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#1 2014-07-30 10:06:02

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Start iCal4OL in background when Outlook gets started - with OLTrigger.exe

In version 2.14.9 it's already in the folder, where iCal4OL.exe was installed (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\iCal4OL\).

Download (for older versions of iCal4OL - in newer setups it's already included):
Copy it to the folder, which contains iCal4OL.exe (Best).
Otherwise it will only recognize iCal4OL.exe in %ProgramFiles(x86)%\iCal4OL\  (or on 32-bit OS  %ProgramFiles%\iCal4OL\) and in DOCUMENTS\iCal4OL\

You can put a link for it in your STARTUP folder.

It will run with no window in background, testing every 30 seconds, if Outlook is running (or gets started) and iCal4OL is not .. !
If Outlook is running but not iCal4OL, it will wait 20 seconds longer (so Outlook finishes loading) and then start iCal4OL with "TRAY020", doing a background sync every 20 minutes (default).

There are command line parameters, or you can even rename OLTrigger.exe:

- OLTrigger.exe
  will then start iCal4OL for background syncs every 15 minutes.

- OLTrigger.exe TRAY015W
  will wait additional 15 minutes before syncing.

- OLTrigger.exe TRAY
  Will do exactly one sync (and iCal4OL will get terminated afterwards).

- OLTrigger.exe [with command line parameters of iCal4OL]
  will work, too (as examples show above).

- OLTrigger.exe STOP
  will end itself running..

- OLTrigger.exe KILL
  Do not use it, because it will KILL IMMEDIATELY iCal4OL.exe and itself. Use it only, if iCal4OL.exe is hanging.

Please be also aware of the iCal4OL settings on tab "Options - Startup (General)":

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