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#1 2012-01-04 11:22:45

Registered: 2007-11-25
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iCal4OL 2.12.2 released - and a Happy New Year!

Please read Changelog for all improvements (English/German)

- CardDAV has a new option to speed up the uploading of contacts: not all contacts have to be read anymore, by reading "Only modified Contacts since (Incremental)"
- Exchange 2010 generates sometimes GlobalAppointmentID with length=234. This is too long for iCloud (502 Gateway Error)! Will use in this case PR_SEARCH_KEY.

-  CalDAV Flag "inbox" did cause an (uncatched) error uploading Tasks to the CalDAV-Server. Upload of tasks did not work anymore..

- Some Cleanup was made for Google Contact Sync.
  Since in iOS 5.0.1 Contacts "only" are getting removed from the group "My Contacts", a new option was implemented:

  [X] If filtered, delete in Outlook

  Use Download Filter by Group: My Contacts
  Note: Those deleted OL Contacts will therefore NOT delete (later on) the Gmail Contact. The Gmail Contact will stay under "Other Contacts".

- There is now the possibility on "1.2 More" to filter events WITH oder WITHOUT a category, by ".*" (=must have a category), or by "-.*" (=must NOT have a category)
  (dot/star    or   minus/dot/star to exclude)

- Please check Changelog for other changes.

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