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#1 2012-04-10 08:39:34

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iCal4OL 2.12.25 with v3 Google Calendar API (+Improved Meeting Handling, Gmail Contact Sync, iCloud Sync)

Please read Changelog for all changes (English/German)

2.13.0 .... and Happy New Year!
- iCloud/Infomaniak - please update! Events modified in Outlook did perhaps not upload anymore (wrong sync direction).
  Not yet sure, if this was only in Outlook 2003 or in newer versions, too.

- See Changelog

- SmarterMail 10.x Support, and from 3rd Dec 2012 Support (had to fix CardDAV)
- See Changelog

- OwnCloud 4.5 CardDAV Support
- Fix assistant [Others] for iCloud (did not find all collections, if shared calendars are before own calendars in calendar-home-set)
- See Changelog

- Beta support for Tine 2.0 Milan, see
- Fixes see Changelog

- Directly work with Exchange 32bit on a Windows Server (Alpha, not sure if I can make it work on 64bit). See German topic here in forum.
- Fixes see Changelog

- [X] Download Reminders was added in the assistant sub-window (for multiple Calendars)
- Fix for Outlook 2010 64-Bit: Received Email invitations did not correctly upload by CalDAV (For Google Sync you must activate the [X] Sync/Import Scenario on tab "Google", anyway).

- A little nasty bug in v3 Google Calendar API for countries using comma instead of a decimal point in format("nn.nn"), did prevent the upload to Google Calendar.

- Syncing with Google Calendar? Switch to v3 API on tab "Google", mapping Outlook categories to event colors!
  - for v3 API you must use either OAuth 1.0 or 2.0 as authorization method (ClientLogin does not work with v3 API)
  - v2 API will stop working 17 November 2014 (deprecated by Google)
  - OAuth 1.0 will stop working 20 April 2015 (deprecated by Google, not working under Win2000)

- Support for and fix of CalDAV-Scheduling (meetings could duplicate in certain OL versions with external sync fields).
- The option "Keep Outlook connection when in tasktray, waiting for next sync (Stability)" on tab "Options-Start" is now activated by default on new installations.

Due to stability issues of Outlook+Interface in the past, I was not able to implement correct meeting (invitation) handling, if the invitation did not arrive by email, but only by CalDav-/Google-Sync.
This is now working for newly arrived invitations!

- You are NOT the organizer: You will now see the buttons Accept, Tentative, Denied - use them to change your status (will get uploaded at next sync).
- YOU are the organizer......:  You will now be able, to send out emails over Outlook, to inform attendees of changes.
==> Web solutions supporting CalDAV Scheduling by flag "inbox" (like Darwin, iCloud, SOGo, DaviCal, EGroupware) you don't need to send emails... better rely on CalDAV Scheduling!

Restriction in Outlook 2010 (perhaps only in 64-bit): Where you are not the organizer, Outlook will show you as proxy (delegated organizer), and not the real organizer. But this does not matter..

New possibilities to influence invitation handling directly by modifying *.ini configuration files.. (section: line ==> comment):
[Import]: iMeeting1=0    ==> deactivate the new handling of invitations, where YOU are the organizer
                                            (possibility to send out the invitation over Outlook again)

[Import]: iMeeting3=0    ==> deactivate the new handling of invitations, where you are NOT the organizer
                                            (to change your attendee status, you must change the category or, if Darwin, the subject to e.g. "meeting <accepted>")

[Export]:  iMeeting3=1    ==> A new possibility to export the real organizer into a *.ics file.
                                           (This was not supported before, because most web solution do not allow import of events, where YOU are NOT the ORGANIZER)

[Option]: oRecStatus=1   ==> the following option on tab "Options - Import Feed" was removed:
                                             [ ] From now on send inivitations out from Outlook (you will become the organizer)
                                             Probably, no one was needing this option anyway, but it can still be activated directly in *.ini file
                                             (Activate this only, if you are migrating to OL and want to send out invitation changes. OL tab "Status" will become visible)

[Default]: OnlyRDO=1     ==> Only for 32-bit Outlook! Will NOT load Outlook as ActiveX! It will directly access your default(!) Outlook profile (it's Beta).
                                             You may get, if you are running Outlook at the same time, a message like "this item is getting modified by another application. No access possible.."

- Improved CalDAV-Assistant on tab "Who", if multiple server calendars (collections) are found. A new detail configuration window will be shown...
  Drag&Drop for switching server paths is enabled (to move your default server calendar to the top, to get synced with Outlook Default Calendar, if not already at the top).
  Green=This server collection will be configured for syncing => OL-Kalender selected, and DOWN or UP (or both) are marked.
  Red   =no..
- For new installation the option [X] Save Sync Fields in external DB (tab "Options - Exchange"), will now be activated by default!
  (I newly recommend for existing installations to use this option, too)

- LibCurl.dll as third Option-HTTP_DLL integrated. Does use less CPU than WinInet.dll and does work for Darwin CalendarServer, iCloud, SOGo, Yahoo, Zimbra aso., too (Flag "inbox").
- [X] Save Sync Fields in external DB ... will now take over (old) MAPI Sync Fields, if wished.

- Due to a change in the Google Contact Feed, phone numbers are getting duplicated during upload, which are starting with a "+" (plus sign)

  To correct it, make first a manual Gmail Download Sync, with following parameters:

   Modified Contacts since: downall
   [X] Download
   [  ] Upload (do not mark it!)
   ==> This will clean out the notes and duplicates in Outlook.

  Now make a manual Gmail Upload Sync, with following parameters:
   Modified Contacts since: upall upnew     (this works with only "upall", too. "upnew" means to reset any additional info in Gmail)
   [  ] Download (do not mark it!)
   [X] Upload
   ==> This will clean now the contacts in Gmail

  Auf Deutsch siehe

- Support for OwnCloud 4.0, see

- Price reduced to EUR 18.--   (~ $24)  :)
- French translation (not perfect..)
- [X] Monitor deleted events & tasks ... is now activated by default on new installation (tab "Options-Exchange..")!
- [X] Monitor deleted contacts...... ...... is now activated by default on new installation (tab "Options-Exchange..")!

- Tab order on main window improved. New v3 Google Calendar API now more or less stable (only use it for testing!)

- iCloud changed the ETAG Handling in XMLS, resulting in not correctly selecting the events, which have to get synced.
  You may experience for next sync still some unnecessary syncing (BEST: Empty field "Date and time last run..").
  After that it will work properly again.

Due to a few reports of deleted events by CalDAV Sync, I decided to force the flag "no_ctag"!
This issue may be related to other CalDAV Clients, changing HREF's of events (this is the filename for an event on the server).
I have no other explanation at this time. Hopefully I will get a LOG.txt, done with Flag "debug", if this is still happening.

Flag "no_ctag" will always read at least HREF+ETAG of all events from server (and not rely on stored HREF+ETAG sync fields, if nothing did change in the server collection).  This way, iCal4OL can correct those sync fields.

Flag "getctag" (get collection tag) will override the new default behavior (faster sync), but not for iCloud (needed there, because no LAST-MODIFIED field present).

iCal4OL is syncing with v2 API of Google Calendar, which will be deprecated on 17th November 2014.
This version has now    v3 API of Google Calendar implemented (Beta), see tab "Google".
For the moment, this is only for testing - use at your own risk! It does support the mapping of GCAL ColorId to OL categories.

The Google Calendar sync can now be done by two different ways, see tab "Google".
1) By default, events are uploaded from your view point, meaning the original organizer of an invitation will become "just" an attendee in GCAL.
2) For Migration to GCAL, you may switch to the so called "Sync Scenario / Import-Sync", where the original organizer of an invitation will get uploaded, using GlobalAppointmentID as <iCal:uid> for invitations. If you are using this, you can not update anymore an invitation, where your are NOT the organizer!

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