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#1 2011-04-15 20:38:21

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iCal4OL 2.10.0 - 2.11.2 OAuth for Google-Sync; CalDAV for Tobit David.fx-Server, SmarterMail, & DAViCal-CardDAV


Please read the Changelog (English/German).

==> Due to the strong SWISS FRANC (I'm living in Switzerland... ), I decided to increase the price for a single license to EUR 20.--
        The special version EPL4OL (for EGroupware Premium Line) was discontinued. The normal version has now all the functionality of this version.

- New option for contact sync: only every sixth time (together wie calendar sync)
- New option to leave iCal4OL in tasktray without sync - only syncing again if Outlook is re-opened.
- other changes see Changelog..

- OAuth 1.0 for Google Sync implemented. Now you have two possibilities to connect to Google Calendar and Contacts
- other changes see Changelog..

- CalDAV-Autoconfiguration now directly from tab "Who"!
- [Sync Reset Folder] button for Google/CalDAV/CardDAV-Sync to reset an Outlook folder as if it was never synced before, to start "fresh over with first sync".
   This way even previously deleted and restored events/tasks/contacts can sync again, e.g. being uploaded again.
- Design:  Some buttons with Icons, but they do not render by theme - I will see, feedback welcome ;-)

- Something did not work anymore with CardDAV-Contact-Sync: Sometimes Contacts get deleted in OL without any reason.
  This is probably due to the "fast shutdown feature" of Outlook 2010, invalidating objects in iCal4OL. It should be ok now.
- see changelog for more..

- For Google-Sync and CTRL-Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste an event into another Outlook Subcalendar, an additional test on UserID (Kennung) was added, to prevent
  re-upload in the original Google Calendar as "Guest". It's mainly an issue, if on tab "Who" the Emailaddress is not filled = UserID.
- see changelog for more..

- Kerio Connect 7.1.x Support... UserID: caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar organizer inbox singleget
- CalDAV UserID: "caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar singleget newer" or
                          "caldav deleted remove direct  nosimilar singleget older" for compatibility with not yet officially supported CalDAV implementations.
  ("singleget newer/older" will only check ETAG if an event was changed, because some implementations do not fill DTSTAMP and LAST-MODIFIED correctly)

- Tab "Options - Startup": [X] Unload iCal4OL from Tasktray, if Outlook (32-bit) gets closed
- Tab "Run": LOCK configuration with password (see LOCKING-Icon)
- Do not upload attendees of just received Outlook Invitation to Darwin CalendarServer (otherwise they would get invited again by you..,
  which is a CalendarServer issue "always automatically sending invitations").

- Support for Tobit David.fx-Server 2011, see German Topic
- Support for SmarterMail (read Changelog)

- Support for TribalOS (based on sabredav)
- CalDAV with "[X] Monitor deleted events" will ignore incremental sync, otherwise it can't work correctly.

- Fixed for Outlook 2010 64-Bit: If Outlook gets closed, it will invalidate all objects in iCal4OL (bug in 32-bit ActiveX component).
  During a sync, iCal4OL will still crash (nothing I can do here). But in tasktray, iCal4OL will check before next sync and fix the connection.

- Fixed: Starting a Sync on tab "Run" did trigger an invalid message, telling iCal4OL.exe was already running.

- Yahoo Contact Sync was implemented, but this is an incredible buggy CardDAV implementation. Best do only a Contact Download Sync!
  Attention: During upload the old Yahoo Contact must be deleted and re-added by iCal4OL...
  URL usage, see

- Google Calendar Sync can now use a different set of Sync Fields => see tab "Google"
  This way, iCAL-Feeds can be first imported by "sync against existing events" + "as readonly feed", and then uploaded to Google Calendar in the same or in an additional configuration file (*.ini).

- The new DEMO: There is now no additional limitation compared to the full version (apart splash screen)! But it will still run only for 14 days ;-)
- START - All Programs - iCal4OL .... will now show several links to start iCal4OL syncs in the background , e.g. every 5 minutes.
- The new MobileMe Calendar is now supported (based on Darwin CalendarServer).
- The new DAViCal CardDAV collections are now supported (Contact Sync).
- Some work has been done, to simplify the CalDAV-Configuration. Most Websolutions can get autoconfigured with the [New Assistant (Beta)]
- The new EGroupware/EPL Assistant does support automatic configuration of the Contact-Sync, too. You will need the newest version of EGroupware/EPL, where you can tell, which addressbook has to get synced by CardDAV (in configuration panel of eGW).

If you find a bug - don't keep it.... let me know.


PS: Example how to quickly configure one CalDAV Calendar Sync
      Or you may want to try out the [new Assistant (beta)] => under [CalDAV Assistant..]

- If http(s):// and full path is present, it will ONLY check the PC time against Server time.
  One exception, though => for ... here it will check always the configuration.
  Note: Enter only servername:port... after successful [Test] the full path to your Calendar will be in this field
- The credentials under button [Authentication] will get filled with Login/Pw, if still empty. So check it, if you change a configuration file to a different collection!

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