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#1 2009-06-24 08:08:00

Registered: 2007-11-25
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iCal4OL 2.8.2 Sync Bedework with Outlook; Beta of Google Contact Api Version 3.0


This version supports 2-Way-Sync of Bedework with Outlook (events and tasks) by CalDAV.

Choose 2-Way-Sync with a Websolution
You have to enter parameters directly on tab "1. How".  The button [CalDAV Assistant..] does not support Bedework.

URL: http://localhost:8080/ucaldav/user/caluser1/calendar
or     http://localhost:8080/pubcaldav/public/Athletics

Login:       caluser1  (same as above)
Password: x            (not used, but can't be empty)

Enter a <user>+<password> under button [Authentication] for accessing the Calendar! This <user> must have the needed ACL set in Bedework (normally "caluser1" credentials).

UserID (Kennung): CalDAV deleted remove direct tasks inbox status
From 2nd Sync on you can add cacheLMT nosimilar
See for all possible CalDAV parameters...

August 2010:
I'm currently working in collaboration with Bedework, to fix open issues. Version 2.9.12 does work already good together with the Bedework Trunk Version 3.6
Open issue: The processing of invitations with Attendee-Status-Change, can't work yet (bugs in Bedework).
                  This will be implemented similar to the approach for Darwin CalendarServer, see


Google Contacts API Version 3.0 can now be activated for [Google Contact Sync] - see the red option at the top of this sub window.
But the new Browser Interface of Gmail Contacts is not yet online (only the new field Birthday). So I had to guess a little bit, how to implement correctly the new structuredName and structuredAddress.. 
Therefore I strongly suggest, to use this only for testing! It's BETA (and Google is still working on several aspects of this new API).


- Beside that, iCal4OL now supports the conversion of X.400 Exchange addresses. The "real" email address can now be synced with Google, eGW, Zimbra, IceWarp..

For all other changes and improvements of this version see Changelog.




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