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iCal4OL Version 2.18.0 is now available. See Announcements / Ankündigungen

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iCal4OL 2.18.0 - Please read Changelog!

Aktuelle Vollversion kann von der Kundenseite (siehe Kaufmail) heruntergeladen werden.
Newest full version can be downloaded from the customer page (see purchase mail).

Please read Changelog for improvements and bug fixes (English/German)

2.18.0    - Reading the body (description) of an event, resulting in an error under 32-bit Outlook, will no longer trigger an error message.
                (Autoretry by Extended Mapi (as before "Continue"), and lastly ignored=empty)
              - Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption.dll)
              - A few fix/improvements for Google Calendar API sync. Please read Changelog.             

Note:     - My Provider switched my homepage over to https (without notifying me). If something is not working anymore, please let me know, thanks.

2.17.1    - Important update for NextCloud 12 and for option "Only RDO" (see FAQ for 32 bit Outlook), fixing following bugs:
              - RECURRENCE-ID for NextCloud 12 with allday events must now use VALUE=DATE: (and not only the date itself).
              - "Only RDO" resulted in a bug (in licensed Redemption.dll), re-setting wrongly the end of an event to 1899, when setting the pattern.endtime of a recurring event.
              - Changing Proxy Password did not correctly update/encode in chained *.ini configuration files.

2.17.0    - iCloud: From 6/15/2017 on, an app specific password for iCal4OL is necessary! You must activate 2-Way/Factor Authentication for your AppleID!
              - Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption.dll)
              - Please read Changelog, too.             

2.16.6    - Fixes for OwnCloud 9 (mainly CardDAV) and IceWarp
              - Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption.dll)
              - New CalDAV Flag: priority   (High/Low importances will sync as categories)
              - Please read Changelog, too.             

2.16.5     This release is a summary of all changes/improvements since July, which may already be in your 2.16.4 version (depending on download date).
              - New is the internal handling of CalDAV "Precondition failed" (+iCloud "403 Forbitten" <no-uid-conflict>),
                which prevents duplicate UID e.g. for uploading same invitation in different iCloud calendars, even without flag "no_global".
              - Gmail Contact Sync has now an additional option when "[X] Always replace" for images is marked.
                "[X] Only Download" will only replace OL images, but never Gmail images (OL images will only get uploaded, if no Gmail image exist).
              - Please read Changelog, too.

2.16.4    - iCloud: New Outlook invitations are uploaded without organizer & attendde lines.
               Email addresses are put into description. See … 3186#p3186

2.16.3    - Updated LibCurl.dll (compiled myself), to support Google/iCloud/.. per SSL TLS1.2 (up-to-date HTTPS security).
              - Please read Changelog, too.

2.16.2    - Monitor deleted events & tasks (Options-Exchange) is now activated by default for 2-Way-Sync, because Exchange and OL2016 always need this.
              - New RDOiCal4OL with faster Exchange Online support (32bit and with "Only RDO")
              - Please read Changelog, too.

2.16.1    - iCloud Contactpicture as URL are downloaded again and also cropped, if necessary.
               Important: Modified Outlook pictures will not upload in this case - the old iCloud link will be preserved.
                               Override would be possible by flag "no_PRU" in "UserID:" on tab "1. How" (noPictureReUpload).
               And: By tab "Configurations" - [Show .ini], in section [eGroupware] below, add a new line "PictureDelete=1",
                       to also delete pictures in OL, if they got deleted in iCloud.
             - Please read Changelog.

2.16.0    - SOGo double invitations solved (sent by Outlook AND SOGo)
             - Several issue fixed, caused by updates of other clients or new versions of web solutions (EGroupware 14.3.007, OwnCloud 8.2, DAVdroid, Lightning Add On Provider for Google Calendar 2.7)

2.15.6    - Google Contact Sync: If field COMPANY is set in Outlook, the upload did not work anymore (HTTP 404), due to a syntax issue and a new syntax check by Google.

2.15.5    - Outlook 2016: some bugs fixed in interface RDOiCal4OL.dll (licensed DLL from dimastr). Please update, if you want to sync with Outlook 2016
             - CalDAV: Flag "deleted" is not necessary anymore. Assistants do not set this flag anymore.
                            Without it, the deleted events will not get the text "<DELETED>" added.

2.15.4    - Some improvements and fixes (which have been also done in 2.15.3 over last months).

2.15.3    - Support for Outlook 2016 PREVIEW (Updated RDOiCal4OL.dll to fix "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application").
             - Please read Changelog, too.

2.15.2    - CalDAV with "Only RDO": Deleting an removing event from OL "deleted items folder", then re-downloading.. could result in duplication during upload.
             - CalDAV-Flag "email" to generate an Email in the Outlook Inbox, if an invitation arrived by Sync.
             - and Calendar can now be synced.
             - CalDAV "up asFeed" was buggy, if tasks are included.
             - Special Google ColorID Category: <default>
               Use it to upload new events without an Outlook category in a different color than the Google Calendar Default Color.
             - Special Google ColorID Category: <private>
               Use it to upload events without an Outlook category in a different color than the Google Calendar Default Color, if they will get uploaded as "Private".

2.15.1    - Fix for iCloud to prevent "cancellation emails to attendees", if invitation was created by you on an Apple device, and later was changed in Outlook and got uploaded again by iCal4OL.
               The attendees will get now a "changed notification" email (nothing I can do about this), due to new iTip rule, which iCloud does now enforce.
               ==> It's politic from Apple, Google and others: If a invitation was generated on those platforms, there is no way to suppress invitations emails anymore by a client.
                      (SCHEDULE-AGENT=SERVER can't get overwritten anymore with SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT, or a cancellation email will be generated)
             - Fix for Google Calendar due to changed API, where times are now in localtime of the Calendar owner, even if generated in a different timezone (the orginial time must now be re-calculated).
             - FTPES (use ftpe:// in iCal4OL and not ftp://) is now supported. This is so called explicit FTP with SSL/TLS over standard port 21
             - Please read Changelog, too.

2.15.0    - Maintenance release with newer LibCurl.dll (7.40) and Redemption/RDOiCal4OL.dll (5.8)
             - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.12  - Shared Google Calendars of other Gmail accounts/users can now be synced by Google Calendar API v3.
               See [Choose Google Calendar] on tab "1. How" and the Assistant for Google Calendar API v3 on tab "Who".
             - Google API v2 stopped working November 17, 2014 (can't be selected anymore in iCal4OL 2.14.12), see
             - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.11  - The selling of iCal4OL to new customers has ended! This is an update for existing customers.
             - A new issue with Google Calendar API v3 was fixed, where the rule of a repeating event could not get found while downloading,
               due to a change in the API when EXDATE (deleted occurrences) are present.
             - Google gave me a higher quota for iCal4OL, to make sure, the migration from Google Calendar API v2 to v3 does not affect customers for 16th November 2014!
             - activated "calendar-auto-scheduling", sending out email invitation. iCal4OL does now set automatically SCHEDULE-AGENT=CLIENT for Fruux.
             - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.10  - The selling of iCal4OL to new customers has ended! This is an update for existing customers.
             - EGroupware 14.1 patch for reminders (unusual VALARM in repeating events)
             - Splash Screen with newly downloaded events can now be resized.
             - Zimbra 7 CardDAV Bug: Flag "gas" to circumvent wrong RAV (modificationtime on server)
             - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.9   - Fixes a timezone bug (time shifting) for some timezones in US
            - OLTrigger.exe is now included, see
            - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.8   - If a Sync Fields MDB is getting corrupted, iCal4OL will automatically create a new one, resetting some options to prevent duplicates.
              I started to implement this in 2.14.7, but there was a bug, if multiple *.ini are used, overwriting Default.ini with last .ini, using the same MDB.
            - The RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption Interface 32-bit) was updated.

2.14.7   - Fixed Gmail Contact Sync
              Gmail-Kontakte-Sync korrigiert

              Please Upgrade!

              Due to changes in the Gmail Contacts API v3, older iCal4OL versions may loose email addresses
              (modify them in Gmail's Browser Interface again!) during download, and re-upload of modifications are/were not possible = fixed.

2.14.6   - Please update: Since I changed the default to ADO (instead DAO) in last version, I overlooked a bug in the ADO implementation,
              which could result in duplicated invitation events.
            - New is a special way to import thousands of *.ics files together, to detect similar events for exporting them clean again as *.ics file.
            - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.5   - Minor improvements, see Changelog.

2.14.4   - Fix for "[X] Only RDO" due to updated RDOiCal4OL.dll.
              Sync with Outlook 32-bit can be done directly without ActiveX Connection to Outlook.exe
              Activate on tab "Options - RDO/Misc" this option.
            - Zimbra & IceWarp are now better supported by the Assistant [Other] on tab "Who".
            - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.3   - New version of RDOiCal4OL.dll (Redemption interface to Outlook).
              If you run Outlook 2013 32-bit, you may test it with unmarked:
              [ ] Turn off RDO/Redemption (ask first, before using this!)  (tab "Options - RDO/Misc.")
              Please let me know, if the sync gets completed on your PC, or if it still tends to hang, or if there is still an issue with .Body error, thanks!   
            - A lot of small things, see Changelog.

2.14.2   - Support Tasks for Zarafa
            - CardDAV as VERSION:3.0 for iOS
            - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.1   - Several fixes, especially for faster Gmail-Contact-Sync (do not use monitoring options for deleted items).
            - Please read Changelog, too.

2.14.0   - Horde 5.1.3 Support
            - Improved CardDAV Assistant, where you can mark the Contacts Collections to sync.
              Most upper marked collection will sync with OL Default Contact Folder (or you change it afterwards).
              Drag&Drop to move a collection e.g. to the top, is possible (e.g. for Horde).
            - Please read Changelog for other improvements

Happy new year!

2.13.18 - Tine20 V8.0 Support
            - Improved handling of Outlook "deleted items" folder. Monitoring options for Outlook/Exchange 2013 should not be necessary anymore.

2.13.17 - Sets GlobalAppointmentID for invitations, which do not origin from this PC - only Office 32-bit!
            - Google Calendar Sync: Exchange invitation in few environments may arrive with wrongly set lastmodificationtime. If not manually accepted,
              it could result in a bug for the option "[X] Monitoring deleted events" (tab "Options-Exchange"), resulting in later deletion of this invitation.

2.13.16 - Google Calendar API: Marked monitoring option for deleted events, will force a full sync after 8 hours without a sync.
              Hopefully preventing Outlook.OST/PST issues when replaced => Please do a [Sync Reset Folder] if you delete/compact *.ost or ".pst files!
              You can also start fresh by de-installing first fully iCal4OL with this tool:

2.13.15 - Google Calendar Sync API v2 and v3: Now, always the correct organizer will get uploaded (was optional, or suppressing of attendees was possible).
              It's now possible to upload a "locally modified" received invitation to Google correctly (Google made it possible).

2.13.14 - OpenXChange 6 is now working with iCal4OL. Some improvements and fixes were done, see Changelog.

2.13.12- With better timezone support. Because it's very new, you need to set special options for it:

             CalDAV flags to put into field "UserID" (Kennung) on tab "1. How":
             India   - Does upload in the timezone as set in a single Outlook event (e.g. invitation),
                           if different from timezone on tab "Who", but only if it translates to another Microsoft Timezone.
             Indian - Incl. Download! Same as above, but during download only if necessary = recurring events from a different MS timezone!

             Google Calendar API v3 (but not v2):
             - For only upload, mark on tab "Google": [X] Update Google Calendar in a different timezone

             To activate it for all sync directions, incl.  Import/Export *.ics files and for Google Calendar API v3 Download,
             mark on tab "Options - RDO/Misc.": [X]  Keep original timezones by import/download and export/upload

             Notes: iCal4OL does only set a different timezone, if it's really necessary.
                       Download: For recurring events with "different MS timezone".
                       Upload....: All events with "different MS timezone". Begin and End can have different timezones (Google Calendar supports it).

                       To work for Import/Download you'll need at least Office 2007.
                       For Office <= 2003 (with only one OL profile) there is a trick on tab "Options - RDO/Misc.": Mark in Default.ini (!!) the option [X] Only RDO, too!

             Please give feedback, if something is not working as expected!

           - New in this version and worth mentioning here (see Changelog):
             You can now undelete events directly in a Google Calendar over button [Choose Google Calendar] on tab "1. How"!
             All deleted events (deleted in the last 14 days, filtered by option "[X] Select time period" are first listed in a separate window,
             where you can later decide, which events should get undeleted (mark them).

2.13.11- Fix for userdefined Email labels in Gmail Contacts (Sync per API)

2.13.10- Fix for Exchange Invitations

2.13.9 - iCal4OL is now more RFC5545 conform, to support caldavzap (Browserinterface for DAViCal)

2.13.8 - The new Google CalDAV v2 Sync Interface, which is working with OAuth 2.0, is now implemented.
            Read the Google blog, what's this all about: … aning.html
            The older CalDAV interface v1 ( will only work until 16. September 2013
            In the CalDAV Assistant [Others] you just need to enter a part of the URL:
            The quota for the better(!) Google Calendar API v3 Sync Interface was doubled to 200'000 requests for all users per day (and updated later to 500'000).

Important Notice for Google Calendar Sync
Sadly, Google changed the behavior for clearing (deleting) the Primary Google Calendar.

=> All events will get just marked as "canceled" and not removed anymore. This does make it very complex to sync with iCal4OL again.

The easiest work-around is to switch to a new Secondary Google Calendar for at least 14 days (Deleted events are getting removed after this time..).
Second easiest is to undelete multiple events in the Primary Google Calendar. On tab "1. How" under the bottom [Choose Google Calendar] you'll find [Undelete] (select first the correct Google Calendar, run the function and wait... a window will pop up at the end, showing all deleted events.. mark them, if you want to undeleted them..aso)

- If you "Deleted" the content of the Primary Google Calendar in the Browser Interface, and want to re-use it, do following steps in iCal4OL:
- Important: If you already synced 2-Way again with iCal4OL and most events got deleted in Outlook:
   - Move back the deleted events from "Deleted Items" Folder,
     and in iCal4OL on tab "1. How" run  [Folder Sync Reset] for the Outlook Calendar.
     (You must do this in every *.ini configuration file)!

a) Download latest version >=2.13.1 and install over.
b) Select [X] 1-way synchronization with Google Calendar - upload to Google Calendar on tab "What".
c) Empty on tab "1. How" the field Date and time last run (updated automatically)
d) Do not use a rule in "[X] Select time period with a TO:-date, otherwise you will get the same issue in the future.
    Use this option with rule from -31 days (incremental)
e) Activate on tab "1. How" at the bottom [X] Enhanced Options - Activate tabs "x.1 More"
f) Click on button [Default] to reset everything on tab "1.x More - Export" and
g) mark [X] Re-upload previous deleted events
h) Change other filters back as needed.
    Do NOT activate the option about mailing invitations
    Do NOT    mark on tab "Google" Upload: [ ] Deactivate similarity test (same subject+starttime),
    otherwise iCal4OL can't find "cancelled" copies.

Run it!

Due to the fact, that there are still deleted copies of recurring events in the Google Calendar,
you must re-configure the 2-Way Google Sync, if you want to use it again:

i) Select [X] 2-way synchronization with Google Calendar on tab "What".
j) Empty on tab "1. How" the field Date and time last run (updated automatically)
k) Activate on tab "1. How" at the bottom [X] Enhanced Options - Activate tabs "x.1 More"
l) Click on button [Default] to reset everything on tab "1.x More - Import" and
m) mark [X] Deactivate similarity test (Same Starttime and Subject).
     This will prevent iCal4OL to delete events in Outlook, which have still a "deleted copy" on GCAL.
n) Change other filters back as needed on tab "1.1 More-Import" and "1.2 More-Export"

Last year announcements see … 1767#p1767

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