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#1 2009-11-10 08:29:07

Registered: 2007-11-25
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Tips and Tricks (This Forum IS NOT for CALDAV CLIENT iCal4OL !!)

If you have any question about ICS4OL (subscribing iCalendar Feeds), please post them here in the forum.

- Make sure no copy of OUTLOOK.EXE is running during INSTALL (see Task-Manager - Process-List (ctrl-alt-del)).
- ICS4OL can not run, if two copies of OUTLOOK.EXE are running (see Task-Manager... Exit Outlook, kill those processes and try again)
- Can't see content of ICS4OL window on win2000? Please delete the file ICS4OL.exe.manifest from the program folder...(graphic driver theme bug)
- You can use commandline parameters, e.g. "ICS4OL.exe TRAY" to start it in background (tasktray)...
- You can use "ICS4OL.exe anotherconfiguration.ini" to open a different configuration file...
- You can use "ICS4OL.exe TRAY anotherconfiguration.ini" to run a (different) configuration file in the background (tasktray)...
  e.g. C:\Programs\ICS4OL\ICS4OL.exe TRAY "c:\documents and settings\myprofile\appdata\ICS4OL\Default.ini"
- "No timeout warnings" will use WinHTTP in Synchronous Mode - this may result in a freeze up for about  6 minutes, if your online calendar is not responding..

with kind regards
Roland Scherrer



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