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#1 2009-05-22 14:19:49

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iCal4OL 2.8.0 ICEWARP 9.4.2 & 10 Sync with Outlook Calendar/Tasks/Contacts


This version is supporting ICEWARP (Merak Mail Server) CalDAV/GroupDAV-Sync for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Distribution Lists (DistList only Version 10).

Choose 2-Way-Sync with a Websolution
You have to enter parameters directly on tab "1. How" in this (very) old iCal4OL.
In newer versions, please use the assistant [Other] on tab "Who"!

Attention:  <user> is always the FULL emailaddress e.g. administrator@test.local
                ICEWARP 10Beta does not respond sometimes. In this case you must first logon in the browser.. or
                you can try on tab "Options" under [HTTP DLL]: [X] Use WinInet.dll instead of WinHttp.dll


Enter <user>+password under button [Authentication], too

UserID (Kennung): CalDAV deleted remove organizer tasks
From 2nd Sync on you can add nosimilar
Some versions of IceWarp are buggy, where you can't use the option "[X] Select time period", or you must use following flags after a sync without this option:
UserID (Kennung) in 2.17.x: CalDAV remove organizer tasks=<Foldername> singleget nomulti

See for all possible CalDAV parameters...

For Contact Sync go on tab "Contacts" and choose button [eGroupware 1.6.001 ...]

For all other changes and improvements of this version see Changelog.

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