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#1 2010-01-16 09:52:18

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1524

iCal4OL 2.8.15 a few new options, some fixes..

Please read the Changelog (English/German)...

- There was an issue with invisible events in eGroupware 1.6.002 (not 1.6.001): After a second upload, an event got invisible (.002 needs an attendee line for the organizer, too).
- And I found now a way to upload reminders to eGroupware 1.6.00x
- Keep in mind for eGroupware 1.6.00x, that only events not older than 31 days are downloaded => Use [X] Time Period Rule: from -31 days (incremental)

- There are new command lines for CalDAV/GroupDAV-Sync (Sync with a web solution), for the field "UserID:"

  singleget  => ok, its already "old" but very usefull.. and probably faster, and will probably work with "unkown CalDAV providers"
                      (using Propfind+Report-multiget, instead of  Report-calendar-query +comp-filter [+time-range])

  debug      => will show a lot of XMLS in the LOG.txt - very useful for me ) support wink
  exchange  => BETA!
                       Together with [X] Monitor deleted events in Exchange Public Calendars (tab Options-Enhanced Support), this
                       will now delete events on the server, if already deleted in Outlook.
                       => If you reset the Sync-Fields, keep in mind, that you will have to delete following file, too:
                            C:\Documents and Settings\<Profile>\Appdata\iCal4OL\xxxxxxxxxEntryIDFolderxxxxxxxxxx.UID  (all UID, which have been uploaded before)

- New: If Tasktray-Autostart is activated, you can press SHIFT-CTRL during startup of iCal4OL to skip the Sync (and just show the configuration).
          ==> Keep SHIFT-CTRL pressed, until you see the main window of iCal4OL.



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