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#1 2010-01-23 12:02:10

Registered: 2007-11-25
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iCal4OL 2.9.0 Google Calendar with HTML, Snow Leopard CalendarServer Support

Please read the Changelog (English/German)...

New: "Run now" on Popupmenu, if iCal4OL is waiting in the tasktray!

New for Google Calendar
It's now possible, to use <HTML> tags in Outlook fields SUBJECT and BODY (description). Very useful for Google embedded calendars or RSS-Feeds!
Take care not to modify those two fields in the Google-Calendar-Browserinterface, otherwise the formatting gets lost!

The content is uploaded as html, if one of the following tags is encountered:

   <a href=..>
   (Line Break for Summary / Zeilenumbruch für Betreff!)
   <ol>   (Intend left with additinal emtpy line above and below /  Einschub eines Absatzes mit oben/unten zusätzlicher Leerzeile)
   <img src=..>

other tags may work, too

In addition, there is now an option on tab [Google]
[X] BETA! Sync formatted Events Body (description) as HTML
With this the RTF-Body is interpreted directly as HTML!

Please note: If during download you'll find "html left overs" as real text in BODY, make a screenshot and mail it to me..

Now the Snow Leopard CalendarServer 10 is supported
use in Field "UserID": caldav remove deleted darwin 10 inbox

There is already a newer version available, with very nice enhancements. See here for DOC:

General CalDAV Doc:

There are some bug fixes for Zimbra 5.x and eGroupware 1.6.002 in this release, too (see Changelog).



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