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#1 2009-10-23 10:22:08

New member
Registered: 2009-10-23
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Exporting categories from Palm Desktop into separate Google Calendars

I'm trying to export/convert all entries in my Palm Desktop calender (approx 5 years) divived into six categories/colors to six seperate Google calendars. I've succeeded using Goosync (paid) but it only syncs 1 year back.

Can your software help me convert my whole calendar this way?

Since Google can import iCal I think I simply need each category in its own ical file.

I don't use or own Outlook  - I've always used Palm Desktop (and now - buying a Palm Pre - switching too Google calendar and perhaps Sunbird).

Thanks in advance for your time!

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#2 2009-10-23 12:46:52

Registered: 2007-11-25
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Re: Exporting categories from Palm Desktop into separate Google Calendars


No Outlook installed... and dba2ics.exe does not (for the moment) offer a filter possibility by category.

If it's ok for you..., to pay EUR 15.-- for a licence of iCal4OL, I will implement the filter possibility in dba2ics.exe directly, which comes together with the full version of iCal4OL.
Of course, with money back guarantee, if the generated iCalendar.ics files can't get properly imported into Google.
I tested it successfully, but..
- the Google Calendar MUST be in the same timezone  (otherwise timed repeating events will shift over daylightsaving date).
- in the past the import routine of Google Calendar had problems with very large ics-files... So perhaps I have to implement in addition a splitting function.
...let me know by mail!

Here for other readers, how this can be done with iCal4OL (Outlook installed), even in Demo (see demo restriction on Download Page)

==> dba2ics.exe is now Freeware, see

You will need 7 configuration files (*.ini)

Default.ini (default configuration):
- Do here ONLY the import from Palm Desktop - Sync against existing events in Outlook
- File to import: ...\Documents\Palm OS Desktop\Roland\datebook\DateBook.mdb

Now make 6 different *.ini with the button [Save configuration as...], named cat1.ini, cat2.ini, aso..
After they are configured (see below), and you re-loaded Default.ini (use tab "configuration" to re-load *.ini by doubleclick), you can activate those cat?.ini on tab "Start" to run one after another... after Default.ini itself!

Please note: I give here a more complex configuration for CalDAV! With the CalDAV-Interface it's possible to repeat the run. With the normal "1-Way-Google Upload Sync" this is not possible. GCAL replaces the UID's of events (this is my most criticized behavior of GCAL => it's not rfc2445.txt conform, which states explicitly, that an event must have a permanent unique ID for the whole lifespan).
The CalDAV-Interface in iCal4OL uses a different set of Sync Fields - so no problem with this here! (Actually the record-no of the datebook is used as UID - Palm does not support UID's at all...)

cat1.ini (do the same for every different category in cat2.ini, cat3.ini...):

What: [X] 2-Way-Sync with a Web Solution

URL example:<calid>/events/
To find out the <calid> you could shortly switch to 1-Way-Sync with Google and [Choose Calender] to see this in the field "UserID", or
you could go in the GCAL Browserinterface under "Configuration" - choose sub-calendar - and look on line "Calendar Address:" ... 
At the end of this line the <calid> is in parenthesis e.g.  (Calendar-ID:

UserID: Caldav Up
[X] Use Enhanced Options (Otherwise default)

on "1.1 More":
- Choose categories....: category1name  ..enter your real category!
  For empty (unfiled) category you have to exclude ALL other categories like this: -cat1;cat2;cat3;cat4;cat5;cat6
- [X] Deleted as well => only if you repeat the run, deleted events in datebook will get deleted in GCAL, too!

This should do the trick wink
CalDAV Doc:
PALM Doc...:



#3 2009-10-23 22:16:57

New member
Registered: 2009-10-23
Posts: 2

Re: Exporting categories from Palm Desktop into separate Google Calendars

Thanks _very_ much for providing me with an updated version of DBA2ICS.EXE that imports the DATEBOOK.MDB-file and converts/outputs the chosen category to an ICS file for easy import into Google or whatever! - worked great smile I'm recommending this to my Palm friends.

I've now migrated to Google Calendar even before owning a Pre. Contacts I had converted (over 1500 in 9 categories) using , but perhaps my friends will not need to pay for if your software can convert contacts in categories too! smile

Thanks again! - much appreciated.



#4 2009-10-25 08:37:35

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1524

Re: Exporting categories from Palm Desktop into separate Google Calendars

"With" an Outlook installation, it's possible to migrate Palm-Desktop-Contacts with the help of iCal4OL wink

1) Mark Contacts in Palm Desktop, then export them using FILE - VCARD EXPORT
2) Import Contacts into Outlook, using the VCARD-Import-Function on tab "Contacts" in iCal4OL (choose overwrite existing contacts).
3) If you want to group Contacts in Gmail, add now those groups (same text as categories) directly in the browser interface of Gmail.
4) Now use the Google-Contact-Sync-Button on tab "Contacts", and do just an upload to Gmail.

Note: I patched iCal4OL Version 2.8.9 today (officially it will be in 2.8.10), to support ALL fields, including the contact picture from Palm Desktop (the VCard-Format of Palm Desktop is a little bit different than from other programs. Userdefined fields and the 2nd IMPP will get listed in the Contact-Notes of OL/Gmail).



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