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#1 2010-09-25 15:24:37

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iCal4OL 2.9.18 (Support for e.g. Chinese Windows OS since 2.9.16)

- Support for Citadel 7.84 added (notes can be downloaded, but not uploaded)
- Some bug fixes and improvements, see Changelog (English/German)

Some more options implemented:
[X] Interpret category as color label.. for Outlook 2003 (Options - RDO/Misc.)
[X] do NOT add attendees+stati into event descriptions (Options - Startup) - do not use this for CalDAV, if you use Darwin CalendarServer or word "organizer" in field "UserID"!

Since 2.9.16: Correct handling of non English/Latin based OS Languages, like Chinese Win OS.

Tab "Options", sub-tab "Import Feed":

[ 6] Import UTF-8 decode .....needed for non English/Latin OS!
This will read, write, receive and send all data as Byte Array (e.g. Dim bArray() as Byte).
UTF-8 encoding/decoding is done by declared Functions "WideCharToMultiByte" and "MultiByteToWideChar"!
Chinese OS can't handle CHR() codes between Ansi 128 to 255! Most of those CHR() are invalid - therefore it's not possible to store an UTF-8 string in a VB6-String (BSTR) directly.
And there is an issue with strconv() on chinese OS. This function does not support UNICODE 4.0 - therefore UTF-8 three-bytes characters > 0xE80000 can't be mapped into a string. Most VB6 code example in the internet do not take in account of this (Chinese) OS limitations.

[ 5] Import UTF-8 decode
This will use the default LCID=2048 for strconv(). It's needed for e.g. English OS with Language set to Cyrillic or Thai (systen settings - regions and countries - enhanced).
By default strconv() is using the user LCID and not the system LCID - therefore the UTF-8 encoding/decoding can't work correctly, if not [5] is used.

[ 3] Import UTF-8 decode
This option only works with WinHTTP.dll (check on tab "Options" sub-tab "HTTP_DLL" and deactivate [ ] Use WinInet.dll...)
With this setting WinHTTP.dll is doing the UTF-8 encoding/decoding. This only affects HTTP(S), and not Import/Export a ICAL file (*.ics)

==> If some characters are showing up as "?" after a sync, then it's time to try out those settings!
        Please remember, that only newer items are getting synced.
        If you want to download again from a server, make a [Folder Sync Reset] e.g. on tab "1. How", delete all items in Outlook AND empty the "deleted items" folder, too!

(Restriction of those settings: the inbuild CalDAV-Server (not the Client!) to share a Outlook Calendar with a Sunbird/Lightning-User, is only supported on English/Latin OS)

VB6 code example to correctly read a UTF-8 file and convert it to Unicode (works on Chinese Windows, too):


Private Declare Function MultiByteToWideChar Lib "kernel32" (ByVal CodePage As Long, ByVal dwFlags As Long, ByRef lpMultiByteStr As Any, _
    ByVal cchMultiByte As Long, ByVal lpWideCharStr As Long, ByVal cchWideChar As Long) As Long
Private Const CP_UTF8 = 65001

Public Function DateiLesenBIN(Dateiname As String) As String
    Dim DateiNr As Integer, bArray() As Byte, i As Long, TopIndex As Long, TStr As String
    On Local Error GoTo Fehler
    DateiNr = FreeFile
    Open Dateiname For Binary Access Read Shared As DateiNr
    ReDim bArray(LOF(DateiNr) - 1)
    Get #DateiNr, 1, bArray
    TopIndex = UBound(bArray) + 1
    i = TopIndex * 2
    TStr = String$(i, vbNullChar)
    i = MultiByteToWideChar(CP_UTF8, 0, bArray(0), TopIndex, StrPtr(TStr), i)
    If i Then DateiLesenBIN = Left$(TStr, i)
    Close DateiNr
    Exit Function

    MsgBox Dateiname & vbCrLf & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description & " " & i & "/" & TopIndex
    Close DateiNr
End Function

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