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#1 2009-10-21 15:29:49

Registered: 2007-11-25
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iCal4OL 2.8.9 CalDAV-Sync with CommuniGate Pro / Hatch a Feed to GCAL

Please read the Changelog (English/German) for all changes...

CommuniGate Pro CalDAV-Sync (Calendar & Tasks) with Outlook
1) Tab "Who": Enter exact same name, email, timezone as used in cgate

2) You must activate on tab "Options" under the button [Enhanced Support]
[X] Use Wininet.dll instead of Winhttp.dll
because Winhttp can not handle two different posibilities for authorization at the same time (BASIC REALM and DIGEST AUTH)... resulting sometimes in blocked requests (CommuniGate offers both methods at the same time - I did not find/search for a possibility to limit this in cgate to BASIC REALM only...).

3) Tab "What": [X] 2-Way Synchronization with Web Solutions

4) Tab "How"
(Kalender1 => change to the name of your cgate-test-calendarfolder, it's case sensitive)
(see cgate caldav doc for url, if https is used...should work, too)

PORT: This depends on your setup - normally 8100
otherwise try

Login: username
PW: password
under [Authorization] enter username & password, too!

UserID: caldav deleted remove SingleExceptions tasks=Aufgaben
(Aufgaben => change to the name of your  cgate-test-tasksfolder, it's case sensitive)
=> from 2nd Sync on, add: cacheLMT nosimilar

Select your Outlook-Tasksfolder below... and your Outlook-Calendarfolder...
Note: The button [Test] does not work correctly for cgate!
         The Trial will not sync events more than 31 days in the future (do not activate time period)

5) Tab "Start": Start the Sync here...

Limitations and Remarks
- cgate does not support moved or modified exceptions of repeating events (only deleted exceptions are supported).
iCal4OL will therefore change those exceptions to single events in Outlook (=> "SingleExceptions" in field UserID!)... to be able to sync those occurrences, too!

- Never sync the same Outlook-Calendarfolder with two different cgate-folders, if they have the same name!
  ==>Same URL !!
  Use on tab "Sync Fields" the function to delete all sync fields in those OL folders, before syncing with a different login!
  Use this function before de-install, too!

- Please read the doc for CalDAV:
- Please read the doc for the field "Date and Time last run" => Incremental Sync


Hatch a Feed up to Google Calendar 

Meaning: Import a Feed in Outlook - "read only" or "sync against existing events" - and immediately upload to Google Calendar, too.
Make an additional configuration file with the button [Save configuration as...], if needed...

New in iCal4OL 2.10.1: on tab "Google" you can now directly activate the third UID-Set!

Look for configuration at those pictures - do not change anything else than your Feed URL, the category name, your Gmail address and of course the Calendar selections:

If you do not activate the option "[X] Subscribe as read-only feed", you have to "control" the events not anymore in the feed (so they get deleted in OL) with following options:
   Look on tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support] and activate:
   [X] eGW/WebDAV: Mark events not anymore in Import with <Deleted> during Export/Upload
   [X] eGW/WebDAV: Remove events, which are marked with <Deleted> after Export/Upload
         [X] Do it directly after Import

All events in the feed are given a category "Study" (Studium) during Import; and this is the filter for uploading, together with the other options
[X] Only export event from same import-file again  ==> this MUST be activated (to activate a third UID-Set)!

Because GCAL does replace the UID of events, iCal4OL does use here a third set of sync fields (ImportGCS/ImportGID) - which is not compatible with the normal 1/2-Way-Sync with Google Calendar (ImportICS/ImportUID)!

UID-Sets of iCal4OL:
- first (ImportICS/ImportUID): for ICAL-Feeds AND(!) Google Calendar
- second (ImportWCS/ImportWID): for CalDAV-Interface
- third (ImportGCS/ImportGID): only with option [X] Only export event from same import-file again as explained here!

To see those (and other) userdefined Mapi-Sync-Fields in Outlook, activate the "Enhanced" Toolbar and make a new VIEW (best from category view)...



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