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#1 2012-06-13 18:13:48

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Simpler CalDAV Version e.g. for Infomaniak WebMail2

Here the necessary information for customers of Infomaniak WebMail2, which is supporting CalDAV and CardDAV:

For initial setup of iCal4OL for Infomaniak please use the assistant "Other" on tab "Who"!
Note: You must at least once done a LOGIN in Infomaniak WebMail2 and clicked on [Calendar] and [Addressbook], otherwise NO Calendar or Addressbook can be found!

Login......: <see in the webmail2 browser interface under Calendar - Synchronization> it's something like XXnnnnn
Password: <your webmail2 password>

For general CalDAV tips see the How-To for iCloud: … al4OL.html

You should also read the first topics on the FAQ (Installation/Introduction/Exchange) here:

The French translation is far from good. But you can email me corrections ... thanks.
Please note: I can't provide support in French (I understand it, but can't write it). Support only in German and English.
See what I normally need (In most cases I don't need the debug.log, just the LOG.txt - a sync done with flag "debug" in field "UserId", where the issue was recorded)

Special demo with simpler configuration window (URL for Infomaniak is default, but can be overwritten)
Download Link: … maniak.exe

This special CalDAV/CardDAV version is working for solutions, supporting auto configuration. 
After purchase: The corresponding full version is download-able from the customer page.

The simpler window is looking like this. There is a "hot zone" to open the normal window (which normally stays hidden) - French:

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#2 2012-10-03 15:33:38

Registered: 2007-11-25
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Re: Simpler CalDAV Version e.g. for Infomaniak WebMail2

English example for DAViCal:

German example for EGroupware:



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