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#1 2009-11-06 09:40:31

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iCal4OL 2.8.10 Faster Export/Upload with marked "[X] time period" + from-date

Please read the Changelog (English/German) for all changes...

This release can export/upload events faster, if..

[X] Time Period with  <rule>  from: <date> is marked:
E.g. using the rule "from now.." or "from -31 days.." (best choices!) will now restrict the items, resulting in faster export/upload.
=> I strongly suggest, you use one of those rules for CalDAV-Sync (2-Way-Sync with a Websolution)
=> Note: a "to-date" (enddate) will deactivate the incremental Sync, see

If incremental Sync is active => Field "Date and Time last run" is set:
Incremental Sync with Google Calendar, WebCalendar or "Export by modification time" will now restrict the items, too (or further).
=> Note: For CalDAV, this will only get activated, if "deleted remove" is NOT in the field "UserID" (German "Kennung")!
(Otherwise deleted events in the websolution wouldn't get recognized)

Updated 11/9/2009 with:
New Gmail-Contact-Upload-Option: [X] Use "FileAs" as Gmail Contact Title

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