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#1 2008-02-20 22:42:46

New member
Registered: 2008-02-16
Posts: 5

delete empty lines

Thanks for your quick replies. smile

Is there a way to delete empty lines in a print4OL calendar report?

I read the instructions at the end of but still do not understand how to add code to the .dot file to delete an empty line.

Also, is it possible to include an if/then statement: e.g. if "Sunday" delete line else next




#2 2008-02-20 22:57:59

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1524

Re: delete empty lines

The "deleted line" feature is only for lines, where the fields on it, are empty for this event.

At the moment I don't see a solution for IF THEN ELSE ...
If you could email me an example? How it should look + your <template>.dot "at the moment"...
Perhaps I can figure out a way to achieve this ;-)



#3 2008-02-22 08:28:59

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1524

Re: delete empty lines

(email text... and a report example... for other readers)

#CRLF will put an empty line between dates.
@Su  will put an empty line before Sunday (just for events).
@Mo  will put an empty line AFTER Sunday (for the next event, which perhaps is on Thuesday).
If you need some pixel space between every event, use "format a paragraph" e.g. "3px before"...

^ is now working (empty line feature) - it was actually a bug for reports (deactivated for a testrun and never reactivated)!


<%@Su@Mo#StartDateAmPm    #StartTimeAmPm         #Subject
^                                                                         #Location%>

- #StartTimeAmPm, #Subject and #Location are "right-tabbed"!
- use grey-color for #Location (if empty, line will not print)



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