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#1 2008-11-28 10:36:53

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1524

How to subscribe a remote calendar (from Exchange with meeting req.)

Meeting requests on Exchange will get deleted and then re-added - and therefore the EntryID is changed.
This makes it impossible to e.g. Export ICAL file at work (with "Use Enhanced Option" [X] Deleted as well) to import & syncing against existing events at home....

a customer wrote:

Its usually a meeting I am invited to which get changed by someone else. The meeting request name changes as below from "Meeting 1 " to "Updated Meeting 1"… Its a personal exchange folder. Originally I deleted all my home calendar events and used ical so that both would be the same. I only work this one way, so its always from work to home never back the other way. The sample event I send is “Colum Devine's' Weekly Update Meeting” (00000000178CC2588059DF47867C6A1BDB5D71850700FC3E189B456C2942A4FD44C725C77F9D0000055AB5CD0000ACF0AAA843E3EF46AC09DF481D48B42800004FFBE5670000) which has a duplicate “Updated: Colum Devine's' Weekly Update Meeting” 00000000178CC2588059DF47867C6A1BDB5D71850700FC3E189B456C2942A4FD44C725C77F9D0000055AB5CD0000ACF0AAA843E3EF46AC09DF481D48B42800004FFBE57D0000… These events are meetings I accept and then are updated by the organiser.

I have checked the UID’s and they are different so something clearly changes when the meeting is updated.

If it's only one way - work to home - you have more than one possibility "to correct this"... (Exchange seems to delete and re-add changed meetings)

It depends a little bit, if you want to have the work appointments in a different calendar subfolder at home - or if you want to have them in the default calendar at home with e.g. a different color (to distinguish from private appointments).

Perhaps the best way:
At work:
Make an account on (with "username" and "password") and use "Export ICAL" to 
Enter username and password under Credentials.
Do not use "Enhanced Export Options"  (do not activate "[ ] Deleted as well")
Choose a time period (the past is gone.. e.g. "from -31 days (eGW)"
Activate "Include Tasks", too - if you wish...

At Home:
Choose "Import ICAL file/feed - Sync against existing events", from: 
Enter username and password under Credentials.
Choose an existing "Calendar" (and "Tasks") Folder
Activate "Enhanced Import Options" and on this:
- Add categories: Work      (if you are using Outlook 2007, make sure this category is shown in a different color)
- Map to colorlabel: Business   (only for Outlook < 2007)
Now go on tab "Options" and click [Enhanced Support], here activate:
[X] eGW/WebDAV: Mark events not anymore in Import with <Deleted> during Export/Upload
[X] eGW/WebDAV: Remove events, which are marked with <Deleted> after Export/Upload
      [X] Do it separately after Import

Please note for testing:
With "Import ICAL file/feed - Sync against existing events" it will never import events, which have been deleted manually from this calendar, as long as those events are still in the Outlook "Deleted Items" folder...

Other possibilities:
[X] Subscribe ICAL file/feed as Remote Calender
See above for feedname, and other options - but do not use those [Enhanced Support] options!
Choose an existing target Calendar or use [X] Add as subcalendar

=> Add as subcalendar
The Calendar will first get deleted completely(!!) and then re-added and filled with the new events...
This is the fastest way to get rid of the old events!
This is the functionality of my freeware ICS4OL. If you wish to do this without any additional options, the freeware is even faster, due to less overhead of intergration, logging and options.

=> Import in an existing Calendar
The previous imported events from the same feedname(!!) get deleted first - for a moment the folder is cleaned out from all previous imported events of exactly this feedname (be carefull not to change the feedname - or use on tab "Maintenance" the function to delete events by feedname).
Then the Calendar is filled with the new events from the (new version of the) feed again.

Attendee Handling:
- Normally attendees are only listed in the event body.
- Use "Enhanced Import Options" to add attendees automatically to a contact folder (if not there already) - and link them with the event.
- On tab "Options" you can override the linking (Field Links/Kontakte) by adding the attendees to the Outlook Scheduling Tab!
  (still use "Enhanced Import Options" to add attendees automatically to a contact folder..)



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