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#1 2009-04-05 09:35:38

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iCal4OL 2.7.13 Zimbra-Outlook CalDAV Sync - Calendar,Tasks & Contacts

This update improves the Gmail Contact Sync, too... with better Email address mapping => see the tooltip of new corresponding option!

Zimbra 5 RC2 is supporting CalDAV (for Events and Tasks)
Calendar folders and Task folders of Zimbra can get synced now with Outlook (2000-2007)
[X] 2-Way-Sync with a Websolution
URL:<username>/<Calendar>      (or use the caldav assistant button with Server:
        username = your login name
        Calendar = calendar name, see in Zimbra - Properties - Publishing (default calendar = Calendar)

Enter your credentials under button [Authentication]

For first sync use:
UserID: caldav deleted remove tasks
UserID: caldav deleted remove tasks=Taskfoldername
            Taskfoldername = if you want to sync with a different Zimbra task folder than "Tasks"..

There is a bug in the CalDAV implementation of Zimbra, which prevents downloading events from a certain day on (always all events are read, resulting in timeouts with big Calendars).
=> Therefore - from second sync on activate the option "Time Period:" with the rule "from -31 Days (eGW)" with
      UserID: caldav deleted remove tasks singleget nosimilar
      Read the explanation for singleget and all other possible options here:
      singleget is available from Version 2.8.5 on - update your installation!

iCal4OL >= 2.8.6 - with real Contact Sync by SOAP (does not work in Zimbra 6, because SOAP is not implemented - it will work as in 2.8.5) - here the new configuration info:
Use on tab "Contacts" the button [Contacts Sync with eGroupware, Zimbra, IceWarp, Citadel, SOGo]
or URL:<username>/OtherContactFolder.vcf  => sync with different addressbook!

- If you delete a contact in Zimbra, it will get deleted in Outlook, too - but only if you activate "[X] Upload"!
- If you delete a contact in OL, it will get deleted in Zimbra, if you activate the corresponding Upload option "[X] Remove deleted Outlook contact on server, too"

Fields which will not sync:
imAddress1      => download works! (Upload deactivated, due to special format requirements, which are mostly not met, like MSN://<userid>)
imAddress2      => not synced!
imAddress3      => not synced!
otherURL          => not synced!
Contact_Picture => Download ok - but will only get uploaded, if it's a new Contact (not already in Zimbra).

- Tags are supported =Category (one only!)
- Do not sync two Zimbra Folders to one OL Folder or vis-versa!
- If you used a prior Version of iCal4OL for syncing Zimbra contacts, please clear all "Sync Fields" on corresponding tab in iCal4OL (choose Contact Folder), first.

Version<=2.8.5 - Zimbra 5 RC2 + Zimbra 6 Contacts "limited" Sync
Use on tab "Contacts" the button [Contacts Sync with eGroupware, Zimbra, IceWarp, Citadel, SOGo]

- If you delete a contact in Zimbra, it will get deleted in Outlook, too - but only if you activate "[X] Upload"!

Limitations due to used interface:
- Upload works ONLY for NEW Outlook Contacts into the default Zimbra Contacts Folder! No Upload Sync possible.
- You can't upload a contact, which has already been deleted in Zimbra (or you get rid of the "Sync Fields" - see corresponding tab).
- The modification date (REV:) in VCARD is the local time of the server and not the UTC time, but it's pretending to be in UTC!
  This is a severe bug ... makes it very hard to determine, if a Zimbra Contact is newer than the Outlook Contact
  For the moment, I "hacked" this to work, but your Outlook PC must be in the same timezone as your server..
- Special characters like "öéñ" in field "Notes"(Body) can't get uploaded correctly.
- Not all fields will upload (just a basic set, which is compatible with VCARD 2.1).
- The Download Sync will sync most fields (all fields from Zimbra VCARD feed - not all fields are in there).

You can use the button [Contacts Import/Export (Google-CSV / VCARD / LDIF)], too
In the file name field, enter the URL:<username>/contacts.vcf
The credentials are taken from "2-Way-Sync with a Websolution"..

If you export a .vcf file, you must use "Zimbra.vcf" as filename (Zimbra has some severe bugs, importing VCARD Version 2.1)!
Please note: LDIF and VCARD can be imported in Zimbra, but NOT OVER THE BROWSER INTERFACE!
See here how to do it: … -data.html

If you have any questions or a bug report, please post them here... 
If necessary/possible, email me the result of "iCal4OL DEBUG", see  (Default.ini, LOG.txt, debug.txt).

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