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  Highly configurable Sync Solution for Outlook with Google Calendars, iCloud, Darwin, DAViCAL, EGroupware,.. & Import/Export ICAL Files/Feeds

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See also Forum, Documentation and Support for general introduction and information.

Installation & Configuration - Important notes


  • Prerequisites
  • First, deactivate other Outlook sync programs (if not MS)!
  • The normal setup package is made with Nullsoft Installer (nsis), which will automatically ask for administrator rights.
  • Download the special version, if you don't have administrator rights on this PC.
  • If you tested a previous trial or mistakenly "trial expired" shows up, please ask by email for a different setup package.
  • Install the full version over the trial - the configuration will survive ;-)
  • Newest full versions can be downloaded from the customer page (see purchase mail).
  • If you changed PC/OS, see here.
  • Complete de-installation see here.

    Prepare Outlook first:

  • Update MS Office. Latest service pack must be installed (Office 2010 SP1 is ok)!
  • Empty the Outlook folder "Deleted Items"!
  • Never use an Outlook.pst file on a mapped network drive (can't work - not supported by MS)!
  • Outlook >=2010 needs an active and updated Antivirus Solution, otherwise iCal4OL may get blocked!
        E.g. Security access warnings or There is a problem with the ActiveX component of Outlook (Error:429)
        In Outlook under FILE - Options - Trust Center - Trust Center Settings -> Programmatic Access,
        mark [X] Never warn me about suspicious activity (not recommended)
        You may need to right-click Outlook.lnk and choose "run as administrator..", to be able to change it. Restart OL afterwards!
  • For Contact Sync enter the correct area code in the system panel.
  • Recommended: Run "Outlook.exe /CleanReminders" (google it).
  • Recommended: Run "Outlook.exe /CleanFreeBusy" (google it).
  • Highly recommended: Run ScanPST.exe (or ScanOST.exe for Exchange with Outlook<=2007).


  • Make sure iCal4OL can connect to the internet.
  • Check your Antivirus/Firewall settings. MS Essentials and others may block Outlook access!
  • Proxy see here and on the support page.
  • Incompatibility issues (Antivirus) see here

    First start of iCal4OL:

  • If the font size is too large (and does not fit), install iCal4OL: Change Font to Arial!
  • First configure Proxy or different HTTP DLL on tab "Options-Proxy" and "Options-HTTP_DLL".
  • If Outlook is 32-bit you should activate on tab "Options - RDO/Misc." after ScanPST.exe (Google yourself):
        [X] Only RDO (Synchronization directly with Outlook profile and not over Outlook.exe)
        (With "Only RDO" and multiple Outlook profiles, you can select your profile on tab "Options - Startup(General)".)

        If you upgraded to Outlook 2013/2016, you must alternatively check, if following option is marked:
        [X] Turn off RDO/Redemption   (iCal4OL can't recognize Office upgrades)
        (About Outlook "security access warnings" see above.)
  • If Outlook is 64-bit you should just MINIMIZE Outlook (and never close) during a sync.

        (Outlook >=2010 are out-of-process servers, which may cause error 462 when closed during a sync.
         About Outlook "security access warnings" see above.)
  • If you have multiple mailboxes (e.g. with Exchange) or want to sync with additional *.pst, mark on tab "Options-Exchange/*.pst":
        [X] Scan for Exchange Public Folders and additional *.PST files, too and run it.
  • Office 2013/2016 or Exchange:
        If deleted items are not removed in the web solution (and downloaded again), mark on tab "Options-Exchange/*.pst":
        [X] Monitor deleted events & tasks..
        [X] Monitor deleted contacts..
  • Now [Save] Default.ini
  • Now use the the correct assistant on tab "Who" to configure iCal4OL for CalDAV/CardDAV or Google API.
        Continue reading here, if "Other notes" are not relevant for you.
        But you really should read the example configuration (CalDAV or Google), too.


    Other notes:

  • You really should use on tab "Options-Exchange/*.pst" [X] Save Sync Fields in external DB by [X] ADO
        This is activated by default for new installations - please check it. Sync will be faster, too.
        Older installations: See instructions how to switch from MAPI Sync Fields.

  • Error 429 may be caused by a OS Scheduled Task. Never mark there [ ] Run with highest privileges!

  • Outlook 32-Bit may not read .Body (description of events), or get fully blocked (Body Error)!
        ==> GetBody Error (next line): -2147418113 Error in _HrGetIDsFromNames - IMAPIProp == NULL (AC=0)
        Therefore it's really the best to mark (as written above) on tab "Options - RDO/Misc.":
        [X] Only RDO (Synchronization directly with Outlook profile and not over Outlook.exe)
        (Alternatively you could mark [X] Turn off RDO/Redemption to switch to 64-bit internal handling.)

  • If iCal4OL can't connect to Outlook 2007, due to ActiveX error:
        Download Default.ini and replace it in %AppData%\iCal4OL\ or
        you create it manually, adding lines [Default] and OnlyRDO=1 and empty line at the bottom.

    HTTP DLL's:

  • [X] Use LibCurl.dll instead of WinXXXX.dll (see tab "Options-HTTP_DLL")
        will be activated by default, because this DLL is the most stable.
        LibCurl.dll does use min CPU, but does not inherit the proxy setting of IE as WinInet.dll.
        From 2.15.0 LibCurl (7.40) does not support anymore unsecure SSLv3 (SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unsupported protocol).
        WinHttp.dll in asynchronous mode does use min CPU, too - but does not work for CalDAV-Scheduling,
        e.g. for Darwin, iCloud, DAViCal.. (Header Bug with "If-Schedule-Tag-Match:").
        If you can't connect to a server, first toggle this options (and check firewall/proxy settings).

    Short introduction into the way iCal4OL is syncing

    >> Example configuration for iCloud and other CalDAV solutions you'll find here!
         You must read this for all CalDAV/CardDAV web solutions..

    >> Example configuration for Google (API) you'll find here!
         Google API interfaces are far better than CalDAV/CardDAV. Always use API for Google Sync..

    For Google/CalDAV Sync Configuration use the correct Assistant on tab "Who"!

    The Contact Sync will be configured (if supported), too. You should test this first separatly on tab "Contacts". If ok, you should activate the option to start the Contact Sync together with the Calendar Sync (e.g. every sixth time).

    Kontact Sync:

    In addition .. under CONTROL PANEL - Phone and Modem Options - Location enter the correct area code, or even better use "International Freephone Service"!
    Otherwise the plus sign in front of a phone number may be ommitted during Contacts Download Sync = Outlook Issue; e.g. +41 893..

    If you read the FAQ to this point, you should be fine... At least read also:
    How to Sync in background, e.g. every 2 hours
    How to sync with multiple Calendars with multiple configuration files (*.ini)
    Other FAQ topics (e.g. Exchange) see at page top.


    Additional notes..

  • First Sync should be done as full sync - without [X] Select time period, with rule "from -31 days (Incremental)", if you want to sync the past, too.
  • From second Sync on, it's best to activate [X] Select time period, with rule "from -31 days (Incremental)"! With this option not all events have to be read during download and upload.
  • The Incremental Sync will be activated by default (from second sync on), if the time period rule has NO enddate (empty "to:" date). Otherwise - due to a logic problem of previous changed events now falling into the rule - the incremental sync will get de-activated.
  • The field "Date and time last run" is set to the timestamp of the last run (actually -1 minute before last run = security).
  • You may change/empty this field, if you know what you are doing.. A double click will fill the field with todays date => this will check only modified or new items from today on (if they need to get synced)!
  • The result with/without incremental sync is the same (or you mistakenly elevated the field "Date and time last run" too high > last sync). A full sync takes longer..

  • To recognize deleted items (events, contacts, tasks) in Outlook, the "Deleted Items Folder" of Outlook is synchronized, too!
  • For public exchange folders see the section here in FAQ. It's necessary to activate an option (deleted items are not moved to "deleted items folder"):
      ==> [X] Monitor deleted Events/Contacts for public Exchange Folders (on tab "Options - Exchange/other *.pst"):
    All exported events will get "remembered" in an external MDB during next sync (so it will work afterwards...).
    If you empty the "deleted items folder" manually or automatically (OL menu Tools-Options), those events are not present anymore for the next syncs!
  • On tab "2.1 More" (activate enhanced options) there is a option to remove events and tasks from the "Deleted Items" folder just after a sync (deleted mails and contacts don't get removed here). If you are syncing with multiple *.ini configuration files, activate it only in the LAST .ini file.
  • (Note: If you want to re-import previous deleted events into Outlook again, use the button(s) [Sync Reset Folder])

  • Deleted Google Events and Gmail Contacts don't get fully removed on Google. They are still in the download feed for about 14 day.
  • Google Primary Calendars can't be emptied anymore! Items now get only deleted and are still present!
    Re-upload only works by 1-Way-Upload-Sync with active tab "1.1 More -Export" and [X] Re-upload previous deleted events.
    Or re-upload can be forced by 2-Way-Sync, using the function on tab "Sync Fields" with [X] Set Lastmodification time to NOW...
  • Google Sub Calendars must be "fully deleted" and re-added. You also need to [Choose Google Calendar] again on tab "1. How"!
  • Gmail Contacts can be deleted one by one. To do a fresh upload enter upall upnew into the field "Modified Contacts since", or use [Sync Folder Reset].

  • CalDAV works differently: Here iCal4OL has to check, if an event is not anymore on the server. This is done by the flags:
      ==> "deleted remove" in the field "UserId" (Default)!
  • If you selected 2-Way-Sync, it's done during upload. But only events, not more than 31 days in the past, are actually tested and deleted.
  • If you do just a CalDAV "down" you should add "asFeed" in field "UserID", too. (Alternativly, for not loosing modifications of events in OL, use on tab "Options - Import" the three options "eGW/WebDAV", so deleted server items get deleted in Outlook.)

  • "2-Way-Sync with WebCalendar 1.05" does work similar to Google. Deleted events are still in the feed (you need my patch from the download page).

  • Attention: Outlook Reminders in Outlook Default Calendar
    If OL reminders are shown and you select [Dismiss], the LastModificationTime will be set to now!
    This can mess up your sync, if you are using Drag&Drop in e.g. Google Calendar (moving events to later time), if the reminder - before next sync - gets shown/removed in OL!
    In this case it's better, to not use OL Reminders at all - or not using Drag&Drop.
    - Do not download them (tab "Options / Reminders" or tab "Google"), and for new OL events with reminders, use
    "[X] Deactivate Reminders in OL for new uploaded events" on tab "Google".
    - Or alternativly use a Outlook sub calendar (alarms are not triggered here).
    - Or alternativly ask me for a OL macro, to circument this issue (you will need basic experience with the VBA Editor).

  • Attention: PC Clock
    For iCal4OL it's very important, that the PC Clock is in sync with the Server Clock!
    If several machines sync with the same Server Collection (Calendar), they MUST have correctly set time!
    You can always check by button [Test] on tab "1. How", but perhaps iCal4OL has not enough rights to adjust the clock automatically (UAC)! Do it manually..

    ==> I strongly suggest to configure NTP (Internet time, with e.g. to keep the PC Clock up-to-date - and do the same for local servers!

    There are flags in iCal4OL (like "singleget older") to only check, if an element has changed (does not test on modification time). For CardDAV it depends on your solution - email the name of your solution, so I can help with the configuration.

    "Deleted Items" Folder of Outlook will be synced by default, too (may consume a lot of time)

    iCal4OL checks this folder, if an item was already deleted or must be deleted on the server.
    But for performance reason it only checks for items not more than 30 days in the past (events/tasks).
    This behavior may cause problems, if this folder is accidentially emptied in Outlook, or if there are many items in it!
    And - deleted items from Public Exchange Folders or different *.pst files will never be moved to this folder anyway.
    There is now the same issue with Outlook 2013 or Exchange Online-Mode!

    In this case you must mark following option(s):

  • [X] Monitor deleted Events/Tasks.. on tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst"

        The next sync will be done with empty field "date and time last run",
        and every once uploaded item will get "remembered" in a datebase (MDB).

  • For Contact Sync: [X] Monitor deleted Contacts.. on tab "Options - Exchange/other *.pst"

    If you don't use the "Deleted Items" folder of Outlook as a pseudo archive for emails, you may want to empty it from time to time after a sync.
    iCal4OL can remove already deleted (and synced) events and tasks from this folder automatically. See tab "2.1 More":
    [X] After Sync remove all events form "Deleted Items" folder
    ==> If you do multiple syncs, only activate this in the last chained configuration file *.ini (tab "Run")!

    Order Code - Upgrading or changing your PC - How to receive a new liberation code

    iCal4OL has a copy protection per PC. If you purchased multiple licenses, generate an order code on other PCs and email them, too.

    To liberate the full version (there is no way to liberate the trial), you need a liberation code which relates to your PC. You can download the newest full version over the customer page. Always install the newest full version over trial or older version.

    To compute the liberation code, I need a (new) order code, which was generated on your PC!
    You can generate the order code in the trial, in the full version or directly with a special tool (see customer page).

    If you upgrade your OS/PC, generate and mail a new order code, to receive a new liberation code. The reason must be specified.
    The replacement of liberation codes is free of charge.

    Generating Order Code:
    Start iCal4OL - then on the splash window click [Order Software (Generate order Code)], enter your name, click [Generate order code], copy it to the clipboard and paste it into an email..
    To buy a licence from the Demo, you can directly click on [Open order page in your browser], and then use the [Paypal] button (the order code will automatically be included in the PayPal form). See order page for more info..

    The order code includes following computer data: Entered Name, MAC-Address, Computername and Harddisk Serial.
    All customer data is treated as strictly confidential and is secured in an encrypted PGP-Disk.

    Liberation Full Version:
    Paste the liberation code into the setup program of the full version (when asked for - mark and CTRL-C to copy to clipboard, paste by CTRL-V),
    or start first the Full Version, mark and copy the liberation code into the clipboard, then click directly on the button [Liberate] beneath [Generate Order Code].

    How to use an Exchange Public Calendar Folder or in addition opened *.pst files

    See tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst" [X] Scan for Exchange Public Folders or additional *.PST files, too. You can mark this option if needed, save Default.ini and then start an assistant on tab "Who" again.
    There is a reason for this separate option: Scanning a big company folder structure may take very long (at iCal4OL startup).

    Unmark and mark again, to use "Start now (otherwise at next program start)?" for scanning directly the folder structure and mark the desired (public) folder afterwards with the button [EntryID] - which will show up on tab "1. How"..

    Choose first your (public) calendar and then click on [EntryID].
    The folder EntryID will be written into the configuration file (.ini) and the option "Extended Scan for Exchange Public Calendar Folders" will be deactivated again.

    If you want to sync in addition with a Public (or from a different PST file) Task-/Contact-Folder, do NOT deactivate this option again.
    (If the startup of iCal4OL is too slow, ask for a trick to remember the Task- and Contact-Folder, too.)

    Already shared and linked Exchange-Calendars/-Tasks/-Contacts of other Exchange Users, can be linked into iCal4OL on this tab, too!

    If the same Exchange user works on two PCs in "Exchange Cached Mode", you can't use iCal4OL paralell on both PCs.
    It would duplicate everything. In this case switch to "Exchange Online Mode", or deactivate on tab "Options-Exchange" [ ] Save Sync Fields in external MDB
    (But those fields will be visible for all Exchange Users, and will be printed on MemoStyle format)

    If you sync the same OL Calendar Folder with different Groupwares (1-n relation), you must use a different external MDB for every Websolution (eg. iCloud,Google,SOGo,Darwin,EGroupware,OwnCloud), see next topic, too!

    Other options on tab "Options - Exchange/other *.pst":
    [X] Monitor deleted events & tasks (e.g. for Exchange Public Folder).
    This option will prevent the re-import of events, if they have been already deleted, because deleted events of those folders are not moved to OL "Deleted Items" Folder. In addition it will delete events on the server, which have been already deleted in OL (for Google Calendar and CalDAV).

    A file "EntryID".MDB under C:\documents and settings\<profile>\Appdata\iCal4OL\ will be created with all UID's, for all exported/uploaded events/tasks (done at next sync!).
    By the way, there is another "manual" trick: Modify the subject of an event from e.g. "meeting" to "meeting <deleted>". Events with text "deleted" in subject are treated as deleted by iCal4OL (so they get deleted on the other side).

    If you are no using [X] Save Sync Fields in external DB:

    To save the Sync Fields directly in a Public Exchange Folder, you must be the OWNER of this folder (admin rights are not enough).

    Some Exchange Installations have an Outlook Search Addin, which does modify events again, just after the upload by iCal4OL. iCal4OL can't distinguish, if an event was modified by hand or by this search addin. Therefore some events could be uploaded over and over again.

    Workaround: [X] Add +1 Minute to time period, in which two items are treated as identical (tab "Options - RDO/Misc.")
    With this option, it will only upload events again, if at least 75 seconds newer....

    Additional workaround if Outlook 32-Bit:
    Mark [X] Use RDO for Export or [X] Only RDO (tab "Options - RDO/Misc.")
    This option is reading all fields directly from the MAPI-Store, and not "over" Outlook.

    How to sync with multiple Server Calendars with multiple configuration files (*.ini)

    here the basics:
    - With button [Save as..] you can save a configuration under a different name (*.ini).
       C:\documents and settings\<userprofile>\Appdata\iCal4OL\Default.ini is the default (anchor).
    - With button [Open/New], at the bottom left corner of the window, you can load or make a new (empty) configuration file.
    - Or right click on tab "Run" on a configuration file to see a context menu (COPY/LOAD/..) for easy editing different configuration files from here.

    - And on tab [Configuration] you can duplicate configuration files (or load them).
    - In Default.ini on tab "Run" you can select configuration files to run in addition to Default.ini (chaining) one after the other.
    - It's not allowed to share a *.ini on a mapped network drive for different users - can't work!

    See this forum thread, if you want to sync ONE Outlook Calendar with SEVERAL (Google) Calendars by Category, but better use assistant on tab "Who".
    See this forum thread, for Multiple Calendar Sync by CalDAV, but better use the assistants on tab "Who" for auto configuration).
    Note: You can start the assistants from every *.ini, if you don't use the sharing capabilities of the web solution.

    If the "same" event (or task or contact) will be synced with multiple server collections (e.g. calendars) resulting in 1-n relation, iCal4OL must be configured from second.ini on, to use a different DB for the sync fields!
    See tab "Options-Exchange" at the bottom and enter there e.g: second.mdb in second.ini

    There are some command line options for iCal4OL.exe, e.g. to load a specific configuration file.
    Under START - All Programs - iCal4OL you'll find several options to run iCal4OL in the background (tasktray), e.g. every 10 minutes.
    See the documentation about "run options", too.
    If another configuration file as Default.ini is loaded, you will always be asked to overwrite it - OR save it as Default.ini

    ((depricated - may be not be possible in future versions:
    A different possibility is to use the button [Scheduled Tasks] on tab "Run".
    Here you can make copies of iCal4OL.exe e.g. as iCal4OL2.exe in the same folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\iCal4OL\), if you have administrator rights. A link under RUN - All Programs - iCal4OL - will be added automatically for you, too.
    This is not possible under VISTA - you need to make manually a copy - as administrator - in the same folder!
    So every iCal4OLx.exe will have it's own Default.ini in its own appdata path like
    C:\documents and settings\<userprofile>\Appdata\iCal4OL2\Default.ini

    For a "Scheduled Task", I suggest to use the Default.ini (standard configuration file). This is very handy to maintain the configuration directly! ))

    How to Sync in background, e.g. every 2 hours

    With a link from START - All Programs - iCal4OL
    Under Windows 8 you need a freeware to see those links again (paths are C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\iCal4OL\ or %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\iCal4OL\).
    Copy e.g. "iCal4OL TRAY every 20 min." to the STARTUP folder. iCal4OL will be started in background (see Icon in Tasktray).
    On tab "Option - Startup" you'll find additional options to tweak it, e.g. to close iCal4OL, if Outlook is not running - or leave in tastray to start syncing again, when Outlook is re-opened.
    About the tasktray icon see further down..

    Indirectly by OLTrigger.exe (BETA)
    See here.

    With [Scheduled Tasks] on tab "Run"

  • Attention: The task must run without "[ ] Run with highest privileges", otherwise it will not work under Vista/Win7 (Error 429)!
    More about command parameters like TRAY see here

    Tasktray Autostart
    See frame on tab "Run": Select time intervall and mark [X] At next program start? and click [Save & Exit].
    This will change the behavior of iCal4OL.lnk on your desktop:
    A doubleclick on iCal4OL.lnk will now start the sync automatically in background (if you don't press down and hold CTRL-SHIFT until main iCal4OL window shows up... to cancel this). The sync will repeat in the selected time intervall.

    Tasktray Icon
    If iCal4OL is in the tasktray (bottom right desktop corner, left of the clock)... you will see the icon :
    Click on the tasktry icon to see the context menu:

    - While syncing (animated icon), click to show sync progress, click MINIMIZE to send it back to tasktray.
    - While waiting for next sync, you can show the main window (=stopping). Use button [Play] to send it back to the tasktray.

    Note: Holding down CTRL-SHIFT during startup of iCal4OL.lnk (until main window shows up) will ignore "[X] At next program start?".

    Notes for Contact Sync
    On the subwindow for contact sync (Gmail or CardDAV) you must activate: [X] Automatically Start with Event Sync
    Attention: The option [X] Only every sixth time is only valid for background syncing by intervall e.g. every 10 minutes the calendar, but only every 60 minutes the contacts.


    • Windows 2000 to Windows 10 x64 (without RT/Server)
    • For Win2000: VB6SP6 Runtime & Microsoft Scripting
    • Outlook 2000-2016 32-bit with Servicepack(s)
    • Outlook 2010-2016 64-bit with Servicepack(s)
      See forum topic
    • Outlook 365 and are NOT (directly) supported!
    • Upcoming OS/Outlook versions may not work anymore. This depends on Microsoft!
    • Deactivate first other Outlook sync programs!
    • Server-OS and randomly assigned virtual PCs (Citrix) are NOT supported!
    • AVAST, Dr.Web, Norman & Comodo Antivirus may trigger a "false positive" with Generic.Heuristic. Make an exception for C:\Program Files (x86)\iCal4OL\ or iCal4OL.exe

    Google Calendar Synchronization - what is to consider?

    Make sure your system time is set correctly by clicking on button [Test]!
    If your system clock is off by more than 40 seconds, it would result in unnecessary sync of identical events.
    Activate "Internet Time" to set your PC clock automatically!

    LastModificationTime of recurring events (and occurrence exceptions)
    If a single occurrence get modified, the LastModificationTime of the "Main Outlook Event" will be changed, too - but never in Google! To prevent any sync problem, iCal4OL will upload a just downloaded recurring event again to Google... Do not wonder... it's by design!

    Deleted (Cancelled) Events

  • If you delete an event in Google, this event will disapear, but is still in the Calendar with STATUS=CANCELLED for approx. 7 to 14 days. Conclusion: You must sync at least every week once!
  • Outlook stores deleted events in the "Deleted Items" folder. You should deactivate the automatic cleaning of the "Deleted Items" folder (menu-tools-options-more) in Outlook!
    Note: LastModificationTime is not set when deleting an event in Outlook. iCal4OL will always ignore the upload option "Date(+time) last run" and the export option "only with modificationdate >=" for deleted events! Please clean up the "Deleted Items" folder from time to time (see Tab "Maintenance" or use Outlook command).

  • For Public Exchange Folders and Outlook/Exchange 2013 there is another method:
    [X] Monitor deleted Events/Contacts for public Exchange Folders (tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst")
    All exported events will get remembered in an external MDB during next sync. Therefore it will start to work AFTER next sync.
    This helps, if you emptied the "deleted items folder", or if you are running Outlook 2013.

    Special feature of iCal4OL to treat an event as deleted:
    Add only text DELETED in the subject, e.g. "meeting <deleted>" (*2).
    Those events will be imported normally into Outlook. But when exported/uploaded "STATUS:CANCELLED" will be added - and the event gets deleted in Google.
    After upload you need to clean up those Outlook events (with text "Deleted" in the Subject): Sync again ;-) or use the function on tab "Maintenance".

    (*2) Please note: Always delete single occurrences of a repeating events directly (in Outlook and GCAL). You should not use text "deleted" here (=>EXDATE!)

    Does iCal4OL support Google Calendar Invitations / Attendees?

    Yes - see also DOC! This options is deactivated by default (under Enhanced Options - Upload, see Do not send invitations to (new) guests).

    iCal4OL supports two different configuration, see on tab "Options":
    (*1) [X] Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees (otherwise in "Body" or "Link:")
    (*2) If this option is not active, linked contacts from field "Contacts:" will be interpreted as attendees!
    Status of invitations are shown/downloaded in descriptions of the event (OL tab "Status" can't be activated. This is only for sending invitations by Outlook).

    • Invitations (if option active) are send with status "invited" (waiting for answer).
    • If Do not send invitations to guests is activated, new attendees will be uploaded with status "accepted"
    • If a specific contact has a Google Calendar Account, his preferences (options) are used - if he wants to receive invitations.
      For "Non Google Calendar Users" invitations are also send, and can then be accepted per web interface.
    • The invitation status will be shown in the event description, and is also updated during Upload
    • If event gets modified, all attendees will get notified automatically, and status stays "as it was before".
    • An event can be locked - so no invitations are send:
      for NEVER again: above line "==> " in description enter "@@i" or "no inivitation".
      for NOT NEXT TIME: below line "==> " in description - best at the end - enter "@@i" or "no inivitation".
    • Single attendees can be "removed" without sending an event notification:
      Change "Participant: xy <> Invited" to "Participant: xy <> delete"... When uploading the "Links" will be deleted in Outlook and Google.
    • Status info gets updated in Body of Outlook Event while uploading an event, too.
    • Version > 2.3.2: @@r or @@reset in Body resets (deletes) all attendees and add contacts/attendees again as "invited" - only added guests in Google get lost.
      (*1= using Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees will set Outlook stati again..)
    • The owner (=organizer =>you!) of this Google Calendars never gets "invited" (always "accepted" by design).
    • When importing events into Outlook, use the option "Add attendees to Contact folder and link them with event".
      Check this option when using (1).

    Crashes - Defective Events - Outlook Runtime error

    ==> First restart your machine - really - do it! This is no joke ;-)

    Two Outlook.exe running - see Task-Manager - Process List:
    If this is the case, iCal4OL can't connect properly to Outlook anymore (Interface issue)
    Close Outlook and kill the Outlook.exe process(es)..

  • Attention for Scheduled Tasks: The task must be run in normal evelation and NOT highest evelation, otherwise you will experience this issue!

    The COM-Object (outlook.exe) of MS Outlook XP (2002) SP2 has a bug (update to SP3!):
    - Outlook XP start, iCal4OL start, iCal4OL close, Outlook XP close.... is OK!
    - iCal4OL start, Outlook XP start, Outlook XP close, iCal4OL close.... is OK!
    - Outlook XP start, iCal4OL start, Outlook XP close, iCal4OL close.... will result in an error in iCal4OL.exe!
    Update to SP3..

    FastShutdown Feature of Outlook 2010 does invalidate all ActiveX connections:
    - If a sync is running, iCal4OL may crash - nothing helps to prevent this.
    Can't do any harm. iCal4OL does already test for every item, if ActiveX is ok..

    Find defective events with the function on tab "Defects" in iCal4OL:
    - Do it (without test option). If it fails, it should be easy to find the item in LOG.txt
    Delete this event AND remove it from "deleted items" folder of Outlook (or change the item and save)..

    Find single defective appointments (ERROR 5, LINE 6 in DOEXPORT):
    - Activate toolbar "Advanced"
    - Select the category view and re-sort it by "Begin" (Starttime)
    - Defective appointments often have no start date, ie. those are at the top
    Delete them and remove them from the "Deleted Items" Folder, too.

    Empty "Deleted Items" folder of Outlook:
    - if iCal4OL freezes at End of Export/Upload, there may be a defective item in this folder
    Use the menu entry in Outlook to empty "Deleted Items" folder..

    OL2007 without SP had a severe bug!
    - Ctrl-Drag&Drop duplicated the EntryID, which should be unique.. Only possibility to correct this, is to delete all affected events!
    - Do not use Drag&Drop for duplication of events, anymore! Update to latest SP!
    FIX it by doing an Export, then [Show LOG].. check for the last event written into the Log!
    The next main event (ascending date/time) is corrupt (but not an occurrence of a repeating event).
    Delete this event and try exporting again.

    Export all items and re-import:
    - Export all events into a "personal folder file (*.pst)"
    - Then delete all events (extended search, mark all with ctrl-a and delete
    - empty "Deleted Items" folder (deleted objects)
    - Import again the exported "personal folder file (*.pst)"

    ScanPST.exe - a new Outlook profile:
    - Outlook.pst may be defect. ScanPst.exe is on your harddisk - google yourself how to use it
    - Not all errors can get fixed by ScanPST.exe. Create a new Outlook profile and re-import from old one.

    Issues with Addins - especially Antivirus and Search:
    - Deactive those - some are really black sheeps!
    - Addins are mostly written for viewable Outlook and may prevent connections by "only" ActiveX

    Outlook >=2007 needs an active and updated Antivirus Solution, otherwise iCal4OL will get blocked!
    ===> There is a problem with the ActiveX component of Outlook (Error:429)
    - Go to Options - Security Center - Settings - and activate
      [X] Never warn me about suspicious activity (not recommended)
      (You may need to right-click Outlook.lnk and choose "run as administrator..",
       to be able to change it. Afterwards close Outlook and restart it)

    Error 429 with a scheduled task
    - The task must run without "[ ] Run with highest privileges", otherwise it will not work under Vista/Win7.

    ActiveX Issues - Repair Office 2000-2007:
    - Rename olmapi32.dll to olmapi32.old, then run Office SETUP - REPAIR
    - This solves many issues with unstable Outlook! In OL 2010 this is under "Options"..

    ActiveX Issues - Re-install Office 2000/XP(2002)/2003:
    - Something did go wrong during last installation
    - An Update from Office 2000 to XP(2002),2003 may be the reason
    - Repeat the installation, use "full installation"
    Perhaps you must de-install Office first, see here.

    iCal4OL Crashes:
    - Mostly caused by an issue in the MAPI store
    - New releases of groupwares may cause new issues in iCal4OL
    - Bug Free Software does not exist - it may be a (new) bug in iCal4OL
    If you can't find an error, mail me Screenshots, LOG.txt and debug.log to get support.

    When subscribing to a Remote Calendar not all old events are deleted

    Possibilities to subscribe a remote calendar are documented in the forum, see here.

    For deleting the old events, the case sensitive name of the file/feed is used, e.g.
    (see userdefined field ImportICS)

    If already one character is different (@<>%40), or the "Magic Cookie" of Google Calendar was reset, then it's also a "different" feed - and old events are not found for deletion.

    To delete old (duplicate) events, use tab "Maintenance"..

    • Maintenance: "Delete all events from this Import file, inside Calendar stated below"
      Select the "old" name of the ics feed....
    • Maintenance: "Delete duplicate events (if Start+Subject+Body text identical)"
    • Remove events definitely from the "Deleted Items" folder (Deleted objects)
    You could do this directly in Outlook with Extended Search (Filter for field "ImportICS", or ALL), mark all by ctrl-a, delete, and empty "Deleted Items" folder..

    How can I synchronize with Sunbird/Lightning?

    iCal4OL has now a CalDAV/WebDAV Server implemented - you can subscribe, publish or connect by caldav to your Outlook Calendar - see here!

    Sunbird has a "dumb limitation" for import (menu file-import):
    No new versions of already existing events are getting imported! They are always ignored!

    A veritable sync will only work, if you first export an ICS file with iCal4OL. Then use in Sunbird menu - file - open file!
    After working in Sunbird, close Sunbird and import the file with iCal4OL back into Outlook! Export again the changes from Outlook (overwrite this ICS file). Now open Sunbird again - everything is now up-to-date!

    [X] Import ICAL file/feed - sync against existing events +
    [X] Export ICAL file/feed (*.ics)

    Because in Sunbird deleted events are not in the import file, you must use on tab "Options / Import":
    [X] eGW/WebDAV: Mark events not anymore in Import with <Deleted> during Export/Upload
    [X] eGW/WebDAV: Remove events, which are marked with <Deleted> after Export/Upload
       [X] Do it separately after Import
    (only, if you don't export immediatly - but you should export immediatly!)

  • On tab "Export" activate the Sunbird-Compatibilty-Option (for cancelled events and special handling "last monday in month").
  • Under Export "Enhanced Options" you MUST activate:
        [X] Mark items like they were imported by previous ICAL Import/Subscription,
        otherwise in Sunbird deleted events can't get deleted.
  • Export without option "Deleted as well", otherwise deleted Outlook events will show up with status "cancelled" in Sunbird.
  • Export with option "Export Recurrence-Exceptions as well"
  • Export in "same" VTIMEZONE - as rule.

    (Using "Subscribing as Remote Calendar" is not optimal - it would delete "previous imported events" from the same source - so modifications in Outlook of those events would get lost)

    Is WEBDAV (e.g. HTTP(S) and FTP(S) supported?

    WEBDAV is supported from version 2.2.6 on (with Basic Realm and Digest Authentication)!


    • ftp://meinserver//test.ics     (FTP in main directory - use LibCurl!)
    • ftps://meinserver/subdir/test.ics     > 2.15.0 (FTPS implicit Port 990)
    • ftpe://meinserver/subdir/test.ics     > 2.15.0 (FTPS explicit Port 21 = ftp:// with SSL/TLS)
    => use button [Login+Password Cedentials]

    Login/password will be re-asked from version 2.6.1 on, if password = "?" or the http answer is "401 access denied".
    This example is the "safest way" to enter username+password, because the name of the feed will be stored in the userdefined field "ImportICS"! If this is not important, some other possibilities:

    Https is possible, too - and of course also local or UNC files). FTP-Import is supported from 2.2.7 on.


    Note: Not all servers can deal correctly with UTF8 encoding (e.g. old Kronolith-Horde). If special characters are shown incorrectly, go on tab "Option / Export Filter" and deactivate the "UTF-8 encoding" (only with WinInet/LibCurl possible, see HTTP_DLL).

    • ftp://meinserver//test.ics     (FTP in main directory - use LibCurl!)
    • ftps://meinserver/subdir/test.ics     > 2.15.0 (FTPS implicit Port 990)
    • ftpe://meinserver/subdir/test.ics     > 2.15.0 (FTPS explicit Port 21 = ftp:// with SSL/TLS)
    => use button [Login+Password Cedentials]

    The ICS file will be first created in the %AppData%\iCal4OL\ folder and then uploaded.
    FTP can be done over WinInet.dll or LibCurl.dll (FTPS always), see tab "Options - HTTP_DLL".
    LibCurl.dll does use proxy settings on tab "Options - Proxy".
    Wininet.dll does use INTERNET_OPEN_TYPE_PRECONFIG for FTP = proxy settings of IE (except *.pac).

    For use options:
    • Export Recurrence-Exceptions as well
    • VTIMEZONE as rule
    • Sunbird compatibility..

    How can I add another Language to iCal4OL?

    The sub folder "\Sprachen" is containing the language files (e.g. C:\Programs\iCal4OL\Sprachen).
    Just make a copy of e.g. "English.txt" to "Français.txt" - and translate the content with a text editor like notepad.exe

  • try to use shorter or same text length (see also Deutsch.txt - there the text is normally a little bit longer)
  • \n means "new line"... keep those "\n"...
  • @ are place holders
  • ~ text behind is tooltip
    You can choose your language file on tab "Who" after restarting the program. Let me know, if you are interested to translate iCal4OL!

    How to configure a Proxy in iCal4OL

    By default iCal4OL is using LibCurl.dll, which does not inherit the proxy settings of IE (internet options).
    WinInet.dll does inherit those, if not configured by *.pac file. WinInet uses a lot of CPU..
    (*.pac file must be downloaded in a browser and analysed for proxy name, because it's Javascript.)

    Firewalls may block DNS from WinSock-Clients like LibCurl. In this case you must choose WinInet.dll on tab "Options-HTTP_DLL".

    Manual proxy settings are on iCal4OL tab "Options-Proxy".

  • [X] Use LibCurl.dll instead of WinXXXX.dll uses less CPU, supports NTLM Proxy Authorisation
        (From 2.16.3 on: proxyname="ntlm"; User="Domain\Logon" + Pw) and can log with
        [X] Debug all HTTP traffic into the Log (deactivate gzip/deflate for this, too).
  • WinHTTP.dll: Unmark LibCurl.dll and WinInet.dll to use this third DLL. Supports NTLM Authorisation.
        WinXP: use "Proxycfg.exe -u" to use the IE proxy settings or configure proxy on tab "Options-Proxy" manually.
        Win7: START - All Programs - Accessories - right click "Command prompt" - run as administrator:
                  NETSH [Return]; winhttp import proxy source=ie [Return]; exit [Return]
  • stunnel by WinSock: Please ask how to configure (from 2.16.3 on)!

    How can I force iCal4OL to export all events again?

    Reset all export options (to default)!
    • check "Select Period from-to": <=== Rule...
    • check "Date and Time last run" or for export "only with modificationdate >=": <=== gets updated automatically after a Sync
      EMPTY this field, to check e.g. all Exchange Invitations again (sometimes they are added in the "past").
      If this happens all the time, use a rul in "Select Period" with an enddate - this way the incremental sync will be deactivated!
    • (if you used under Enhanced Options "Only Modified, New Events.." together with "Mark items like they were imported by previous ICAL Import/Subscription", you have to switch to "only with modificationdate >=". There is no way to do this again, because events have been changed.)

    De-Installation of iCal4OL

    Download and run iCal4OL_Uninstall.exe to remove everything, including settings of active user in silent mode!

    Outside of the program folder, following directories have been used:
    WinXP: C:\documents and settings\%USERNAME%\AppData\iCal4OL\
    Win7.: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\iCal4OL\

    Check this, too (may be empty):
    WinXP: C:\documents and settings\All Users\AppData\iCal4OL\
    Win7.: C:\ProgramData\iCal4OL\

    Timezone handling of iCal4OL

    By default, all syncs are translating different timezones into your system timezone!
    This may be not good enough, if you are using the timezone fields in Outlook >= 2007.
    This may be not good enough, if you receive email invitations for a different timezone, which are recurring (During upload to a server solution, occurrences will shift one hour, if their daylightsaving rule is different from your system timezone).

    From version 2.13.12 on, you can activate special options, so iCal4OL is handling this perfectly.

    • To activate it for all sync possibilities, incl. Import/Export *.ics files and for Google Calendar API v3 Download,
      mark on tab "Options - RDO/Misc.": [X] Keep original timezones by import/download and export/upload
      To work for Import/Download in older Outlook version, see notes below.
    • CalDAV flags to put into field "UserID" (Kennung) on tab "1. How":
      India - Does upload in the timezone as set in a single Outlook event (e.g. invitation), if different from timezone on tab "Who",            but only if it translates to another Microsoft Timezone. All versions of Outlook supported!
      Indian - Incl. Download! Same as above, but during download only if necessary = recurring events from a different MS timezone!              Only Outlook>=2007 or see Notes.
    • Google Calendar API v3 (but not v2):
      For only upload, mark on tab "Google": [X] Update Google Calendar in a different timezone

    iCal4OL does only set a different timezone, if it's really necessary.
    Download: For recurring events with "different MS timezone".
    Upload....: All events with "different MS timezone". Begin and End can have different timezones (supported by e.g. Google Calendar).

    To work for Import/Download you'll need at least Office 2007.
    For Office <= 2003 (with only one OL profile) there is a trick on tab "Options - RDO/Misc.":
    Mark in Default.ini (!!) the option [X] Only RDO, too!


    How to correct wrong American VTIMEZONE information for a ICS file/feed (New Daylight Savings Time 2007)

    Import iCalendar file/feed:
    Some of ICS files/feed out there have wrong timezone definitions in the VTIMEZONE section!
    For Win XP/2000 this Patch was probably installed on your machine by Windows Updates. This could result in one hour offset between 3/11/2007 and 4/1/2007 for all events (because of the wrong timezone definitions)!

    In this case, you must use the option Ignore VTIMEZONE details and resolve by TZID.txt (read doc!) - or under "Enhanced Import Option" the Manual Timezone Difference!
    Example for America/New_York:

    Manual Timezone Difference:  UTC= -0500 -0400 1SU;4 -1SU;10
                                 TZID= +0000
    (Otherwise iCal4OL is using the Windows-API, which could result in 1 hour shifting)

    If you export a ICS file, it will depend on the other application (patched for 2007?!) what you have to do! Test it...

    For Webcalendar 1.0.5 you have to use UTC and probably
    Manual Timezone-Difference: -0500 -0400 1SU;4 -1SU;10 
    For other Outlook Calendar always use UTC!
    For other applications not patched with the New Daylight Savings Time rules:
    Your TIMEZONE (Who).......: America/New_York -0500 -0400 1SU;4 -1SU;10
    Manual Timezone-Difference: -0500 -0400 1SU;4 -1SU;10   2007: 2SU;3 1SU;11
    Your TIMEZONE (Who).......: America/New_York -0500 -0400 1SU;4 -1SU;10 2007: 2SU;3 1SU;11
    Manual Timezone-Difference: -0500 -0400 1SU;4 -1SU;10   

    Problems with special characters (UTF-8 Format)

    Export: ics-files are always encoded in UTF-8
    • Never modify ics-files in Notepad.exe - the encoding can get corrupted!
    • Are the special characters in Outlook correct? Correct them first manually..
    • For WebDAV Upload (PUT to a web address), the encoding is done indireclty by WinHTTP.dll. I know only of old Kronolith-Horde, which may have a problem with this. In this case switch on tab "Options-HTTP_DLL" to use WinInet or LibCurl, and turn off the Export encoding (tab "Options-Exportfilter"), too.
    If you still have problems with special characters, send me an Email with the ics file.

    Google-Error Failed to import events: Unable to process your iCal/CSV file. The file is not properly formatted

    This is/was a Google Bug ... The syntax of the ics file is correct! Just try again ... mostly it works the 2nd time.
    Consider to use the export option "Split export file ( *_nnnn.ics)" - eg. 200 events...

    Google has a maximum limit for uploading events per day: 5000 events...

    Old COM-Addin Version (not supported any more!): Manual Installation and Deinstallation, Visual Style (XP-Theme)

    Manual Installation for a different User or other Outlook version than 2003 (run setup first)

    • Outlook 2003 different user: Start C:\Programs\iCal4OL Addin\iCal4Addin.reg for adding Registry Entries (close Outlook first)

      First "clean out" Outlook - but do not uninstall iCal4OL. Read manuel deinstallation for this!
    • START-Run: regsvr32 "C:\Programs\iCal4OL Addin\iCal4Addin.dll" (or run InitAddin.bat/InitAddinFull.bat)
    • End Outlook - then start Taskmanager (ctrl-alt-del) and end all process(es) of outlook.exe if still there. Restart Outlook.
    • On the Tools menu, click Options. On the Other tab, click Advanced Options. In the Advanced Options dialog box, click COM Add-Ins..
      Outlook 2007 has a special "trust center" (menu tools) for Add-Ins management...
    • Add C:\Programs\iCal4OL Addin\iCal4Addin.dll
    • Exit Outlook, wait 10 seconds, restart Outlook, a new commandbar icon should appear...

    Manuel Deinstallation

    • On the Tools menu, click Options. On the Other tab, click Advanced Options. In the Advanced Options dialog box, click COM Add-Ins..
    • Delete Add-In "iCal4Outlook"
    • Delete Commandbar "iCal4Addin" (right mouse on commandbars, delete "iCal4Addin"...)
    • Run C:\Programs\iCal4OL Addin\UninstAddin.bat (unregistering: regsvr32 /u iCal4Addin.dll)

    (Uninstall program or remove folder "C:\Programs\iCal4OL Addin")

    Nicer Visual Style (XP-Theme rendering)

    • Right-click on Outlook.exe.manifest and "save as" in the Folder of Office 2003.
      The path is "normally" C:\Programs\Microsoft Office\Office11 (Outlook.exe is in there!)
    • Now the XP-Style is active when you restart Outlook - without any warranties, there may be side effects with other Add-ins ;-)

    See also Documentation and Support for general introduction and information.
  • MS-Outlook® ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Microsoft Corp.,   Google Calendar® ist eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Google Inc.
    iCal4OL © ical4ol [at]