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#1 2013-09-01 16:58:09

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Incompatibility Issues (e.g. AntivirusSoftware, or with other CalDAV client)

Kown Issues - feel free to report here additional issues..

Please read first the FAQ! In the first section, there are Outlook related things to consider..

Never map an Outlook *.pst from a server path! MAPI is not compatible with network shares! It's not supported (not by Outlook/MS and not by iCal4OL)!
You will run ALWAYS in corrupted *.pst files! Small *.pst may work, because they are fully in the local cache (in RAM). Normally this issue starts to bother from about 800MB on..
You need Exchange - or a different backup concept for locally stored *.pst files.

Norton Antivirus 360 may block the access to Outlook, when using a link like "iCal4OL TRAY every 5 minutes.lnk".
But it seems, the inbuild "Tasktray Autostart" on tab "Run" is working (at least manually by clicking on button [Play]).

Comodo Firewall or Defense+ can put iCal4OL into the "Sandbox".
If you have installed this product, make sure to check this out. It will otherwise result in a program crash like "Error (91)"!

A few Antivirus solutions like Dr.Web (and I think Norman..) are using just a very basic heuristic, wrongly identifying iCal4OL as a threat (because HTTP(S) is used).
AVAST Antivirus "Gen Heuristic" may also be an issue!  Deactivate "Gen Heuristic" or make an exception for C:\Program Files (x86)\iCal4OL\ or for iCal4OL.exe

Nothing I can do here. You must put iCal4OL on the white list.

3b) MS Security Essentials in newest version may bock the access to Outlook.exe, too!
There is no work-around. You must use a different free antivirus solution..

Under Win2000 and rarely under WinXP the "File Scripting Object" is not installed (or was deinstalled/deactivated), resulting in
runtime error (-2147024770)
Automation error
(The specified module could not be found)

when iCal4OL is started.

In this case you must install it manually.
Win2000 see … x?id=20240
WinXP    see … px?id=8247

Under Win2000 the runtime for VB6SP6 may not yet be installed.
Do it manually from … x?id=24417

On some Windows7 or Windows8 systems, WinInet.dll is not working at all, reason unknown.
Please activate on tab "Options - HTTP_DLL":
[X] Use LibCurl.dll instead of WinXXXX.dll
[Save] Default.ini ...
and run the Assistant (CalDAV or Google API) again on tab "Who".

For Exchange Online-Mode or Public Folders, the deleted items get a different EntryID or are not moved to the "deleted items" folder of Outlook.
ONLY in this case, mark the options for monitoring deleted items on tab "Options - Exchange/*.pst".
Please read in the FAQ the section about Exchange, too.

Some CalDAV clients: caldavzap; Mac OS X (moving event with drag&drop); .... not support the iCalendar field "LAST-MODIFIED:".
In the case, a modified event from another CalDAV client does not find it's way back to Outlook, you must add in addition the flag "older" into the field "UserID:" on tab "1. How".
Flag "older" needs either Flag "singleget" or "multiget" to work.
You can also add "older etag": If an event was modified on the Server AND in Outlook, iCal4OL will ask, which way to sync..

Not an issue, just a remark..
Flag "multiget" needs the option [X] Select time period ...
If you want to sync older events, too... you must use "singleget" instead (and you can deactivate the time period option)
But do this just for one sync: Normally events in the pasts are never modified!
Use then the time period rule "from -31 days on (incremental)".

Note: Tine 2.0 and EGroupware have an inbuild "singleget" limit (only last 30 days are returned by PROPFIND). You must therefore patch the PHP code of those solutions. Should be somewhere in the forum..

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