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#1 2008-06-29 14:12:36

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iCal4OL 2.4.5 with Darwin Calendar Server Sync with Outlook by CalDAV

See here for general CalDAV-Configuration


Please contact me, if you want to sync with Darwin Calendar Server!

If you encounter a problem with Authentication, it's due to a MS WinHTTP / Twisted Incompatibility in the tcpip protocol stack!
You need to deactivate DIGEST in /CalendarServer/conf/caldavd-dev.plist => Authentication - Digest - Enabled - No ...  OR
download iCal4OL again...In the newest version it is fixed!

Darwin iCalServer does support the "CalDAV Scheduling Spec".
iCal4OL has just basic functionalities for this - iCal4OL is a Sync Solution and not a CalDAV-Client. You must activate on tab "Options"
[X] Use Outlook Scheduling Tab for Attendees

1. Attendees will get an event as METHOD:REQUEST in their INBOX. Use "username" as attendee name, if emailaddress is not working (first fallback),
or use a contact (second fallback) with filled fields:
[Homepage]= "http://server:8008/principals/__uids__/22222-32EE-4ADE-B8ED-23784E98B65A/" and
Please note: If a user has enough rights to read out the so called "calendar-user-address-set" (retrieving all usernames, fullnames, emails at once), this may not be nessecary. This is just a fallback..
Conclusion: from Version >= 2.8.3 perhaps it's working without a defined contact - directly with emailaddress or username.

2. Delegation works for new Outlook events only (never synced with own calendar - otherwise delete and re-add in Outlook)
Version >= 2.8.3 can handle already synced events, too

Use e.g. [Summary] ="Meeting >>username" ... will be METHOD.PUBLISH(ed) in the INBOX of username, with "Meeting <<fromuser" and the event will be marked for deletion in Outlook with Summary "Meeting >>username delegated <deleted>!"

3. Reading INBOX into the same Calendar is possible (Meeting Requests).
Fill (under Websolution) the Field "User-ID" (="Kennung") = caldav darwin deleted tasks inbox
Those events will have the category="Inbox" (color it in Outlook 2007), and the Colorlabel="Participation required" (for OL 2000-2003)

But you can also sync the Inbox with a different configuration file (or a different copy of iCal4OL.exe => see tab "Start" - Scheduled Tasks),
in an other Outlook Calendar (if you delete an event here - and sync - it will get deleted in the Inbox).

4. Digest Authentication had to be implemented for Darwin, too - but without qop (Kerberos is not supported - don't ask)

5. CalDAV was generally improved:

- date and time last run => incremental sync => will now speed up the download, too.

- in Field "User-ID:" (Kennung), its now possible to add etag for "always" checking the etag when downloading.
But this will result in multiple questions (download anyway?!), if multiple events have been modified simultaneously in Outlook and the CalDAV-Store.
If you synced already with DAViCAL before, please be aware, that ETAG was not saved until now - so this will "stick over time" or you upload your Outlook Calendar in a different store - and then delete the old store...

For other changes and bug fixes see the

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