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#1 2008-04-10 09:18:32

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1522

iCal4OL 2.3.3 with tooltips

2.3.3 - 4/6/2008
- translation improvements and new tootips (on mouse over)
- New: @@reset in body for resetting attendees during Google Upload Sync (back to "invited")
- New: Sunbird compatibility Option will show up for ICAL Export
- Easier activation of full version (liberationfile saved on Desktop)

2.3.2 - 3/25/2008
- New: Google Apps Support... please activate this option on tab [Google]
- Fixed: button [Save&Exit] became disabled

2.3.1 - 3/9/2008
- fixed for CalDAV: occurrence exception did not sync correctly



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