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#1 2012-02-14 18:39:11

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iCal4OL 2.12.6 with support for Owncloud, O2S & Atmail; Fixed iCloud Auth

Please read Changelog for all improvements (English/German)

- After all ... there was a tiny error in the Base64_Encoding-Function, which caused all the trouble with the Authorization for iCloud!
  This is fixed now - it should work now for every lenght of "appleid:password"..
- Google Tasks Sync can now be startet together with Google Calendar Sync. There is a limit of 5'000 request per day (for all users).
  We will see, if this is enough - and if Google will provide a higher limit, if necessary..

- Show notification window with modified events & tasks (by Import) after Sync => see tab "Run"
  This window will be shown after Import and by activating this option.  Move it to a place you prefer and close it again.
  Double-click on a item will display it in Outlook..
- Shared Exchange Tasks, Contacts and Calendar Folder can not be linked into iCal4OL for syncing.
  Those folders must be already linked into this Outlook Profile.
  See tab "Options - Exchange"... AD username will be asked.

- Detail improvements (e.g. finding X.400 Exchange users email addresses), please see Changelog.
- Support for HARVEST O2S

- Especially for SabreDAV Implementation, iCal4ol will now test if ETAG-Header is present in a HTTP PUT response. If not, it will read <getetag> by "HTTP REPORT multi-get" of the updated item.
  See about common issues of new CalDAV server implementations.
- Contacts Groups of iCloud/Darwin can now be synced as categories, see CardDAV window.
- Assistants on tab "Who" do now support "[X] Only Upload (asFeed)"
- Fixes see Changelog

New Notification window with modified events & tasks (by Import) after Sync:

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