" can now be moved. Abort/Retry now after 8 minutes (3 retries), if not in tasktray.
  If in tasktray, this message will not appear anymore. Abort/Retry now after 2 minutes, 1 retry.

2.8.2 - 6/24/2009
- New: Support of Bedework (calendar and tasks) for 2-Way-Sync by CalDAV (Websolution)
- New: Reminders of past events can be imported, too (see tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support]
- Improved: Contact Sync for similar events with identical email address, were treated as one contact. Now downloading will add 2 contacts.
- Fixed: Upload Exchange Contacts did use the X.400 Address and not the Email address (reading special Mapi fields)
- Fixed: Exchange-Inivitations with option "Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees" caused Google upload error. 
  Now the MAPI field PR_SMTP_ADDRESS is used.

2.8.1 - 6/02/2009
- Fixed: Demo Version 2.8.0 had a fix Expiring Date 5/31/2009 - normally a downloaded Demo will only work in the next 3 month (forgot to change this date).
- Fixed: Google Sync Deletion of existing events in GCAL did not always work correctly, due to a Google API change
- Fixed: Google Sync Deletion of already deleted events in GCAL raised an Api Error in LOG, due to a change of the Google API (could be ignored)
- Improved: [X] Enhanced (otherwise Default)  => [ ] Filter events [....]  => [X] Check for conflicts and do not import them
  This will log (=> [Show LOG]) all time conflicts with existing OL events, but still import them (because filter is off)

2.8.0 - 5/22/2009
- New: Support for ICEWARP Version 9.4.2 and 10 Beta for Calendar-, Tasks- and Contacts-Sync!
- New: See forum for 1-Way-Upload of an Exchange Public Calendar Server...to get rid of deleted OL events
- New: 2-Way-CalDAV-Sync - new parameter field "Userid" = "AddAsDeleted" will remove those events in the caldav store, which are not in OL (ask for support!)
- Fixed (new): Received updates of event invitations are now correctly synced (until now the old version was downloaded again, and in .e.g. GCAL the old version still existed). This will work now for new received invitations (only).
- Fixed: Google-Sync-Upload does always make a similar test, if the events are not "connected" yet. This will work now with "<", ">" and "&" in Subject, too.
- Fixed: eGroupware-Sync sometimes downloaded an event again, even if just uploaded (did not matter, but is unnessesary).
- Fixed: eGroupware-Contact-Sync did not work with special characters in postal address
- Fixed: Similaritiy tests (Subject+starttime) did not work with ' in subject

2.7.17 - 5/5/2009
- New on tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]: Suppress Reminders during Export/Upload (not for Google Sync - here it's on tab "Google")
- New Google Contact Sync: The country can now be added for addresses in the same country - ideal for Google Maps..
  + Fixed:  JobTitle and Organisation did not always sync back to Outlook (if in #other)
  + Improved: "upall" will now upload even already in Gmail deleted contacts
  + Fixed: "downall" will follow the new hidden configuration with [Option] OtherMapping=1

2.7.16 - 4/24/2009
- New Google Contact Sync: hidden email mapping in .ini section: [Option] OtherMapping=1  - all Emails as #other (see Forum - Help)  
  + Fixed: Upload Contacts without category, became member of all userdefined groups
  + Fixed: Phone "Other" got duplicated by upload
- Fixed: Multiple Categories with delimiter "," (USA) instead ";" (Europa) are working now

2.7.15 - 4/20/2009
- New: CalDAV Sync with Yahoo Beta Calendar (and Tasks). You MUST use under tab "Options"-Enhanced Support: [X] Use WinInet.dll instead of WinHttp.dll.. otherwise it will not work!
- Fixed: Upload Contacts to eGroupware with special characters in description (body) resulted in error 401 (due to a bug in the eGW VCARD-Parser, forgetting to encode QUOTED-PRINTABLE into UTF-8).

2.7.14 - 4/15/2009
- New: Support Palm Desktop 6.2.2 and 4.1.4 - reading of datebook.dat .mdb oder .dba .. see Forum - Anouncement
- Fixed: Line folding by CRLF+TAB of Outlook 2007 events is now supported
- Fixed: Timezone info of Outlook 2007 like DTSTART;TZID="Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien" is now supported

2.7.13 - 4/6/2009
- New: 2-Way-Sync Events/Tasks with Zimbra 5 RC2., Contacts 1-Way-Sync down - only new (not modified) contacts can be uploaded, too.
- Improved: Email Field Mapping for Gmail Contacts Sync (new option)
- Fixed: Subscribing in separate sub folder - the old version of the folder sometimes sticked in the "Deleted Items" folder..
- Fixed: Google Contact Sync did not work with Outlook 2000 anymore (a missing field IMAddress and no picture sync)

2.7.12 - 3/29/2009
- New: Interface to the Task Scheduler does work now under Vista as Standard User (moniker evelation "runas" for schtasks.exe)
- New: Special switch for *.ini under section [Import] => "NoDeletedTest=1"... will NEVER test the "Deleted Items" folder during import anymore.
- Fixed: Search Contact with Fullname during VCARD-Import did not work for e.g. O'Hara or Mc'Donald (escaping problem). 
- Fixed: Subscribing a feed/file with "splitted" recurring events (from previous export) did wrongly check the "Deleted Items" folder for deleted events.
- Fixed: [CalDAV Assistent] for Darwin fogot to put the text "darwin" into the field "UserID:", deactivating "Inbox-Reading" and "Delegation"..
- Fixed: for a short time a corrupted version was online, which did not write the full VTIMEZONE info into an export file or CalDAV-Upload.

2.7.11 - 3/20/2009
- Fixed: a nasty Export/Caldav bug during export with VTIMEZONE America/Pacific. Some events shifted 1 hour, due to a date format problem.

2.7.10 - 3/17/2009
- New: Notes    can now be embedded into an ICS file for syncing two Outlook installations (VNOTE)
- New: Contacts can now be embedded into an ICS file for syncing two Outlook installations (VCARD)

2.7.9 - 3/7/2009
- New: Privat Contacts can now be excluded from Upload/Export
- Improved: RDATE-Support for Oracle, if a sync was made against existing OL events
  (Subscribing does work better - some [Enhanced Options] are not supported like "eGW/WebDAV: Mark events not anymore in import..")
- Improved: Contact Export per LDIF can now be coded in ANSI for Outlook Express (does not support UTF-8 import)

2.7.8 - 2/26/2009
- Improved: On some machine the security warning of Outlook is showing up (please inform me, if this is the case). Now, at least, the Sync can be continued..
- New: an Enhanced Import Option, which does update the UID of a newer SIMILAR event found in Outlook. So this new source will become the primary changing source.
       Please ask me first (if you are not sure)..
- New: Setting the color label for OL 2002/2003 can now be done with a different method = [X] Force, if it was not working before
- New: Exchange Public "Tasks" folders can now be synced, too (was not yet supported)
- New: a different field ImportWCS will be used for CalDAV/GroupDAV (seperated from ImportICS). ImportICS is used for Google Sync and Import/Export/WebDAV.

2.7.7 - 2/20/2009
- CalDAV: Some incompatibilities found and corrected (some events did not upload)
   Davical: no VTIMEZONE info necessary, if allday event - otherwise a database error during upload occurred in Davical 0.9.6
   Chandler: DESCRIPTION in VALARM necessary, instead of ALARMDESCRIPTION (bug in Chandler)
   Darwin Calendar Server: EXDATE;VALUE=DATE:20080226 necessary, if exception of allday events defined (EXDATE:20080226T000000 did not work)
- New Export Option: Time Range Filter e.g. 07:00-16:00 under "Enhanced Options (otherwise Default)"
- New on tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]: Add +1 Minute to time period, in which two items are treated as identical
  Solves problems with Search-Addins, which alter lastmodificationtime after an upload, again...
- Fixed: The Color Option did not work anymore for new events
- Fixed: Linked Contacts without an email will not get uploaded to Google Calendar, anymore.

2.7.6 - 2/15/2009
- New: iCal4OL support for Thyme-1.3-Zend => http://www.example.com/thyme-1.3-zend/remote/ical.php/2/testkalender.ics  (for Import+Export)
  Necessary Options see Forum - Anouncements - 2.7.6
- New: in .ICS file missing timezone info is now automatically loaded from file TZID.txt (necessary for Thyme only)
- Fixed: WebDAV PUT with WinInet.dll did not work corretly with option  "Do not encode ICS Export in UTF-8" (Thyme/Horde).
- Fixed: Window "Generate Order Code" was somethimes behind the Splash window 

2.7.5 - 2/12/2009
- API BUG from GOOGLE: Incremental Sync is not working anymore, due to an API BUG, treating Version 2.0 identical like Version 2.1 
  => Field "Date und Time last run" not working, if empty or older than 26 days!
  Please update version 2.7.1 through 2.7.4 immediately...

- Improved: CalDAV-Sync will now use a different field "ImportWCS" to store the source address. So it is possible to sync now the same OL calendar
  with a CalDAV store AND a Google Calender. Some adjustments have been made - not fully tested, yet.
- Fixed: Attendee Names (cn=) were not UTF-8 encoded for Export/CalDAV.
- Fixed in Demo: Contact Sync (after fresh install) gave error "out of range".

2.7.4 - 2/1/2009
- New: Multiple configurations possible for Google Contact Sync and eGroupware 1.6.001 Address Book Sync, e.g. for different OL folders by category/group
  Doc see Forum - Anouncements - 2.7.4

2.7.3 - 1/25/2009
- New: Contacts Sync with eGroupware 1.6.001   (1.4.004 only with Patch from Forum)   See tab "Contacts" and forum "Announcements""...

- Improved: [x] Use wininet.dll insteade winhttp.dll - on tab "Options" [Enhanced Support], the "User-Agent" is rewritten, to
  hopefully "fool" some firewalls, which are blocking the upload to Google Calendar.
- Fixed: Under Option "Enhanced Options (Import)" [X] Links Attendees with Contacts.. If it is a "new attendee", this attendee will
  get added to Contacts with an "old LastModificationTime", therefor it will sync (donwload) this contact again form e.g. Gmail Contacts.

2.7.2 - 1/11/2009
- Fixed: Upload Bug for new Contacts to Gmail = 400 Bad Request (in 2.7.1)

2.7.1 - 1/8/2009
- New: Google API Sync for Events and Contacts is now done in API-Version 2.0 from Google (Space for Improvements).
- New: Google Contacts Sync can now filter/sync by gmail groups. Groups are saved in the Outlook field "Categories" (Groups=Categories).
  If you don't wish Groups-Categories Linking, you must enter @ in Download/Upload Filter. This way newly uploaded Contacts will go to "Suggested Contacts"!
- Fixed: The Export by RDO (tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]) did trigger a special mapistore error, blocking some fields.
  Now it is really working - you can deactivate following option to get faster Export speed:
  [ ] Do not use RDO for Export
- New: The CalDAV Configuration Assistant is now supporting the Configuration of the inbuild CalDAV Server, too.
- Improved: Until now, items modified in less than 45 seconds after a sync, did not sync again - they were treated as identical (due to a rounding problem).
  Now newly mofified items will sync again after 15 seconds - I changed the date-fields to string-fields to improve this (ImportDATEZ, ImportLASTMODIFIEDZ)

2.7.0 - 12/30/2008
* New: Integrated CalDAV Server! Connect Clients like Sunbird, Lightning or iCAL directly with your Outlook Calendar!  => See Forum/Announcements for Doc
- New: Double Export Speed (using now Remote Data Object => RDO Redemption).
- New: LOG.txt is automatically cut to 200kB, if size is greater than 1MB 
- New: Button for emptying the "Date & Time of the last run" => deactivating incremental sync. 
- New: a little bit hidden, but it's now possible to delete old events prior a date stamp. See tab "Maintenance" in the middle..
       e.g. use "date: 12/31/2007" (enter local date format!) to delete all events, without any occurrence >= date
- Changed: Task field "Due:" is now set to "not disclosed", if missing in the import feed (before it was left as it was)
- Improved: CalDAV speed for finding similar events (without "nomatch"). This was too slow, consuming a lot of time - like freeze..)
- Fixed: Setting Colors (for Outlook 2003) during Import could result in un-necessary upload again.
- New: Support of PRIORITY:1 (high) und PRIORITY:9 (low) for Sunbird. Only X-MICROSOFT-CDO-IMPORTANCE was supported until now.

2.6.3 - 12/11/2008
- New: CalDAV Support for Chandler Cosmo 
- Fixed Import: Missing "CLASS:" line will now correctly default to PUBLIC and not PRIVATE (but could be overridden with "Import PUBLIC as PRIVATE").

2.6.2 - 12/7/2008
- Improved: CalDAV Configuration Assistant supports now eGroupware
- Fixed: Darwin Calendar Server with enabled DIGEST Authentification did not work anymore (Incompatibility winhttp.dll / twisted)
  (Old Workaround was: /CalendarServer/conf/caldavd-dev.plist => Authentication - Digest - Enabled - No)
- New: WebDAV/CalDAV login/password will be re-asked, if password = "?" or the http answer is "401 access denied".
- New: Import filter supports now Regular Expressions, too e.g: "reg:/(^Birthday.*|^Holiday.*)/i" - see tooltips of the fields

2.6.1 - 11/30/2008
- New: Support for eGroupware 1.6.001 by GroupDAV including Tasks(Infolog) => 2-Way-Sync with Web Solutions
       URL= http://example.com/egroupware/groupdav.php/calendar/  (with trailing / !!!)
       UserID (Kennung): caldav groupdav deleted tasks
2.6.0 - 11/27/2008
- New: tab "Contacts" with Import/Export of VCARDs (.vcf) form directory/file, Import/Export in LDIF format (for Linux),
       and as before in the special Google-CSV format.
- New: Google Contact Sync (now on tab "Contacts") can download/upload pictures, too.
- Fixed: encoding problems with backslashes, e.g. \n => new line, but \\n ist text "\n" (Subject+Body)

2.5.19 - 11/21/2008
- Fixed: Button "save configuration as.." did not work for "Export ICAL" on tab "How"
- New on tab "Google" under "Contacts Import/Export": Export in LDIF-Format (for Linux)
  Configuration for this: use "Import GMAIL .csv file" + empty filename + "None", and below for export "All Contacts" + LDIF..

- New tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]:
  [X] Add automatically reminders to timed events, if not in import source.. in minutes (if BUSY)
  [X] Add automatically reminders to allday events, if not in import source.. in hours (if BUSY)
  [X] For Export/Upload (if BUSY)

2.5.18 - 10/16/2008
- New tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]: [X] Import BUSY as FREE
  For feeds with events, holidays or appointments of other persons...

- New tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]: [X] Export recurring exceptions as single events, e.g. necessary for horde kronolith 2.3
  For Webapplication, which can't handle moved/changed exceptions during import or WebDAV PUT (rfc2445.txt RECURRENCE-ID set, with same UID as master event)

- New tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]: [X] Do it separately after Import... this is for:
  [X] eGW/WebDAV: Mark events not anymore in Import with  during Export/Upload
  [X] eGW/WebDAV: Remove events, which are marked with  after Export/Upload
  If you just to intend to import (Feed Sync against, CalDAV, Google), it can be checked afterwards,
  if an event is missing in the feed (deleted in source), but which was imported before.
  This event will get deleted (or only marked, depending on the options above) in Outlook, too!
  - It will NOT delete events, "finished" more than a month before.
  - Using Google/CalDAV-Import: the field "date and time last run" MUST BE EMPTY
    (Use a timeperiod with manual rule AND FILLED ENDDATE! e.g. from: 9/6/2008  to: 1/1/2099

2.5.17 - 10/11/2008
- Fixed Upload WebDAV: No need to activate under tab "Options" [Enhanced Support], the option
  [ ] Do not encode ICS Export in UTF-8
  ==> This was working incorrectly - and still encoded in UTF-8. Please deactive this option in this version, if it was activated!

- CalDAV Doc: See forum for updated documentation: https://ical.gutentag.ch/forum/viewtopic.php?id=28
- New for CalDAV: add "nomatch" in field "UserID" to stop testing for similar events during upload - never use for FIRST Sync, though!
                 (Speed + test on similar events unnessesary, if you synced before...)
- Improved CalDAV: Upload speed
- Fixed CalDAV: Using "Simulation" could result in "wrong" error messages for deleted Outlook events.

- Fixed: Without selecting "what" on tab "What" and directly clicking on tab "configuration", the program crahsed (missing info to show)

2.5.16 - 10/4/2008
- Fixed Google-Sync: After machine change and empty Outlook Calendar, now changing an Outlook event and uploading to Google:
                     The event was added again, because the old event could not be found in Google due to the old (different) EntryID from previous PC.
                     Now the program tests, if EntryIDs are still valid..
- New for Support: The Internet connection can now be etablished with "older" wininet.dll, instead of winhttp.dll (see tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]
                   For Test purposes only, if a firewall or router setting prevents internet access of winhttp.dll

2.5.15 - 9/30/2008
- New: Multiline Tooltips (with more explanation)
- Changed: Behavior of enhanced export options
           [X] "only New, Modified or Items from other Import file" together with 
           [X] "Mark items like they were imported by previous ICAL Import/Subscription"
           will reset selected items to "unchanged" after export.

2.5.14 - 9/25/2008
- New for CalDAV - in field UserID: "remove"
  If the CalDAV-Sync works with e.g. "caldav tasks deleted", add "remove" to delete marked  directly.
- New [Enhanced Support]: e.g. for eGW/WebDAV: Mark events not anymore in Import with  during Export/Upload (ask me first)
  Needs perhaps Enhanced Export Option [Mark events for import option "Subscribe ICAL Feed as Remote Calendar"],
  to find missing events at next import - depending what you want to achieve (ask!)
- New [Enhanced Support]: e.g. for eGW/WebDAV: Remove events, which are marked with  after Export/Upload (ask me first)!
  They are moved to the "Deleted Items" folder.. (after they have been marked with )

- New: PHP-Speed-Patch for eGroupware 1.4.004 GroupDAV Sync (2-Way-Sync for Websolutions) - EMAIL ME TO GET THIS PATCH!!

- BETA [Enhanced Support]: Export now by RDO possible (faster!) - only to find errors...
                           Import by RDO not possible - not yet implemented in RDOiCal4OL.dll
- New: Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll (licensed Redemption.dll)

2.5.13 - internal test version ;-)

2.5.12 - 9/15/2008
- Fixed: CalDAV-Interface did not work with Public Exchange Folders (longer EntryID wraped on second line)
- Fixed: Export of Tasks with empty "begin" date... the "due" date will now be compared with an activated "date period" (for the enddate).
          (otherwise they are not exported)
- New: A directory with *.ics files can be imported (or subcribed) at once: C:\Download\*.ics or C:\Download\2008*.ics  
       (a prefix like "2008" is possible, but no regexp;   Please be aware, that they are treated internally as a "single" file)

2.5.11 - 9/5/2008
- Fixed: Unsaved configurations got lost in 2.5.9/10, after a (single interactive) Sync - please update! Sorry for that...
- New on tab "Options" [Enhanced Support]: Importing .ics file/feed with text <busy> or <free> (with no appointment details)

2.5.10 - 9/3/2008
- Fixed: Trial 2.5.9 did not work (file not found)

- Changed: Google Calendar does now support reminders for any time from 5 minutes to 4 weeks
           (But there is a Google bug: A changed Outlook reminder will be uploaded as an additional reminder, instead of replacing the old reminder)

2.5.9 - 9/1/2008
- Improved on tab "Start": Starting several configuration files (*.ini) together
  (Chained configuration files show up and run correctly, but this functionality is obsolete)
- Changed: If Tasktray Autostart is active and you are closing the iCal4OL Window by [X], no warning is shown, if this option was already active

2.5.8 - 8/24/2008
- New on tab Options: Always directly save "Date and Time last Run" (for incremental Sync) - when syncing interactive 
- Changed: chained configuration files (*.in) - it will now show active .ini

2.5.7 - 8/15/2008
- New on tab Google: Always read NNN events from Google together (50-2000)
  Speeds up the Google Calendar download, but it takes Google longer to respond (timeout problem)... Until now it was (only) 50!

2.5.6 - 8/14/2008
- Changed Upload Google Contacts: the new Gmail namespace (new interface) is now the default for uploading contacts...
  In "old version", the section names could be chosen freely. In "new version", the section names are always HOME, WORK or OTHER.
- Fixed for CalDAV: Similarity test during uploading did not work by SUMMARY+Date+Time, if special characters were present.
- Fixed for CalDAV: SUMMARY in VALARM (only used by new CalDAV interface of Google Calendar) did overwrite events summary
- CALDAV Google Calendar: Tested - and it works - but the Googly Sync API is by far better than the CalDAV implementation - do not use it!
  Configuration: https://www.google.com/calendar/dav//events/   <== with trailing "/" !!
- Added: Sometimes OUTLOOK.exe does not allow an ActiveX connection - in this (rare) case a message with explanation will appear.

2.5.5 - 8/9/2008
- New: Configuration Assistant fr DAViCal and Darwin Calender (Websolution Sync)

2.5.4 - 8/1/2008
- New on tab Options-Enhanced Support: RegExp excluding upload filter for Subject e.g. starting with Birthday/Vacation=/(^Birthday.*|^Vacation.*)/i
- New for my declined/tentative participations: Subject in Outlook will get changed to e.g. "Meeting "
- Fixed for WebCalendar 1.05 Import: Multiday allday events; untimed events are now imported as "free" and not busy...

2.5.3 - 7/20/2008
- Fixed: Google Contacts Sync triggered duplicating the birthday event, if an Outlook contact had a filled birthday field.
- New: Duplicate Remover can not be started automatically after every sync (see tab "Maintenance")
       With this option, duplicate items will get deleted permanently, without moving into "Deleted Items" folder!

2.5.2 - 7/12/2008
- Fixed: Publishing in Outlook 2007 is using SUBJECT;LANGUAGE=DE:, which could not be imported by iCal4OL
  (allday events are never published by Outlook 2007)
- Fixed: If calendar is empty and only tasks were exported, an error occured

2.5.1 - 7/9/2008
- Fixed: Reminders for tasks did not work (not exported; imported only if startdate was set)

2.5.0 - 7/6/2008
- New: Tasks can now be imported/exported in addition to events!!! See Forum...

2.4.6 - 7/3/2008
- New for Darwin Calendar Server: "inbox" in Field [User-ID] for importing scheduled messages from other user (import in same calendar)
  with category=Inbox und Colorlabel=Participation required  (Alternatively you may sync the inbox with a different calendar)
- New for Darwin Calendar Server: Delegation for a new made Outlook event e.g. with subject "Meeting >>scherrer2"
- Fixed: Import of (old) colorlabel did not work correctly 
- Fixed: Option "No Detail Logging" on tab "Options", "Enhanced Support" worked the other way vis-versa.

2.4.5 - 6/30/2008
- New: Support for Darwin iCalServer by CalDAV (contact me - it's beta)
- New: Support of Digest Authentification (CalDAV, WebDAV, Darwin)
- New CalDAV parameter in Field user-id:: etag .. for always checking the etag when downloading.
  But this will result in multiple questions (download anyway?!), if multiple events have been modified simultaneously in Outlook and the CalDAV-Store.
- Fixed: First letter of Fullname in a contact are automatically converted to uppercase by Outlook - the search for an attendee in small letters did not find the corresponding contact.
- New on tab "Options" button "Enhanced Support": for some very special support options...

2.4.4 - 6/20/2008
- Fixed: Chained .ini configuration files did not work correctly, overwriting another .ini at the end (first, or next)
- Fixed: Due to an Api Change for Contacts, it was not possible anymore to upload new or modified Contacts to Gmail
- New on tab "Who": Button [Check for Update] ... in the fullversion you'll see the update-link, if your version is not up-to-date.

2.4.3 - 6/5/2008
- Fixed Google Sync for USA: Recurring events BYDAY late in the evening in timezones like USA did move the events by one day, 
  due to UTC(GMT) dayborder, when downloaded from Google Calendar..  in MET time this could happen at 0:00 and 1:00
  You need to update those events in Google, so that they can be downloaded again - correctly.
- New: Sync with eGroupware (1.4.004 by GroupDAV) - please email me, if you are interested
- Fixed: in CalDAV store deleted events, did only get text "", if field "Date/Time last run" 
  was lower than modification date. Now those events are not checked on upload (this is done during upload).
- Changed: Doubleclick in tab "Configuration" now loads the .ini configuration file under mouse pointer.

2.4.2 - 5/23/2008
- Fixed: Category Handling from Feeds
- Improved: "Replace Categories (do not append)" does now work differently.
  If you add a new category (above), only this category will be written into the event (otherwise from the ICS feed)
- New: Upload categories to Google Calendar (but not visible there) for later download in different Outlook folder (Enhanced Options)
- New: hidden settings in configuration files (.ini) for export filter (regular expressions) - see documentation (at end).
- Improved on tab "Configurations": after [Show .ini] you will be asked to reload the .ini again.

2.4.1 - 5/3/2008
- Fixed: Gmail Contacts in English/French are using a different Google User Interface - and a different (old?!) namespace,
  resulting in not filling the fields in Outlook (download contact sync).

2.4.0 - 4/25/2008
- New on tab "Google": Veritable Google Contacts Sync implemented (with new Google Api)
- New on tab "Sync Fields": Reset color labels, categories; Change Private<->Public, Lastmodifiedtime
- Fixed: Monthly, yearly BYMONTHDAY Events with times late in the evening could have moved in your timezone by one day.
- a lot of small improvements..

2.3.3 - 4/6/2008
- translation improvements and new tootips (on mouse over)
- New: @@reset in body for resetting attendees in Google Upload Sync (back to "invited")
- New: Sunbird compatibility Option will show up for ICAL Export
- Easier activation of full version (liberation file saved on Desktop)

2.3.2 - 3/25/2008
- New: Google Apps Support... please activate this option on tab [Google]
- Fixed: button [Save&Exit] became disabled

2.3.1 - 3/9/2008
- fixed for CalDAV: occurrence exception did not sync correctly

2.3.0 - 3/5/2008
- New: CalDAV-Support for DAViCAL (rscs=really simply caldav store) - see forum..
- Google Mail Contacts without email can now be imported
- Autoretry if connection error to Google or other web based calendars.
- A lot of small improvements, e.g. "last of month" 29.Februar.

2.2.8 - 2/13/2008
- Improved: if Period-TO is set, the field "Date+Time Last Run" is reset -> logical reason...... otherwise "older updated events, which are now new in Period will not sync...
- New: Import/Export with X-MICROSOFT-CDO-COLOR for colorlabel
- Fixed: X-MICROSOFT-CDO-IMPORTANCE did not work correctly (could not save event)

2.2.7 - 1/29/2008
- New: Download by FTP:// is supported now
- New: Credentials (Login+Password) for WebDAV and FTP (Import/Export) can now be entered seperately in a subwindow.
  The "Detour" over Google-Login or Proxy-Login (..?Login=G or ..?Login=P) is still working.
- Fixed: Google Passwords with special characters like "&" or "%" are now working

2.2.6 - 1/4/2008
- New: Manual Proxy Configuration - but I suggest to use "ProxyCfg.exe -u" instead (so this is not needed)
- New: WEBDAV Support e.g. for http://icalx.com/...   Credentials (Username/Passwort) for HTTP, HTTPS Import/Upload
- Solved Problem: iCal4OL is using VBScript.dll for "Regular Expressions", normally.
  This DLL can be blocked by Antivir or Firewall Solutions.. This problem is now recognized and another DLL used!

2.2.5 - 12/19/2007
- New and BETA: Simple Import/Export of Google Mail Contacts - use at your own risk!
  There is no warranty this will work in the future (at the moment, this hack is working)
  There is no API from Goolge for this, yet...
- Fixed: Option "Scan for Exchange Public Folder - start now = yes" did mess up the EntryID, resulting in a wrong chosen 
  If you need this option, uncheck and check again, then use again [EntryID] for keeping the correct Exchange Folder
- New: tab "Configurations" for managing saved .ini files

2.2.4 - 12/13/2007
- New: "Show LOG" on "Scheduled Tasks"..
- Fixed: Google option https:// did not work properly, still part http:// send..
- Improved: Name auf loaded configuration .ini is now shown

2.2.3 - 12/12/2007
- Fixed: "Scheduled Tasks" with iCal4OL2.exe - ..9.exe raised runtime error 76 - or copy protection error.
  After update please start iCal4OL.exe and check for "such" Scheduled Tasks (they will run now!)
- Fixed: If an already synced event was modified from repeating to non-repeating (and visversa), then next Sync deleted the event in Outlook, but did not add the new version.
- New - Import - Enhanced Options: Deactivate similarity test (same Date, Starttime and Subject)
- New - Import - Enhanced Options - Filter events: Do not add NEW events (only modify existing)
- Changed - Import - Enhanced Options: Option "Check for conflicts and do not import them" was moved under "Filter events"!

2.2.2 - 12/6/2007
- New: "Scheduled Tasks" are now integrated into iCal4OL, see tab "Start"...
- New: Start parameter C:\Programs\iCal4OL\iCal4OL.exe "C:\...\...\file.ini"   to load different ini file than Default.ini
- Improved: some dialogs and text

2.2.1 - 11/30/2007
- New: Now, the outlook security warning doesn't pop up any more!
- New tab: General Options for Google Calendar
- New on tab "Options": From now on send inivitations out from Outlook (for imported/modfied events with attendees; shows tab "Status")
- Changed: Aber Sync all Outlook objects are released now.
  Color Labels and the new option above, will show ab directly in Outlook (sometimes a Outlook restart is necessary)

2.2.0 - 21.11.2007
- New: Import/Google Download - Enhanded Options - Filter Events... is now possible!

2.1.10 - 11/20/2007
- fixed: "Tasktray Autorun at next start" did not work anymore (error message).

2.1.9 - 11/17/2007
- Enhanded: Scan events for used filenames/categories can now be done directly without new program start.
- Enhanced: Extended Scan for Exchange Public Calendar Folders can now be done directly without new program start. Result in LOG.
- Corrected: after a simulation, the Google invitation for canceled events was not send (if inivitations are enabled)
- New export option: For exporting recurring events as single events, the deleted exceptions can now be ommited (otherwise STATUS:CANCELLED)
- New handling of .ini files implemented
- New enhanced option: Import PUBLIC as PRIVATE (until now only "Import PRIVATE as PUBLIC" was possible) - even "reversing" is possible...
- Enhanced: CLASS:CONFIDENTIAL is now supported (in Google not visible, but its in the documentation)

2.1.8 - 11/7/2007
- fixed: with SP3 for Outlook 2003 some new problems showed up, specially with the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook.
  Please empty "Deleted Items" folder from time to time - after a Sync.
- Corrected:  Google Event cancellations will now be send (for deleted events)
- Improved: The invitation answers of Google attendees will now be saved in Outlook event descriptions.
  - The answers will be updated, when uploading to Google, too.
  - If text "no invitation" or "@@i" is in description, no invitation will be send for this event ever (but text will be synced).
  - If you change the invitation answer in descrtiption e.g. "Attendee: xxxx  delete", it will be removed, and no new invitation send.
- New: "Deleted Items" folder can automatically be emptied after a Sync (Enhanced Options - Export/Upload).

2.1.7 - 11/2/2007
- Corrected: Google Invitations of modified Outlook events were not send andymore (due to API change)
- New: The REPSONSE(s) of Google Invitation will be written into the description of an event (in Outlook).
  For Option "Add attendees to Contacts and link them with event (else: as text in description)" and
  and Option on tap options "Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees (otherwise in "Body" or "Link:")"

2.1.6 - 10/26/2007
- New: https-Option for Google on Tap "Options" - solves also proxy problem (bug in older proxies).
- Changed: "Scan for Exchange Calendars (Public Folders)" enhanced (before only 3 subfolder steps). Takes a while for processing at next startup...
- New: Found Public Exchange Calendar can now be saved by button [EntryID], and the above option will be turned off...
  This Public Exchange Calendar will be shown at 2nd place in the comboboxes.
- New: New entries under START-PROGRAMS-iCal4OL
  + iCal4OL DEBUG  (will make a debug.log for support)
  + Show DEBUG.log (will show the debug.log in notepad)

2.1.5 - 10/5/2007
- New: Support for ics feed download by https:// (SSL) - please ask me about this by email...

2.1.4 - 9/30/2007
- New on tab options: Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees (otherwise in "Body" or "Link:")
- Fixed: due to a Google API change, no attendees could be uploaded.

2.1.3 - 9/14/2007
- New: STATUS:TENTATIVE and STATUS:CONFIRMED are now supported (for import/export ics files from SUNBIRD)
- New on tab options => Sunbird: Import STATUS:CANCELLED with Subject+" CANCELLED" (Export visversa)
  (With this checkbox STATUS:CANCELLED for Sunbird/Lightning is working now correct (different), please read FAQ..)

2.1.2 - 8/29/2007
- New: Google Calendar List (to choose calendar). Email + Password must be filled, of course.

2.1.1 - 8/28/2007
- Changed: Google XMLS feed is now downloaded in UTC time (and not VTIMEZONE, more reliable)
- New on tab "Options": Update Google Calendar in a different timezone (please test it first for recurring events)?
  (Normally, your Google Calendar must be in the same timezone as your PC, Outlook and iCal4OL)

2.1.0 - 8/24/2007 - A MUST UPDATE FOR GOOGLE SYNC!!!!!!!!!
- Fixed: The Google Api did change again!  Modifications in Outlook could not upload, if comments are empty...
- New on tab "Options": Reminder options for Google
- New: Instead of "AUTO" you may now use "TRAY" for autorun - without a window - it will be only visible in the tasktray.
- New: The PC clock will always be checked clicking on "Start Synchronization" for Google Sync (max. 10 seconds difference allowed).

2.0.11 - 8/16/2007
- New: Alternative copy protection in the full version for circumventing a (seldom) bug, causing then message "Trial expired".
- Fixed: "Load Configuration" did load the Google Configuration always from Default.ini, instead of .ini (since 2.0.9)

2.0.10 - 7/25/2007 - A MUST UPDATE FOR GOOGLE SYNC!!!!!!!!!
- New on tab options: Upload Reminder to Google as: no, email, sms, alert(pop-up)
- Fixed: The Google Api did change again!  
  Google optimized the XMSL syntax... iCal4OL does not use a "real" XMLS parser.

- Exchange Public Calendar Folders are now found and supported (parent.parent.folder search)
- Events exactly on daylightsaving time are no changed correctly at GMT+01:00 in europe, at 02:00 in america, and at 01:00 in other countries.
- New Option: "Mapiprop.dll deactivation". This DLL caused with some OS/Outlook combination program crashes.

2.0.8 - 12.7.2007 - A MUST UPDATE FOR GOOGLE SYNC!!!!!!!!!
- Fixed: The Google Api did change! Upload can result in Error 13 xxx (line=7) 

2.0.7 - 7/.2007
- New ICS Export-Option: Marking for later import asl Remote Calendar now possible
- New ICS Export-Option: VTIMEZONE info can now be done as rule - for compatibility with inbuild ICS Outlook import function.
- New ICS Export-Option: Reccurring events as multiple wingle events (convert). Reimport with iCal4OL possible..
- New ICS Import-Option: Ignore VTIMEZONE detail information in  ICS file/feed (some "old" applications to not write the 2006 daylightsavings).
- Improved: Recognition of Recurrence Expeption (reccuring events). Outlook does change LastModificationTime of main event, if one occurrence is changed...
- testing: I did a lot of testing, and solved some minor problems...

2.0.6 - 6/28/2007
- Fixed Import ICS: "Chain reaction" or multi import of ICS files with different VTIMEZONE's, the times got shifted (Restart program was necessary).
- New VTIMEZONE Import Option: Ignore VTIMEZONE details and resolve by TZID.txt - to read ICS files with incorrect daylight saving data
- Changed: Standalone now uses "late binding" for referencing Outlook objects (Vista seems to have a bug with Outlook XP)
- New VTIMEZONE Export Option: As rule (necessary for Outlook import function); otherwise year list... for better compatibility

2.0.5 - 6/25/2007
- Office 2000: mapiprop.dll deactivated.. seems to crash the program on win2000 platforms.
- Improved: Changing the Calendar will now empty the option "Date(+Time) last run"
- Fixed: Calendars which have not been Subcalendars of "Calendar" could'nt be chosen.

2.0.4 - 6/20/2007
- Fixed for Google Sync: Events copied by CTRL-Drag&Drop in Outlook could not be uploaded (duplicate ImportUID), or newer copy won..
  (Sorry: I did not know about this feature in Outlook ;-)
- New on tab "Options": You can now choose to go directly to tab "Start" after program start.

2.0.3 - 10.6.2007
- New Google Upload: Support of occurrence exception (repeating events), which are modified from alldayevent to byhour
- New Google Upload: Support of monthly repeating events by monthday 29, 30 or 31 for 28. February - those did not show up (due to Google Bug)
- Corrected: English language selection did not work anymore (due to bug in language autodetection, sorry)

2.0.2 - 6/8/2007
- New: the configuration for a Sync is now written into the LOG (for support)
- Changed: The deletion of an Outlook event does not change the ModificationDateTime...That's a problem for using the option "Date/Time last run"....:  Now, using Google Sync (Upload) the deleted events will be always uploaded (deleted in Google). Empty "Deleted Items" folder from time to time.

2.0.1 - 6/7/2007
- XP-Themes Rendering of the iCal4OL Window seems not to work on every PC (to complex..). The Setup will no longer install
  iCal4OL.exe.manifest (gets deleted).
- Link added: how to find the private address of the Google Calendar ICAL feed.
- COM-Addin version: During a Synchronisation, the Preview Window will only work with right mouse click - a limitation I can do nothing about!
  (Outlook does not fire a selectionchange event, when a COM-Addin is running). During Tasktray Autostart the Preview Window will now work.

2.0.0 - 6/5/2007
- The new version 2.x has a new improved user interace, "to conquer" those many options. So it's hopefully 
  much easier to use, also for not so experienced users. The "complex" options you'll find now under 
  "Enhanced Options (otherwise default)".
- Configurations (*.ini) can now be saved, loaded and linked (chain reaction for synchronisation).
- New you can choose the import period from-to (in version 1.x only "not older than 30 days" was possible)
- Using Google Connection "Test" now checks your system time, and can adjust it automatically, if you agree.

- New: The configurations (Default.ini,*.ini) and the LOG (LOG.txt) are now saved under:
  C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\iCal4OL\    (iCal4OL=name.exe)
- New: The copyprotection file iCal4OL.key (Full Version) is now stored under:
  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\iCal4OL\
- The configurations of version 1.x you may load with "Load configurations..." (but need some adjustments)
(c) Roland Scherrer, Switzerland, https://ical.gutentag.ch