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#1 2009-09-16 08:16:41

Registered: 2007-11-25
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iCal4OL 2.8.7 Fix for Kronolith; monitor deleted events in Public Folders

Please read the Changelog (English/German), too

This is just a minor maintenance release:

- Probably in all versions of 2.8.x the upload of special charactes like "öäü" did not work anymore for Horde/Kronolith.
  See for updated documentation (and perhaps you want to read
  the bug report/topic in GERMAN )

- A new option for monitoring deleted events of Exchange Public Folders was implemented (see tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support])
  Of course, you have to activate the Exchange Support on tab "Options", too (see FAQ for explanation).

  During Export, a file with all exported UID is generated/appended. This file will be loaded at next Import,
  to determine meanwhile deleted events in OL!
  This is preventing the re-import of already deleted events (as you know: deleted events of public folders are not moved to the "Deleted Items" folder of OL).
  The file name is the <EntryID>.UID of the folder (see LOG.txt after activating Exchange Support), and stored under
  c:\documents and settings\<profile>\Appdata\iCal4OL\
  Delete this file, if you need to import previously removed events again.

Update iCal4OL Version 2.9.0:
In later releases this was improved for Google Calendar => it will remove in GCAL now deleted exchange events, too.
For CalDAV you need to add in Field UserID (Kennung): exchange .... in addition, then it will remove on server deleted exchange events, too.



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