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#1 2014-11-11 18:36:07

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Google API v2 stopped working November 17, 2014. OAuth 1.0 worked only until May 5, 2015!

==> From iCal4OL 2.14.12 on there is no option anymore (only API v3 implemented). Therefore you just need to check the Authorization (see further down 2.).

Update to newest version 2.15.x - see customer page - otherwise OAuth 2.0 may not work with very old versions!

Old versions: Please check your settings on tab "Google" under button [Use v2 or v3 API?].
[X] API v3 for Google Calendar must be marked:

Google API v3 needs OAuth 2.0 Authentication, see tab "1. How" under button [Authentication].... First do a [Revoke], if not yet set.
Make sure you do OAuth 2.0 against the correct Gmail account (=Email address on tab "1. How" and "Who"), e.g. after a [Revoke].

To check, if it's working, click afterwards button [Choose Google (Sub-)Calendar ....] on tab "1. How" and select the correct Google Calendar.

[Update - Gmail Contact Syncs does now need OAuth 2.0, too]
You must switch to OAuth 2.0 for Gmail Contact Sync on tab "Contacts" (do no "revoke", just mark). You'll find a button [Authentication] on this window, too.

==> If you have multiple *.ini configuration files, you must do this in every *.ini (but don't revoke OAuth 2.0 again, just mark it).
        To load different *.ini see

That's it, at least for most users wink

The old Calendar API v2 had one main advantage, by using the URL prefix
This way, most Proxies/Firewalls were unable to block it...
Calendar API v3 is using the URL prefix which may now get blocked.

CalDAV work-around (no CardDAV!):
The only chance is to switch to Google CalDAV v1, which is actually deprecated, too. It's unclear, how long this will still work.
For configuration see … l4OL.html, using in the assistant [Other] on tab "Who" the URL:
IMPORTANT: The access for less secure APPs must be activated in the Google Account Settings! See

PS: There is also a Google CalDAV v2, which does use OAuth 2.0 and has the URL (use it in Assistant [Other]):

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