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#1 2010-08-11 12:15:20

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iCal4OL 2.9.13 Gmail-Contact-Sync Update + enhanced/improved CalDAV Assistant

See Changelog (English/German) for latest changes.

Today, the new Gmail Browser-Interface for Contacts was released by Google (at least in German).
So I updated the Gmail-Contact-Sync. It will now support all new fields.
Of course, you have to activate [X] Use Google API Version 3.0 (released) at the top of the Gmail-Contact-Sync-Window.

=> For correct handling of company addresses WITHOUT a fullname, please deactivate both options:
[  ] Use "SaveAs" for Gmail Title
[  ] Use "ShowAs" for Gmail Title
I updated 2.9.13 on 12. Aug 2010... so perhaps you will need to download again the latest version (and install it over previous version).
For uploading all OL events again to Gmail, enter into the field "Modified Contacts since:" upall upnew

This version comes with enhanced/improved CalDAV-Assistant, too.
For Darwin CalendarServer and EPL/eGroupware there are now inbuild multi-calendar-configuration assistants (beta - please let me know, if something is not working).

Darwin CalendarServer 2.5 does now support Wiki-Calendars. But there are two bugs, which need to be circumvented.
See how to use:

E.g. field "URL": <== with trailing /
         "UserID": caldav darwin 10 deleted remove inbox status nosimilar no_auth ignoreLMT

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