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#1 2011-01-06 16:06:28

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Unable to connect with CalDav to Kerio Connect 7.1.2 build 2260


we would like to use a shared calendar of a Kerio user account within Outlook 2007 on Windows XP SP2.
I downloaded the demo application to try it out, but we are not able to get a successful connection with Kerio Connect. Does somebody else use this configuration/setup?

There is also no clear option in iCal4OL to select "CalDAV", so which one of the offered options is the right one? We did choose 2-way sync with web-solution and then, the top option called "DAViCal". Our Kerio server does expect https connections, so we entered the following Url: … e/Calendar

The logonid was set to caldav, the login-auth and password fields do contain the user credentials of the account owning the calendar. With this configuration we immediately get a 404 back, even so the same Url works with Apple iCal.

Changing the above Url to plain http and port to: … e/Calendar

Does not result in a calendar connection either.

Any idea how to make this setup work?




#2 2011-01-06 16:27:56

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Re: Unable to connect with CalDav to Kerio Connect 7.1.2 build 2260

(I moved this topic to the correct forum..)

CalDAV-Doc is here in the forum:

[Updated 9. January 2011]

Meanwhile iCal4OL was updated (download again) and will work now with Kerio Connect 7.1.x   should work..

There may be an issue with WinHttp.dll on your PC. Activate on tab "Options - HTTP_DLL": [X] Use WinInet.dll instead of WinHttp.dll  (try both ways)

==> With button [New Assistant (beta)]  (see CalDAV-Assistant... e.g. on line DAViCal) the autoconfiguration will now work.

1) If you receive & send invitations over Outlook directly, use on tab "1. How":
Field UserID (Kennung): caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar organizer singleget debug
(Remove "debug" for production..)

2) If you receive & send invitations ONLY by Kerio e.g. sync with another user-calendar into a sub-calender of Outlook:
Field UserID (Kennung): caldav deleted remove direct nosimilar organizer singleget inbox debug
- Activate on tab "Options - Startup": [X] Sub-Calendar-Sync: Do not add Outlook-User as Attendee accepted
- Please read , too. The same Category-Scheduling described for Darwin applies (because there is no OL-Tab for Attendee-Stati).
  Changing Category from e.g. "Inbox" to "Accepted" will upload the stati change and inform the organizer by mail, so his copy of the appointment gets updated, too.
  (METHOD:REPLY implemented directly in Outlook, because Kerio does not do that => flag "inbox" in UserID does activate this behavior!)

For both (1+2):
- If an event was meanwhile changed on the server AND in Outlook, the Outlook version will win (because of several bugs in Kerio, this is not changeable).
- The field "Login" directly on tab "1. How" should be set to the username of the calendar owner, and on tab "Who" you should use the Kerio's Owner fullname+email, too!
- Under [Authentication]  you can use the owner+password, or another username+pw, which has full access rights (ACL) to this calendar.
- Do NOT use "nosimilar", if already on both sides (Outlook+Server) events are present!

CardDAV for Kerio Connect 7.1.x (see tab "Contacts") is now supported, too - URL example:<user>/addressbook/

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