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#1 2011-09-24 16:31:51

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iCal4OL 2.11.10- 2.11.21 iCloud and EPL Support - please update

Please read Changelog for all improvements (English/German)


- Maintenance Release (Especially Characters < > did not sync with Google Calendars correctly anymore)

- Maintenance Release (improved Attendee Handling for Darwin, EGroupware)

- iCal4OL does now support upcoming new EGroupware Version. EPL (EGroupware Professional Line) is already out. Some fixes were necessary for scheduling and Assistant.

- iCloud: Prevent sending Invitations Emails to Attendees during upload. Apple changed the behavior... and I found now a way to prevent this (SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT).

- iCloud: Tasks (Reminders) Path with GUID did not work/sync, and sometimes Tasks were wrongly treated as Calendar in the Assistant [Other]
- iCloud: Shared Calendars will now be recognized as this.. (and not used for main OL Calendar Sync)

- iCloud: Due to a new authentication bug with Basic Realm on Apples side, I had to improve the Login process (trying now two different ways).
  Depending on Login+PW lenght(!) the authentication failed for contacts
- iCloud: Re-upload of events, not created in OL, could still happen. I forced now the deactivation of Collection Tag Test (Flag "no_ctag").

- iCloud improvements (attendees and sync)
- Inbuild CalDAV-Server now works with iOS/5.0
- Newer Interface to Outlook (RDOiCal4OL.dll)
- Freeware: iCloud Collection Finder - an Utility to find CalDAV/CardDAV URL's of your iCloud Calendars, Tasks & Contact

- iCloud Support was added, see

- Sorry, a new bug could cause iCal4OL to loop during import of new events (if an invitation, received as email in Outlook, does start at the same time like another event).

- Synology CalDAV Support
- LastmodificationTime issue with Outlook Contacts found and fixed.

- Handling of invitations (further) improved. If there is already an email invitation in the OL calender, iCal4OL can now connect this event with the server event already during download.
  Note: If the invitation was "first" synced to Outlook, there will "still" be for a short moment a duplicate, because OL always adds a new event on email arrival.
           This will then get corrected during Upload (synced event will get removed - email-invitation-event will get connected to the server event).

The EPL Bugs have been fixed Monday 26. Sept 2011 by Stylite AG

Due to changes, how EPL (EGroupware Enterprise Line) is handling invitations, new issues surfaced..

- The HREF of Outlook Invitations was too long for EPL/EGroupware, which then was cut off on the server, resulting in (sometimes) deletion of those invitations.
  It did depend on the configuration of iCal4OL. Using "no_ctag" in Field "UserID/Kennung:" did already circumvent this bug in older versions.
  iCal4OL does now use a shorter GUID() as HREF (differs from UID, which still is the GlobalAppointmentID).

- Invitations in EPL couldn't get read anymore by Attendees! This bug really deleted invitations, because iCal4OL had to assume, it was deleted on the server.
  It was not even possible, to get them by HTTP GET - and no upload of the the own attendee status was possible anymore... meanwhile fixed in EPL 26. Sept!

- Since in multiple iCal4OL installations, an invitation is not always uploaded by the organizer (iCal4OL does sync in interval - so it may get uploaded by an attendee),
  just the effective uploader can change this invitation in EPL or upload modifications again = Bug, which was fixed 26. Sept!

==> I strongly recommend for the time beeing, to use EPL to invite other users for events, or start immediately a Sync after sending the invitation in Outlook (Click in Tasktray on the icon of iCal4OL and choose "run now..").

Improved handling of invitations (for CalDAV)
An invitation received as Email in Outlook will always add a new event in your main Outlook Calendar. This entry will get an unique AppointmentGlobalID, which is a HEX value, containing a vCal-Uid, if this invitation was created directly in the Groupware, sending an email with attached .ics file.

Adding an invitation in a CalDAV store, will normally already add an event in the calendar of attendees, too (here with UID = vCal-Uid).
During the Download Sync by iCal4OL, those two (different) versions may not get connected.

1) They will always get connected, if the flag "nosimilar" was NOT used - they are similar (same subject and startdate/time)!
2) They will always get connected, if the flag "nosimilar" WAS used, if the invitation was made directly in (another) Outlook = identical AppointmentGlobalID.
3) They will NOT get connected, if the flag "nosimilar" WAS used, if the invitation was made in the Groupware. The Groupware version of this event will be added in OL, too..

.. 3) is a problem, which iCal4OL can't handle (yet) during Download Sync. But during Upload Sync, iCal4OL is examining every received invitation for the vCal-Uid and therefore can find out, if a second version of this invitation was just downloaded from the server. iCal4OL will delete the downloaded version of this invitation in OL (at end of upload sync) and will modify the email invitation to point to the server invitation = SOLVED!

Here a flow example, if an invitation was created in Outlook (on the Organizer PC):
- Organizer creates an invitation in Outlook, and send it to other Outlook-Users
- Organizer's iCal4OL is first to upload the event to the server
  (which may not always be the case - an attendee may be first, which should not matter for the Groupware.
   The Organizer could trigger a sync by clicking on tasktray icon of iCal4OL -  "run now.." .. to be first)
- Attendee's iCal4OL is downloading this invitation (by e.g. a background sync)
- Afterwards the Attendee receives the same invitation as an email in Outlook
- Outlook will now create a NEW second event in the calendar.......... there is no way to influence this. It's done by Outlook!
- At next upload sync for this attendee, iCal4OL will recognize this duplication and delete the downloaded version of the invitation,
  modifying the email invitation to point to the server version  = SOLVED!

Faster Contact Sync with EGroupware/EPL
The sync is now done incremental - no need to add "carddav singlecontacts" to fields "UserID/Kennung:" - it's default.

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