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#1 2008-10-16 03:32:28

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2-Way-Sync with Kronolith 2.3 (Horde)

It's possible to make a 2-Way-Sync between Outlook and the very old Kronolith 2.3 (Horde) by WebDAV!
==> Tested with release from 14 September 2009
==> For Horde 5.x use the CalDAV assistant, see FAQ!

- Uploading does replace the whole Calendar  (for Tasks, Notes, Contacts ..... you need Version >= 2.8.8)
  The ACTUAL Sync is done during the Download.... then the Calendar in Kronolith gets replaced!
- Older Kronolith Installations have several bugs (especially not uploading deleted occurrences of repeating events)
  ==> Update your Horde installation!
- The Horde installation depends on several PEAR packages, like HTTP_WEBDAV and SOAP, which are NOT mentioned in test.php

The configuration of iCal4OL is complex, so here a ZIP archive with the necessary settings in it:
horde.ini => iCal4OL configuration file

After starting iCal4OL, you first have to load horde.ini with the button [ Open/New ],
then change on tab...

-> Your Name (same as in Horde)
-> Your Email (same as in Horde)
-> Your Timezone
1. How
-> correct URL to your (test) environment (http/https, url, username, calendarname)
-> Credentials: Login+Password
2. How
-> correct URL to your (test) environment (http/https, url, username, calendarname)
-> Credentials: Login+Password
Contacts (>=2.8.8)
-> correct URL to rpc.php
-> Credentials: Login+Password

Save the configuration (best as "Default.ini", or with button "Save configuration as..." on tab [Start] - otherwise you have to load it manually for the next run again...).

Please note:
- Depending on the Version of Kronolith, you have to test öäüéŕ (special characters). Perhaps (old version?!) you must activate on tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support]
  [X] Do not encode ICS Export in UTF-8

- WinHTTP is not working, because Horde will produce a server error, if text "charset=UTF-8" is present in Content-Type Header... and the BASIC REALM handshake mechanism won't work with Horde (WinHTTP sends two request, first without credentials.. and the second attempt gets blocked by Horde's DDOS protection, resulting in 401 ACCESS DENIED).
   => WinINET must be used  (on tab "Options" under [Enhanced Support])!
  [X] User WinInet.dll instead of WinHttp.dll

- ALL events need to be uploaded - actually the calendarname.ics is replaced by the WebDAV Upload!

- It's configured  to add missing attendee emails automatically to the contact folder (see tab "1.1 More")
  Attendees are added to the Outlook tab  "Scheduling" (and not to field "Links:" / "Kontakte:" anymore).
   (on tab "Options" you may want to deactivate the Outlook tab for "event scheduling"... please read doc)

- Deleted events in Kronolith, are recognized during Upload and moved automatically to the "Deleted Items" folder.
  See tab "Options" - button [Enhanced Support] - eGW/WebDAV: mark missing import events with <deleted> ........ remove <deleted>
  Please note: if you are only Downloading, activate the third eGW/WebDAV option, too => [X] Do it separately after Import

- Moved/Modified exceptions of recurring events are uploaded as single events (must be set for kronolith - see option under [Enhanced Support])

Test it carefully! Use a test account, e.g. add a test user and an Outlook Calendar first, then configure it correctly on "1. How" and "2. How"...

For Exchange Public Folder + Bug correction for special characters like "äöü" see newest Trial (>=Version 2.8.8) here - text in GERMAN:

New from iCal4OL Version 2.8.8 => Sync Tasks, Notes and Contacts, too!

- on tab "1. How" and "2. How"... Activate Tasks, Notes... (for Contacts see below, but it is working here, too)
- If you do IMPORT+EXPORT, Tasks/Notes not anymore in Outlook will be deleted in Horde, too!
- If you do only EXPORT, nothing gets deleted in Horde
- I do not recommend to activate Contacts here - better use the separate Contact Sync named "eGroupware" on tab "Contacts"!
  => This is a real 2-way-Sync (and does not replace ALL Contacts during upload... like with Import/Export)
- Notes and Contacts are "difficult" to retrieve from Horde... Single Get... Slow...  Due to limitations of the SOAP interface

To get arround the Content-Type issue with Kronolith - patch it!

Then WinHttp.dll may work, even without "[ ] Do not encode ICS Export in UTF-8"

File: horde/kronolith/lib/api.php

function _kronolith_put($path, $content, $content_type)

"Fix" $content_type  (code from 2.3.2 ... should look similar in your version..)):

    if (count($parts) == 2 &&
        substr($parts[1], -4) == '.ics') {

        // Workaround for WebDAV clients that are not smart enough to send
        // the right content type.  Assume text/calendar.
//if ($content_type == 'application/octet-stream') {
            $content_type = 'text/calendar';

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