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#1 2014-07-30 09:00:38

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Registered: 2014-07-30
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Default settings for ini file (ConnectXf Bedework)


I have a trial version (2.14.8) of iCal4OL application.

I am configuring my CalDav account on ConnectXf server and testing various possibilities.

While going thru this, sometimes I need to go back to default settings for the ini file.

Can you please let me know how to create an ini file with default settings?





#2 2014-07-30 09:13:25

Registered: 2007-11-25
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Re: Default settings for ini file (ConnectXf Bedework)

You can create with button [Open/New] an additional xxxx.ini configuration file.
The button [Save] will then ask, if it should be saved as Default.ini or xxxx.ini

If you want to delete all settings (and additional files), see in: %AppData%\iCal4OL\

How to handle multiple *.ini see

I don't know your server caldav solution. Is it based on e.g. DAViCal?
Does the assistant [Other] on tab "Who" work for it? Enter the Principal URL here...

On tab "1. How" the URL must be the Server Calendar Collection (with trailing \)
UserId is hard to tell, since I don't know the features of this solution.
To get an idea, see

Some implementation issues (older SabreDAV) see here:

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#3 2014-07-30 14:20:06

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Registered: 2014-07-30
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Re: Default settings for ini file (ConnectXf Bedework)

Hi Roald,

Very happy to see your instant reply!!!

We Mithi ( is one of the leading company in India, providing an email and collaboration server ConnectXf. We do use Bedework(Version 3.4) as a Calendar Solution embedded in our web-client Baya.

I found iCal4OL application useful for syncing my Baya (Bedework) Calendar with Outlook. I have configured my account using "Others" tab

While doing that I faced following issues,

1. User has multiple calendars, like his personal calendars (for example Anniversaries, Birthday) and subscribed/shared calendars of his/her colleagues.
I have created a separate ini file for each calendar.

Is this a proper way? Do I need to create a separate ini file for each calendar ?

2. After second time of calendar syncing, I found duplicate records in my calendar. I want to update my Outlook/Baya calendar with modified events only.

To achieve this, I have selected following options.
On the "Sync Fields" tab, I have selected the "ImportWID (CalDAV)" and "Set Lastmodificationtime to NOW for All items" check boxes.

Am I selecting the right options?  Do i need to select any other options?

Please guide!



#4 2014-07-30 14:38:23

Registered: 2007-11-25
Posts: 1524

Re: Default settings for ini file (ConnectXf Bedework)

The Assistant [Other] should automatically detect subscribed/shared calendars.
If this is not working, you can activate on tab "Options - HTTP_DLL"
[X] Use LibCurl.dll...  with [X] Debug, but without [ ] Accept deflate,zip
==> This way, all http traffic is written into the Log.txt (see tab "Run" - [Show Log]). Don't publish it here - mail it to email address on

And yes, for each calendar sync a *.ini will be created. See about multiple *.ini

I don't know your settings on tab "1. How". I need the content of field "UserID"!

Duplicates should not occur, or you really messed up the configuration (tab "1.1 More - Import" enabled? Do not deactivate the similarity test there!).
For first sync, always use flag "firstsimilar" in field "UserID" on tab "1. How".  From second sync on, this will get changed to "nosimilar".
If you want to sync always with similarity test, remove the flag "firstsimilar" or "nosimilar" (=similar).

After a sync, the settings are in the Log.txt, too.

Tab "Sync Fields" is not for this! Do not do this!

Add flags "up asFeed" to switch to 1-Way-Upload Sync.

To get rid of duplicates, see tab "Maintenance".



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