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#1 2011-08-21 07:43:15

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iCal4ol 2.11.8 Etag Support (item modified on both sides), SCALIC Calendar 11.4.6

Please read the Changelog (English/German)

- Did you read the FAQ?
  If not, you will miss some important information, how iCal4OL works wink

  Note: iCal4OL does now recognize Exchange Folders and other *.pst Folders automatically, and will show a messagebox for activating
          [X] Monitor deleted items (events/tasks/contacts) ... on tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst Support"

- In 2.11.8 mainly a lot of small issues were fixed or improved.
  With flag "CardDAV" the contact sync does now an incremental sync. If you wish to do it this way, and did not use "CardDAV" before,
   you MUST FIRST do at least one contact sync without "CardDAV" in the new version... otherwise all contacts will be freshly downloaded from the server.

- For Google Calendar Sync and Gmail Contacts-Sync there is a new option:
  [X] Warn if event/contact was modified in Google Calendar AND Outlook (item modified on both sides)
  It will show at the bottom right of the screen a non active window, to solve this kind of conflicts.
  Without this option the newer version of the item will win..

  Note: Because the ETAG was not saved for Gmail Contacts before, you will need to make a [X] FIRST SYNC again - it will start to work afterwards.

- For Caldav there was already a flag "etag", which is now improved, showing the same non active window...
  This flag will work for most CardDAV implementations, too. But you will need to enter in addition "CardDAV etag" into the field UserID (Kennung).

- Scalix Calendars are now supported (the Scalix Client for Outlook can't handle OL 2010 64-bit), see

- Some improvements were made to the inbuilt CalDAV-Server: It does work now with iOS 4.3.5 Clients (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).
  ==> But I recommend to setup an "in-between" server, like Google Calendar. It's certainly more stable, because the inbuilt CalDAV-Server is just for 1-3 clients.


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