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#1 2016-09-10 22:33:44

New member
Registered: 2016-09-10
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from 2.15.2 to 2.16.4, to a new HD

It has been a long time now that I've installed iCal4OL.
I'm so scary about breaking everything that I never wanted to update, neither iCal4OL nor OwnCould (stayed on 6.0.3 !).
I bought a new HD so I have no choice to install a new iCal4OL to it.

Can I install the latest version without problem ?
When I bought it, it was the 2.14.6 version, is it ok for the license ?
I forgot how I intall it (the license), I just remember that I saved my ical4ol.all file. Can you help me with this too, please ?

I hope you will help me, it's very important to me smile

And thanks again to the author, ical4ol is so powerfull and so able to tune it to suit our needs !


PS : Sorry for my english wink but my german is worst ! lol



#2 2016-09-11 07:23:05

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1524

Re: from 2.15.2 to 2.16.4, to a new HD

No worries.... 2.16.4 is very stable... in contrast to upgrading OwnCloud 6.x: This is very tricky and may fail! Better install new.

If you need only CalDAV/CardDAV, perhaps you want to switch to Baďkal, see

I sent an email to your (new) email address with the necessary links.

Newest version see customer page.
Generate an order code on the new/changed PC/OS and email it (or use generate link in email).

Read the FAQ for re-configuration on new PC:

Re-configure by assistant [Other] on tab "Who".
Do not use old *.ini configuration files. But if you do, you must do at least a [Sync Reset Folder] for every Outlook folder (and reselect them) in every *.ini. See tab "1. How" and tab "Contacts" on CardDAV window.



#3 2016-09-11 22:27:41

New member
Registered: 2016-09-10
Posts: 2

Re: from 2.15.2 to 2.16.4, to a new HD

I wanted to thank you Roland, everything works fine now on my new OS and HD.
Long life to you, long life to iCal4OL smile



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